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By PWInsiderXtra Readers on 4/17/2007 10:59 AM
This was a tough show to handicap. On one hand, the WWE had to try to keep up with storylines, on the other hand; they had to entertain a live audience that only gets to see them live every few years. They succeeded and failed on both accounts.

The gimmick to get the belt off Umaga while protecting his character was pretty neat. I hope they decide on a name for him by next week's show! Santillo, Santiago, Santino? What will it be?

It's a shame that the only way TWGTT can get a win is to enhance the feud between Flair and Carlito. On the subject of tag teams, it looks like Cade and Murdoch may actually getting a push? Of course, this means that The Hardy's will win at Backlash because creative has uncanny knack of totally screwing up what is left of the tag team division.

I'm sure the fans in Italy were just as overjoyed as the fans here in the states to see two classics like Nitro vs. Eugene and Masters vs. Super Crazy! I don't know the conversion rate from the Dollar to the Lira, but I bet the Italian fans felt just as ripped off as we did.

Well, either the fans in Italy are just as "smart" as American fans or John Cena actually has a worldwide lack of favor for him and/or his character. I hope it isn't X-Pac heat because Cena really gives it all he has. The main event seemed to be a mess but it definitely has me coming back for more next week. And isn't that what wrestling is all about?

Philip Jacobs
Elite Member
Baton Rouge


I wasn't able to catch just about all of RAW until the end, the main event. I must say, it was one of the most unintentionally hilarious matches I have ever seen. Italy was just bashing Cena throughout the entire match and it really was hilarious how you have the heels, Edge and Orton, getting cheered, and the face, and odd man out in a handicap match, getting booed. The "Cena sucks!" chants were just so loud, J.R. and The King had no choice but to acknowledge them, which even added to the hysteria. Once again, Cena could not sell hits at some points during the match, and to top it off, HBK oversold the FU (looked like a seizure to me). You have to somewhat feel bad for Cena--it had to have gotten to his head. It was kind of sad how he tried, a couple of times, raising the belt in the end of the match, to get the crowd going for him, but to no avail. Best part of that match: the response by the crowd. The good that could come out from this match: heel turn from Cena...because it's only going to get worse.

Dustin (Queens NY)


Wow. Could Vince have been any lamer? If I were tuning in WWE for the first time and saw Vince’s rant, weak insults to the crowd, and general carrying on to open the show, it would have been the LAST time I would have watched. Nobody coming from the locker room for an IC title shot? OH PUHLEEZ. Once the “audience member” got into the ring and they rang the bell, it was obvious he was going to win somehow. No way they put a real fan in the ring, regardless of the HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT.

Why do they continue to beat a dead (and stupid) horse like Eugene? It’s time to move him onto something else. I’ve heard so many good things about Nick D. Why won’t they show it and let him grow?

Diva fashion show? Are we on the Style Network?

One other question…why do people continue to cheer HBK? He superkicked his partner. He has been the betrayer. He let down Cena, not the other way around. Okay…I admit I’m a mark for Cena…I think he works very hard, because he doesn’t have all the skills of an Edge or an HBK. HBK has developed a character that is in complete contrast to the person he supposedly is in real life. Treat that character as it is…a heel.

Alan, Baltimore MD USA


This week Monday Night Raw came to us from Milan Italy. A beautiful city I have had the opportunity to visit before. I don't read Spoilers so putting the IC Championship on a "fan" surprised me. When Vince however was scanning the audience for challengers, I didn't expect him to pick an actual fan (though for once he probably should just for the sake of shock value. It's their funeral if they want to step in.)

"Bobby Lashley couldn't make it to Raw," I knew that was a load of crap.

Hardy vs. Cade - Cade and Murdoch to me just seem like jobbers getting a push. It's a dumb gimmick, and they should be back on internet HeAT.

Carlito & Flair vs. Haas & Benjamin - I've lost all track of where Carlito's character is going. He used to be entertaining but its gotten stale.

Cena promo - ...

Wow the Italian Play by Play guy did look like a very ugly Tazz.

Condemned plug - They've sold me on seeing the movie, but I don't like seeing this every week. I especially don't like seeing it on pay-per-views I paid hard earned money for to see commercial free wrestling. If I see it at Backlash, I'm writing a complaint to WWE. It's bad business.

Nitro vs. Eugene - I don't like the taste of squash.

Fashion show - Wet T-shirt contest formatted fashion show. Cheer for who you want to win, boo whoever sucks. Was Victoria getting pissed at her shoes a work or a botch?

Super Crazy vs. Masters - Moonsault, moonsault, plancha, snapmare, kick, punch, kick, punch, chinlock, moonsault, Slobberknocker wheelbarrow suplex, 1-2-3.

Handicap match - Wow, Cena got heat on another continent? What does this say about WWE still portraying him as a face and ignoring the fact that everybody's tired of him. Cena won, who cares.

Favorite bad signs of the night:

"Edge you rule"

"I'm with a Stupid"

"Here is the Champ"

"We have hair!!!"

"Hey Vince, your bald"

Mark Davis
Ontario Canada