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By PWInsiderXtra Readers on 4/11/2007 11:56 AM
I'm pretty sure most people will look at CM Punk "joining" the New Breed as being WWE creative dropping the ball with an over performer and turning him. I'll hope that there is a payoff with Punk swerving the Breed, much like an old ECW angle. My example? Early 1995, Shane Douglas, Sandman, and Woman. On one show, Woman turns on Sandman and aligns with Douglas. The next week, Sandman wins the ECW belt from Douglas with Woman's help. But I'm probably hoping against hope that WWE would put that much thought into a storyline for the #3 brand. Other than that, it was a bit of a slow moving show. On TV, it seemed that there was no crowd energy except for the end moments of the RVD/CorVon match. Overall, it was dull tonight, with the possibility of a new chapter in a storyline that seemed dead after WrestleMania.

John Shepherd
West Valley, UT


CM Punk in the New Breed makes sense.  With all due respect to Burke, no one on the New Breed comes off as the heel equivalent of Rob Van Dam on the Originals.  The New Breed needed someone to be the leader, and Punk is it.  I'm looking forward to them building towards an eventual RVD vs. Punk match.  Also, this now makes room on the Originals for Balls Mahoney or someone to get in the mix.   Smart booking by WWE, even though I am sure ROH fans will be complaining about it.


ECW was pretty weak, and I wonder if WWE Creative is just coasting by this week, since Raw wasn't that great either.  Punk joining the New Breed seemed anti-climactic to me.  I would have liked a bigger "moment" from it.  Hopefully they will let Tommy Dreamer cut some promos about what ECW means to him and the other Originals, get the fans to support them more, since I think it is possible that some fans will cheer Punk over them. 

Also, can we let Stevie Richards have just one win?  Please, just one?