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By Mike Johnson on 4/10/2024 7:23 AM





Wednesday, May 29th and Thursday, May 30th

at The Mayan Theatre in downtown Los Angeles


 Featuring world-class lucha libre wrestling, burlesque, aerialists, comedy, music, and more


Produced by Liz Fairbairn, co-founder of Lucha VaVOOM


Tickets on sale now




Click here to download show poster (seen above) and performer images



Los Angeles, CA (April 9, 2024)‒Following a sold-out Valentine’s engagement, Lucha VaVoom de La Liz (LVVDLL)—where world-class professional lucha libre wrestling, burlesque, and comedy collide—is returning for a two-night glam/slam extravaganza on Wednesday, May 29th and Thursday, May 30th at their historic home venue The Mayan Theatre (1038 S Hill St.) in downtown Los Angeles.


Dubbed Welcome to Tijuana, LVVDLL’s May shows will set your heart ablaze with an unforgettable array of superstar wrestlers, along with daring aerialists and alluring burlesque gods and goddesses mixing LVVDLL’s brand of sexo y violencia like never before. Tickets for this 21+ event are on sale now for $45.00‒$125.00 at


Co-founded in 2002 by Liz Fairbairn and Rita D’Albert as Lucha VaVOOM (LVV), Los Angeles’ longest-running, most celebrated variety show has been wowing audiences across the globe for over 20 years. In February 2022, LVV re-emerged out of the COVID-19 pandemic, with Fairbairn alone curating, producing, directing, and financing close to twenty Lucha VaVOOM shows through 2023 (including LVV’s 20th anniversary celebration throughout 2022, as well as the launch of a Las Vegas residency at the legendary House of Blues inside Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, which kicked off in July, 2023 with two shows, with more dates to come this year). As LVV’s sole producer for the last two years, Fairbairn also oversaw and directed a special tribute show (Sept. ‘23), in partnership with Amazon Prime Video, honoring her close friend and one of LVV’s biggest stars, the trailblazing lucha libre wrestler and queer icon Cassandro. Plus, Fairbairn brokered two unique cross-promotional collaborations for LVV with major movie studios, including with Sony Pictures for their original action thriller film Bullet Train (July ‘22) and Warner Bros. Pictures’ for their feature film Blue Beetle (August ‘23). Now Fairbairn heads into 2024 with her new production company ‒ Lucha VaVoom de La Liz. Says Fairbairn, “I could not be more grateful for my awesome and dedicated production team, and our spectacular international talent. I look forward to exploring new ground creatively and new collaborations, as well as getting our show into new markets.” 


The wrestling lineup for the May engagement features Taya Valkyrie (AEW superstar and four-time AAA Reina de Reinas champion), Pagano (incredible wrestler from Juárez, Chihuahua whose ring character is that of a psychotic clown, and in 2016 he rose to national and international attention when he wrestled in AAA’s biggest annual show), Magno “The Man Mountain” Rudo, Extreme Tiger (former TNA and AAA champion), Borracho Camacho, Kitsun, fan favorite Li'l Cholo, Los Crazy Chickens, the unidentified flying object and perennially airborne Jack Cartwheel, Aéreo, Vegas’ Black Swan, Lady Pink, Amazona, Paquita (the drag wrestling version of the GRAMMY®-nominated Mexican singer Paquita la del Barrio), and Dirty Sanchez, the scatological master of lucha libre with his underhand dirty tricks and signature move “A Taste Of The Awful!”


LVVDLL promises to deliver incendiary burlesque gods and goddesses, twisty contortionists, and death-defying aerialists, including Frankie Fictitious (one of burlesque’s most coveted performers, named Miss Exotic World in 2019, and a Burlesque Hall of Fame inductee), Emma Vauxdevil (fire eater, sword swallower, and tattooed burlesque queen), Ruby Champagne (multi-award-winning international burlesque performer and #29 on Burlesque Top 50 in 2021), and Marie Devilreux (Brazilian bombshell and international burlesque, fire, aerial showgirl).


