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By Mike Johnson on 4/14/2024 1:03 PM

World Championship Sumo 2 was held on Saturday 4/13 before a sellout crowd of 3,500 fans at The Theater in Madison Square Garden with the following results:

Opening Round:  Mohamed Kamal defeated Jose Galindo

Opening Round:  Rui Junior defeated Mark Jones.

Opening Round: Kamal Basira defeated Robert Fuimaono.

Opening Round: Hidemasa Miegetsuin defeated Jared Tadlock

Opening Round: Soslan Gagloev defeated Brennen Moorefield

Opening Round: Oosuna Arashi defeated Jared Parham

Quarter-Final: Mohamed Kamal defeated Hiemasta Miegetsuin

Quarter-Final: Rui Junior defeated Kamal Basira.

Quarter-Final: Soslan Gangloev defeated Robert Fuimaono.

Quarter-Final: Oosuna Arashi defeated Jared Tadlock

Semi-Final: Soslan Gagloev defeated Mohamed Kamal.

Semi-Final: Oosuna Arashi defeated Rui Junior.

Third Place: Mohamed Kamal defeated Rui Junior.

Tournament Final: Oosunna Arashi defeated Soslan Gagloev.

The event featured a moment of silence for the late Akebono:

WCS3 will take place on 5/11 at the Westchester County Center in White Plains, NY.

WC4 will be held on 6/4 in Atlantic City, NJ at the Hard Rock Casino.

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