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By PWInsiderXtra Readers on 4/25/2007 10:27 AM
I am not convinced. Sorry. Cena had a good match but it was against HBK for freaking sakes. Guys like HBK, Flair, Bret Hart, and the Undertaker are excellent at making even the worst workers have 5-star matches. Can Cena have a match like this against somebody like Batista? Or The Great Khali? Chris Masters? Bobby Lashley? I highly doubt it. Consistency is the key. One match don't make you the man.

Memphis, TN


EC-two matches in an hour due to promos and Condemned commercials-W comes to us from the middle of nowhere special (sorry if you are from there) Alright, lets get to it.

I accept CM Punks apology for being mediocre.

Lashley Vs. Umaga - the same match as the last 20 times they've faced each other. Vince McMahon is bald now, Donald Trump is gone, you guys can get on with your lives and go your separate ways. Who booked this crap?

Speaking of crap, here's the New Breed again. Here's me moving on...

Seeing as the newest craze in WWE these days is long matches, We have an ECW Faction elimination match just to spice things up this week. And just like Vince McMahon is trying to spice up ECW, Kevin Thorn gets DQ'd for doing Dreamer's guard rail spot. I didn't like it, but complaining about the new ECW has gotten old and isn't effective anymore. Now that Punk has laid out Burke, what the hell is he now? Face? Heel? Member of the New Breed? Member of the Originals? If the writing team has a good answer for me I'd like to hear it.

Mark Davis
Windsor, Ontario, Canada


Is it just me, or is the New Breed-Originals feud with the CM Punk angle the best storyline on TV? You've got the Originals looking stronger than they have in months, since they are actually winning matches now. You've got Burke and Punk with tons of promo time to get over their characters and tension. Even the other New Breed members were allowed to say something, rather than just hanging out in the background. Just a great storyline, and has made ECW a lot more fun to watch.