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By PWInsiderXtra Readers on 4/16/2007 2:50 PM
I've been attending all the TNA iMPACT tapings since Bound for Glory last year and always watch pay-per-views at a friends house. First I'd like to point out how dead the crowd was after the Xscape match.

I thought the Xscape match was a great opening match. Everyone got to shine in the match but I think Alex Shelley really shined in this match especially with the double team work with him Sabin. I know the Black Machismo gimmick won't really help Jay in the long run but he does an awesome job with it and I personally like it. Sabin winning was kind of surprising I thought they would put the title on Lethal since he is getting over.

Robert Roode Vs. Petey Williams was a solid match I just found it funny how Petey is the face yet he was the one using the illegal object although its not really illegal if its in a cage huh? Was also surprised to see Roode get the clean win.

Jackie Vs. Gail Kim was a decent match and the finish was cool, although she almost completely missed the crossbody. But it did get the crowd alive for the spot.

Senshi Vs. Austin Starr was a good match. I like the matches that these guys have especially those vicious looking kicks by Senshi and the brutal chops. The only problem I have with this feud is Bob Backlund. He just takes away from the match for me.

The Blindfold match was bad. Not blaming it on Storm or Harris, Those matches are hard to pull off in the first place. The masks coming out during the match was really killing it for me though. Was surprised that Storm won, but I did like the finish.

Lynn Vs. Daniels was good. Wish it would of gone a little longer but it was good for me. I like the new character for Daniels.

LAX Vs. Team 3D. This is the match that I watched the ppv for since me and my friends are basically the LAX cheering section at the tapings. We really piss of Team 3D as we get a usual crotch chop from Devon and even once Brother Ray charged at us. We also came up with the Fat pig sign. Anyways...onto the match......I thought it was decent action but that whole electrified steel cage thing didn't work for me. It was just too fake and once they had the lights off from the beginning of the match I knew they were just going to flick the lights on and off for the effect. All I can say for the electricity part is at least they sold it good. The action was decent and I get impressed with Hernandez more and more every match, and although he missed the splash, it was impressive. I don't know what the deal is with Hector Guerrero but I hope this doesn't lead to Hector Guerrero coming back to wrestle.

I missed the main event so no comments on it.

I thought the ppv was underwhelming to say the least but it may have to do with the crowd being dead for most of the matches.


Wow, what a show. I got my money's worth in the first twenty-some minutes in the X Division Escape match. The wrestling was phenomenal and the combination of Shelley and Sabin has endless possibilities. The Black Machismo almost winning continues to give him credibility with his comedic character. I like it.

Williams vs Roode was surprisingly good. I'm waiting for Young to finally stand up and fight Roode for the rights of his career, I think they need to move on with this. Jackie vs Gail Kim turned out to be fun especially with the cage dive by Kim. Definitely better then any women's match I've seen from any company in a while.

Starr vs Senshi was another solid match. Why did Starr shave his beard? He looked different at first, but I'm liking him more each week. Can't wait to see him fight Backlund.

My friend and I left to get food during the Blindfold match. I had no interest in this feud since it has started. Put these guys back together and have them start something with LAX or 3D.

Daniels and Lynn was another good match showcasing true wrestling. The tease of a cradle piledriver from the top rope was pretty scary.

The second most disappointing match (behind the Blindfold match) was for the Tag Team Titles. If they didn't build up the electrified cage so much beforehand, it would have been better. The crowd didn't like it, I didn't like it, so it didn't feel like anything when Team 3D captured the titles.

The main event was spectacular. The finish wasn't all that great, but the match itself was. AJ's sick bump off the top of the cage. And how about the return of the Frankensteiner! That was awesome.

The last match just goes to show you TNA has over 10 guys who can main event a show. I feel I got more of my money's worth then what I did when I purchased Wrestlemania. Very pleased, this company is filled with such a mix of wrestling and good personalities that they need to get a two hour show soon. I will be buying more TNA PPVs from now on.


Just wanted to give my thoughts on TNA's Lockdown pay per view.

I REALLY enjoyed this show. Definitely the best PPV I've seen this year, and that includes WM23.

The X division match was everything that it should have been, great spots and good story telling. I loved alot of the double team moves between Shelly and Sabin. Great Match.

I actually Liked the Williams/Roode match. I thought they both worked really hard and put on a good showing. I think Roode has really improved his work recently and Petey is always great.

I thought the Gail and Jackie match was the best Woman's match I have seen in a long time. Gail worked her ass off and needs to be commended.

Senshi and Starr was solid and entertaining. I thought Backlund took a little away from this match but still very stiff and solid match.

The blindfold match sucked. I feel bad for those guys as I think this storyline has never gotten any legs and this match just killed the angle for me.

Danials and Lynn were fantastic. I loved the match but i think the crowd was killed by the blindfold match beforehand.

I actually enjoyed the "Strobe light and sound effect match" I thought LAX worked their asses off and I was glad to see Team 3d finally get the belts. If it wasn't for the obviously fake electrified cage, I think this match would have been better received by the crowd.

The main event was Great! I thought it was booked well and told a good story. AJ stole the show once again with his "Foley" spot to the floor. Thank God those guys caught him. I thought everybody in the match looked great, from the "Frankensteiner to the Gore through the door. I was just an awesome Main Event. And I liked the finish which was totally unexpected. I just can't say enough about how good I thought this match was.

As a side note, I liked how they sold the tension all night between the members of Angle's team. I actually showed Logic on TNA's part which we all know has been lacking lately. OH, and Joe's Promo was awesome!

Jeff in Cleveland Oh.

A very satisfied customer tonight.!!