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By PWInsiderXtra Readers on 4/16/2007 2:43 PM
I would give the PPV a 7 out of 10. The X division title match was the best match of the night. Sabin and Shelley were off the chart! Awesome match and very happy that Sabin walked out with the belt. The Main Event was the second best match of the night. Glad to see Sting win the match, because he will probably job cleanly to Christian. Also was good to see Angle tease turning bad, my friends and I are sick of him as a face and a heel turn may make him more interesting again.

The ladies match was really good, Gail Kim can really go and is very hot. My friends and I liked the tag title match and thought the "Fire Russo" chants were uncalled for. The blind fold match sucked. That brought the show down one grade.

Better PPV than the Destination X and way better PPV than Wrestlemania XXIII was.



TNA's Lockdown pay-per-view in my opinion was okay. I had to admit when I saw the first match, I began to have some high hopes for the PPV, because I want TNA to succeed, and doing good in this PPV may mean they would be closer to achieve that goal.

The first match was good for an opener. The rules were easy to follow and I liked the cool duo moves Alex Shelly and Chris Sabin were doing. Sabin won, no biggie for me.

Petey Williams vs. Robert Roode was alright. I live in Petey's Hometown of Windsor so I always hope for good things from him. It even made me pop when Eric Young shoved Ms. Brooks and handed Petey the hockey stick. Nice to see all the Team Canada members involved in each others storylines again.

Jackie Moore Vs. Gail Kim was a great match even for ladies wrestling. It's nice to see women in action not just for the sake of T n' A (no pun intended) Did Gail Kim really do a freaking cage dive?!

I didn't pay much attention to Starr vs. Senshi

Storm vs. Harris was the point where I began to bury my face in my hands in exasperation. I knew where it was going. I know TNA likes the gimmick matches to keep them from becoming just a bunch of matches in a cage. But Harris and Storm are good workers. Quit this one eyed baloney and put them in an actual match. Getting breakaway glass in you eye and not being medically cleared its too much theatrics even for wrestling...

Daniels vs. Lynn I had to take out the dog during this. I'll watch it on DVR later.

Electric Cage match was the point where I said to myself "Russo's not going to like what the crowds opinion on this match is..." And he probably won't. I thought the entire thing where people were touching the cage and convulsing was goofy. The canned humming and zapping made it worse. This is TNA's attempt to appeal to the old FMW fan base. TNA needs to think on its own, not do what's been done many times and better.

P.S. WCW, WWF, and ECW tag belts? I smell the WWE legal department spitting out their coffee.

Lethal lockdown put a smile on my face. The level of unpredictability they put into the match was great. Jarrett's looking like he was going to hit sting only to hit Abyss was my favorite moment on the PPV. Plus AJ's fall scared the hell out of me.

Mark Davis
Ontario Canada


Hello everyone:

I attended Lockdown tonight and had great seats in the 6th row. Overall I had a great time. The X-division, women's match and main event were all good to great, and the blindfold and electric cage match were so bad they were entertaining in a 'wrestlecrap' sort of way. My only major problem was with the cage itself. I think a lot of people, myself included, thought the reason they had this cheap, flimsy cage was because they had something special planned for the electrified match. When I saw the laughable 'effects' of the cage, I wondered why they couldn't have just had a regular cage with the same dumb buzzing and lighting. I was very close and could see all the participants brushing against the cage when they went to the top rope, and I think that distracted from the generally good work in the ring. I'm also surprised there wasn't any David Eckstein involvement. Considering TNA pushed him hard in towns where he didn't get near the reaction he would in STL, I was scratching my head. Overall, I crowd was amazing all night. I think it would be wise for TNA to come back annually to STL in the future.

Alex Wolk
Elite subscriber


TNA gave us yet another very good PPV showing with the Lockdown Pay-Per-View. 10,000 fans jam-packed the St-Louis, Missouri arena which was headlined by an awesome Lethal Lockdown contest between Team Cage and Team Angle. The show started off with a bang as X division champion Chris Sabin defeated "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal, Alex Shelley, Sonjay Dutt & Shark Boy in an amazing match-up to start the show. Jay Lethal is really over with the fans and I see X division gold in his near future.

Bob Backlund continues to be great and hilarious at the same time, as I had fun watching him referee Senshi against Austin Starr. I hope that he can make some sort of a wrestling comeback in time for Sacrifice on May 13th. If Ric Flair can do it, then so can he! The master of Chicken Wing and Atomic Drop should be coming out of retirement soon, and that makes one follower of the sport quite happy as Mr. Bob Backlund goes back in action!

The electrified cage match was as expected and kept my heart pounding for the twenty minutes or so that it went on. Very dramatic, and it was good to see Team 3D finally get the win and the NWA World Tag Team titles. Time and time again they had their shot and failed, and in their final chance they won, got back their reputation, and also got their retribution. Good to see VKM vs Serotonin put on the pre-show, as it freed up the card to have longer matches. Who cares about Serotonin, they're a bunch of jobbers! I enjoy women's wrestling, and especially like Gail Kim and Jacqueline Moore who once again have proven that there is a place for females in a wrestling ring. Chris Harris vs James Storm was actually quite fun, at least in my opinion if not for the crowd ruining the match. If people were more open-minded to what the match was all about, maybe they would have enjoyed it too. Both Lynn vs Daniels and the Robert Roode vs Petey Williams were decent matches as well.

All in all, another good PPV from T-N-A. The Lethal Lockdown was awesome and was on-par with last year's classic.Good to see a lot of new stars being built up. Jeff Jarrett is indeed a face, but how long can that last? Plus, Sting has got a title shot next month. Things are definitely starting to heat up going into the summer. And unlike the fans who chanted **** Russo, I say that at some parts of the show **** the crowd! I love Russo and the rest of the creative team. Keep up the good work and I'll be looking forward to Lockdown! I'd give it a 9/10.

Ryan Rider