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By PWInsiderXtra Readers on 4/20/2007 1:27 PM
Tonight's TNA Impact comes to us from Orlando, it always does.

Lockdown recap to Open the show, followed by the Impact intro which gets me pumped every time.

Mike Tenay in the Ring for an In-Ring interview with Jeff Jarrett. I like this face turn but it seems a little weird still seeing as we're all so used to hating him and hearing boos after boos to his music. He mentions "the past 17 days" referring to his wife, who we all hope will get through her illness and will be better soon. Kurt Angle Comes out to whine, Sting comes out to defend Jarrett, and it will be Sting vs. Angle for the title shot...on free TV.

And I love it.

While Sting is involved in Feuds with Abyss, Cage, and Angle now, I'm not sure how their going to be able to intersect this Daniels thing with his Sting obsession, lets hope Russo doesn't get caught writing this out on a napkin.

Roode vs. Harris - They couldn't think of Harris waiving responsibility for his injuries BEFORE LOCKDOWN?!

I dont read spoilers as I always say so this "who is the friend" thing is driving me nuts.

Paparazzi Productions- Not as funny as they usually are.

TNA Films made the Electrified Cage match look better than it really was for those of you who didn't see the me, everything looks better on film reel.

Cage & Abyss vs. Team 3D- Holy hell the Abyss beating after the match made me pop. When Abyss started beating the hell out of everybody, including James Mitchell, the crowd was nuts. That beatdown Team Cage put on him Also was sick. The fact where he was so bloody, you couldnt tell the difference between the blood and the mask was new. I wasn't expecting a barbed wire bat to show up either but the way Cage busted open Abyss's arm and using the bat in the conchairito was sick too. This has to be honestly one of the most shocking Impacts I've ever seen in my Opinion. "YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!"

First UFC 70 and now this awesome TNA Impact, not to mention Angle vs. Sting for the title shot. Spike isn't handing out free samples at the grocery store anymore, their practically letting people shoplift. Its great!

Mark Davis
Ontario Canada


So, when did Jeff Jarrett become a magician? I could have sworn he was in the ring with Kurt Angle, then Sting comes out and Jarrett vanishes!


Show score 9.0

Best segments all of them


Following LockDown TNA rebounded back with what I think was the BEST IMPACT I've ever seen. Excellent show with TNA changing gears on almost every angle. 

Jeff Jarrett comes back to give an impassioned interview only to be interrupted by Angle...and then Sting shows up. Great followup to LockDown and a completely new look. 

The Robert Roode/Eric Young story advanced to a breaking point when Roode gave Young one week to tell him who his friend was or face being fired. Eric Young has to be the most over performer from a fan's standpoint in the Impact Zone. Roode also had a solid match with Chris Harris and I'm surprised that there was no outside interference in the match and Harris lost cleanly. Actually I liked that as there's a lot more marketability in Roode than Harris. 

The Abyss/Christian/Team 3D match was very well done and again I was surprised that Team 3 D beat Abyss cleanly. Then after the match, I saw one of the most vicious, bloodiest attacks that I've seen in wrestling in years. The beatdown on Abyss was absolutely brutal. After witnessing that beatdown, it didn't matter that Abyss lost because when it was over, Abyss had total sympathy with me. Not a great segment, an OUTSTANDING SEGMENT. 

Now TNA has a completely different horizon than they had one week ago. The show was better paced and not as packed as other Impacts I've seen and it was highly effective in getting their points across. Great show and I'm going to watch the replay Saturday night just to see the Abyss attack one more time.

Carson John DeWitt
Carlisle, Penn.