Delivering insanely off-the-cuff commentary both nights will be LVV’s long-time comedian host Blaine Capatch, with a surprise co-host to be announced, and returning as ring announcer is Argentine screen star and international heartthrob Ignacio Serricchio.




left: Magno “The Man Mountain” Rudo lifting up Dama Fina (credit: Jennifer McCarthy)

center: Taya Valkyrie (credit: Safi Alia Shabaik)

right: Los Crazy Chickens (credit: David Chi)



About Lucha VaVoom de La Liz:

Lucha VaVoom de La Liz (LVVDLL) delivers arguably the most electrifying show on earth, with a mind-blowing mix of world-class professional lucha libre wrestling, burlesque, comedy, and more. Co-founded in 2002 by Liz Fairbairn as Lucha VaVOOM (LVV), LVVDLL is good vs. evil played out in quick, exhibition-style, one-fall lucha libre matches for maximum enjoyment and action. In her capacity as a creator and co-producer of LVV for over 20 years and as the sole producer of LLV since 2022, Fairbairn has co-created and co-developed a Los Angeles tradition: from the local luminaries it attracts (including Drew Carey, Andy Richter, Dana Gould, Jack Black, Eric Idle, Fred Armisen, Patton Oswalt, Morrissey, Billy Corgan, Sacha Baron Cohen, Demi Moore, Whitney Cummings, and more), to the burlesque and lucha libre, where masked heroic wrestlers, in character-driven style, flip, fly, and amaze. It all comes together to make for one fun, surreal, glam-bam spectacle of raucous entertainment. You could say it’s a wrestling show for people that don’t like wrestling (and those that do). 


At LVVDLL, like LVV, they like a little sexo with their violencia. As such, in between matches, Fairbairn will continue in the LVV tradition of discovering, curating, producing, and presenting the finest handpicked burlesque acts from around the world to wow the crowds with their unique striptease and acrobatic skills (including raucous aerial acts, daredevil roller-skate girls, and Guinness-World-Record-holding hula hoop hotties). Fairbairn will also be continuing with the same Los Angeles-based performance troupe team members that have previously been responsible for regularly selling out 1,000-seat venues across the globe (including in Amsterdam, Calgary, Toronto, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Philadelphia, and many more) and performing at international festivals (including Fuji Rock Festival in Japan and Big Day Out Festival in Australia).


In their 20th anniversary retrospective (Sept./Oct. ’22 issue), titled “How Lucha VaVoom Became a Queer Wrestling & Performance Extravaganza,” The Advocate writes: “...the high-octane extravaganza has been an iconic entertainment institution for two decades now. And for a show seemingly centered on chi-chis and machismo, its history is surprisingly queer. Lucha VaVoom has evolved much over the years…the show has featured everything from famous comedian MCs like Margaret Cho and Jeffrey Ross to erotic aerialists like Violet Chachki of Drag Race fame along with other sexy gender-fluid performers. And of course, lots of buff, crazily costumed luchadors (of all genders) putting on a great show — some of whom have also been proudly out members of the LGBTQ+ community.”


Los Angeles Times’ 20th anniversary piece (2/8/23), titled “Burlesque, body-slams and bright masks: How Lucha VaVoom became an L.A. institution,” proclaims: “Watching the mesmerizing, in-ring action at a Lucha VaVoom show is a veritable experience. But the wrestling itself is only one flavor of performance on display. From its very first 2002, the Los Angeles institution has fused lucha libre with burlesque…and over the last 20-plus years has grown to include stand-up comedy, visual art, low-riders, and a host of other artists under the same psychedelic circus tent…For so many wrestlers, lucha libre and Lucha VaVoom specifically offer a laboratory for experimentation and a sense of creative freedom that’s liberating compared to the frequent self-seriousness of American pro wrestling.”


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