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By PWInsiderXtra Readers on 4/18/2007 10:44 AM

This weeks ECW comes to us again from Milan, Italy as it did on Raw, once again, great vacation spot.

Opening promo-  Seeing CM Punk acting heel seemed a little hard to get used to at first, but I love that new heel smell, and this is smart by the writers as they are setting up for RVD vs. CM Punk, which could be an amazing match given both of their unique styles and ability to work in the ring. Face vs. Face would be weird so CM Punk has to be the heal in the formula. The real question I have is which faction is WWE trying to put over?

I took a shower after this but I assume the match was either a squash or a low card bore. With WWECW I know what to expect in the first half of ECW on Sci-Fi these days.

After I dry off I sit down in time to catch the Condemned plug. The same one I saw on Raw too. Isn't it a bad move by Vince if he's essentially giving away the extras he's going to put on the DVD release for free? I know so much about how they made the movie watching it is going to become swallowing a big pill.

Dreamer & Sandman Vs. Cor Von & Thorn - The crowd chants and songs were so unique it could only be fit for an ECW show. Plus I love hearing ECW chants. When The Originals won, I've never heard a crowd erupt for a mid-card match so loud in my life. I'm not sure if it was canned or not, but it was so loud I wasn't able to hear their music when they were walking out. Italy to me doesn't seem like a place that is happy because some American wrestlers stopped by, these are some real fans, not a bunch of foreign marks.

"Hey CM Punk, stay in line," Shut up...

Random thought, does anybody else besides me notice that Burke's mouth is MASSIVE?

Burke vs. Van Dam- Heel beatdown and rest hold-a-mania here, not sure if the crowd got into it quickly. I'm glad that RVD made the ref bump believable. These referees are as fragile as glass these days. Punk interfering cost's Burke his match, CM Punk apologizes.

It was an alright show. If you DVR'ed it, skip the promos. If you're too cheap to buy a DVR, fast-foreword your VHS past the parts where people are talking. If you don't own that, stop watching wrestling and get a job.

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Tommy Dreamer won another match!  Tommy Dreamer scored another pinfall!  This was more shocking than Santino Marella winning the Intercontinental Title!

I'm also liking the CM Punk-Elijah Burke tension over who will lead the New Breed.  Between that and the first tease of RVD-Punk, there's a lot of potential here for some interesting twists and turns in the New Breed-Originals storyline.

The only thing I hated was Little Guido getting squished by Snitsky.  But, he did get more offense than anyone other than Hardcore Holly so far.


CM Punk is making a great heel, so hopefully all the ROH complainers will shut up about how he is used now.

I guess as long as WWE tours Italy, Nunzio will have a job for life.

Dreamer seemed shocked he won the match.  He's probably not the only one.

I love that Sandman is back to drinking beer again.  After all, he is the one that invented the gimmick back when Steve Austin was still "Stunning".