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By PWInsiderXtra Readers on 4/27/2007 12:59 PM
Wow, Sting vs. Angle is what TNA calls a PPV quality match? If that's the case, I'm glad I don't order their PPVs.  Way to blow what should have been a classic first encounter.



I'm a big fan of TNA and even though the name is not as big as WWE and their shows don't have as much popularity, I do believe they still offer a better product. These last 2 weeks, since "LOCKDOWN", I think they went 2 for 2. I like how they work their stories in the ring and not anywhere else.

Tonight's episode of iMPACT! was a great show altogether. I liked the fact that Team Cage cut the Angle/Sting match short because that match is PPV material. So even though many people were upset at TNA for putting such a big match up on free TV, they must be happy they didn't go all the way with it. This is a great way to start a feud between Sting and Angle. Maybe even get Christian involved and have a Triple Threat Match at "SACRIFICE '07".

I find the Young/Roode situation is interesting. It's comical, yet really well done. The crowd is into the story and really support Young, which is what wrestling was always based on. Hate one guy enough to want to kill him, and love the other enough to want to be his best friend. I think they're leaning on having Roode face Jarrett at the PPV.

And something I noticed that MIGHT be something, then again could really mean nothing, is that Eric Young never said any names as to who is his friend. Jarrett ran out to make the save and Mike Tenay and Don West quickly came to the conclusion that Double J is the friend, yet Eric never said it himself. So maybe, they will have Roode beat Jarrett and Eric will have a 3rd friend lined up for "SLAMMIVERSARY '07". This is just me thinking here.

I liked the Suicide Stampede idea, but it will surely be better pulled off at a PPV where more time can be spent on these guys' amazing athleticism. I think "Black Machismo" will win the title at the event, but maybe he won't since it's a little predictable. Maybe Sabin will retain while Sonjay and Lethal build even more on their little story going on and they have a classic match at "SLAMMIVERSARY '07". this is me thinking ahead again.

It's also good that LAX might be looking to have a feud with someone else now. For months they fought against Styles and Daniels, and then, for months, they faced Team 3D. They need new rivals. And we need someone new in the Tag Team Title race. And Team 3D needs new enemies as well.

Overall, I'm enjoying the product TNA is offering the people and I continue to support it. something that they really do need is to finish up talks with Spike TV and push iMPACT! to a 2 hour show. They have so much they can work with and the 42 to 45 minutes they have on the air isn't enough sometimes. Tonight was a great example. It showed they're pressed for time so they rushed entrances and storylines.

Another thing they need to do is go live. It kills your product when someone who sits in the crowd at your tapings goes home and tells everyone on the net what happens next. Same thing goes for Smackdown. Another thing I don't like is the fact TNA tapes 2 shows one after the other on the same night. That way, people know what happens in the next 2 weeks. Kills your product twice as much.

Also why they should stop taping 2 shows in one night, right from the start of tonight's edition (Angle/Sting match) right up to the end (Sting/Cage match), you can still see Abyss's blood from "last week's" beat down from Team Cage. For me, it took away from the experience because I know it's all taking place in one night. And when Roode says something to Young like "You have 7 days to tell me who you're friend is or you're fired", but what he really means is "You have 60 minutes to tell me who you're friend is or you're fired", it kills my mood a tad bit.

That's my feedback for the April 26, 2007 edition of TNA iMPACT!

Criss from Montreal, Canada


TNA Impact came from Orlando…but not for long? STAY TUNED!

The night began with a recap video which seemed like pay-per-view proportions. Then my favorite intro.

The opening match was…Sting vs. Angle?! I began to fear for the match immediately. Turns out my fears would come true when Angle got beaten down halfway through. Apparently insane beatdowns are the newest thing in wrestling. Angle gets taken to the back while Don West leaves for some reason.

Backstage we see Don West, now starring in his new role as messenger boy for Cornette. He then scurries off as apparently Steiner chases after him. Meh.

Jumping past the X-Division match. I only have so much free time in my spare period at school.

Now what I’ve been looking forward too all week. This was the peak of the Eric Young Story. I didn’t know what to expect! I was watching this with my neighbors who were non-fans. The video package caught them on pretty quickly. Even they began to yell “Hit him! Hit him!” and when he did we all popped. Then Eric was handcuffed and said he had till the count of three. At this point I was hoping for the best. When I heard “kind of the mountain” play, even I popped. Jeff came to the ring and beat on Roode, and threw him out. Then we saw the return of the old WWF woman hater, as he slams a guitar over Ms. Brookes, and the crowd instantly had a popgasm. Russo really did his homework with this one. The friend couldn’t have been anybody but Jeff Jarrett. He was just returning, already over, and nobody saw it coming as they thought he was going to be involved in the heavyweight title storyline. If they had brought in some old WWE star, chances are nobody would’ve recognized him or care. Props to Vince Russo. He obviously learn from the mistake that was the WWF “higher power” Storyline.

Does Spike TV realize the cruel irony it is when they run Condemned commercials right into the commercial break? Don’t people watch TNA to wash out the aftertaste of WWE from the previous nights?

Ignoring the tag match

Sting vs. Cage for the title…yeah right. The DQ rule doesn’t save you when Angle is pissed off. It was an okay match till Angle came in and ruined the whole thing. Could’ve been a better finish.

But dear god that Eric Young angle made the show for me.

Finding a hobby in writing these reviews,

Mark Davis
Windsor, Ontario, Canada