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By PWInsiderXtra Readers on 4/13/2007 11:27 AM
Uhhh.... Jeff Jarrett is a babyface? Just because he isn't wearing white pants and is giving the El Kabong to heels, we're supposed to accept him as a good guy? And buy a PPV without any explanation as to why he is joining up with Angle, Joe, Sting and Rhino? Whatever.


Show score 8.5

First off, I am a casual wrestling fan. I watch with a jaundiced eye because WWE has soured me on the product. So while I watch, I am very critical of a lot of things. So with that in mind, here's my thoughts on Impact last night. Good show. The show was well paced and the positives heavily outweighed the negatives. Impact tonight paid off a three week storyline of who would be the 5th member of Team Angle and when Jeff Jarrett came down the ramp, TNA tied it all together. Good angle and good payoff. I had no idea who the 5th member could have been until Double J made his appearance. It looked like Jarrett was there to help Cage and when he busted the guitar over AJ's head, he turned from A**Hole to Hero in 1 second. That one move was the highlight of the show!!! The Impact crowd which has hated Jarrett in the past even popped for the move. When Jarrett held up 5 fingers, it was clear who the final member was. That makes LockDown very interesting to me. Also the dissension between Joe, Rhino and Sting vs. Angle was intriguing. TNA in about 15 seconds did more than RAW, ECW and SmackDown combined did all of last week. At least it made sense, it was unexpected and it fit the story. Now TNA has lots of ways to go in the 10 man cage main event at LockDown. Will Angle turn on his own partners or will Jarrett crack the guitar over Angle's head? Konnan tasering Brother Runt was great!!! I love LAX. I've seen guys being tasered on YouTube but never have I seen a taser used in a wrestling show and TNA was the first to do it and in a believable way. ;LAX vs. Dudleys in the Electrified Cage...I'm intrigued. TNA did a good job tonight of getting their storylines out, their matches at LockDown and the announcers could actually be understood. Did Tenay and West get a new producer who tells them what to say in their headphones because their pacing and announcing was way better than they've been in the past? The booking for the last couple of weeks on Impact has been very good. Last night Impact did what a good wrestling show should do and that is to make you anticipate the PPV. I'm looking forward to LockDown.

Pierce Bellcourt
University of Florida at Gainesville
Go Gators


I thought C.M. Punk's heel turn was a little underwhelming and rather predictable. Instead of just acting like he wanted to fight Burke and Cor Von, then embracing them, maybe something a tad more "extreme"? Oh wait, this is Vince's ECW...nevermind. Punk could've ran to ringside, chased off Burke with a chair when he about to DDT Sabu, then give RVD a thumbs up sign only to nail Sabu with the chair. Something more like that.

Vince on ECW again? Well, I like his hat. I'll say that much. What's so bad about being bald anyway?

Brad Jordheim
Fargo, ND