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By PWInsiderXtra Readers on 4/24/2007 10:34 AM
Wow. Who would have ever thought that Orton missing a show because of his anger issues or whatever he did to the hotel room would create a chain of events and clear up enough time on Raw for John Cena and Shawn Michaels to have at least a 4 and a half star wrestling match.... on Raw.


That was one of the best damn televised matches in many years on any show. Michaels and Cena proved why they deserve their spots, and, if the fans don't respect Cena after this, then they are plain crazy. A big thumbs up from me.

Scot Henderlong
Chicago, IL


There wasn't much to the show other than the Flair/Carlito feud finally beginning to boil, which could be good, however the Michaels/Cena bout was by far the best match Cena has ever had in my opinion, Wrestlemania included. We've all been hard on the guy at one point or another for his matches, but he flat out busted it tonight. I've always respected Cena's intensity and devotion to the biz, but tonight he showed that he has what it takes to carry the company for a long time, although I think a well timed heel turn could be money... When was the last time we got a solid (gimmick free) one hour match on TV? It should also be noted that Michaels is still, even at his age, the top worker in WWE, period. He's simply amazing. These two guys have really brought out the best in each other recently.

Jeremy - Elite Subscriber


I agree that the Cena - Shawn match was probably the TV match of the year, but I believe that they only got to go as long as they did because they had to cancel the Orton - Edge match (which they had shown a preview for on TV) and instead of throwing up an Edge vs. mid-carder match they decided to let the 2 biggest stars on Raw give the fans a show. It makes me miss the days of Flair/Steamboat going an hour and keeping the fans in to it the whole time. Good stuff. You guys are awesome, worth every penny.



The WWE tonight got a case of TNA-itis by giving us a PPV quality match for free. The Cena-Michaels match tonight was the match we needed to see at WrestleMania. For a solid hour, we had a quality WRESTLING match, not seen since WrestleMania 12 during the Ironman match between Bret Hart and (hmmm...let me see.....Oh yeah) Shawn Michaels. For all of you that boo John Cena because it's cool, you have no right to boo him tonight. That was the best match John Cena has had since being brought up from Ohio Valley to the WWE.

But on to the rest of RAW, which didn't deliver at all...Didn't you just love the Carlito-Khali squash? Just have the Flair-Carlito match at Backlash, and finally get the ball rolling on this feud.

A women's title match at Backlash, but no confrontation between Melina and Mickie James? As the late Gorilla Monsoon would say, "Give me a break!"

Creative is making it too obvious as to the result of the World Tag Team Title match at Backlash. Lance Cade defeated Jeff Hardy last week. Trevor Murdoch defeats Matt Hardy tonight. I'll save the ring announcer's breath, "The winners of this match and still World Tag Team Champions...The Hardys."

Creative also went to the well once too often again tonight, bringing in an inexperienced wrestler, at least in the WWE ranks, to face Shane O-Mac, Umaga, and Vince McBaldy. Yes, I realize this was going to be a squash, but even after the match, a confrontation with Bobby Lashley would have made a big difference in the build-up for Backlash. But we'll have Lashley/Umaga on ECW tomorrow night. RAW - Average 4.0 Rating ECW - Average 1.5 Rating...That's all that needs to be said about which show needed Lashley/Umaga.

Great site. Keep up the great work.

Clay Jack
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Holly Hill, FL