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By PWInsiderXtra Readers on 5/8/2007 10:23 AM
This show was terrible. The quality of writing and wrestling on Raw has dropped so far since Wrestlemania that it's hard to believe this is the same writing staff. McMahon is on a serious ego trip right now and it's completely turned me off from wanting to watch any show he appears on. I had to quit watching tonight after the Cryme Tyme segment because I just couldn't take my intelligence being insulted anymore. I then read the rest of the results from the show and was glad I didn't finish it, the super push of Khali and the burial of Kennedy (yes, he's injured but if he's back in time for Wrestlemania, why take it off of him?) just made me shake my head in disgust. At the rate WWE is going, the only show that will be worth watching is Smackdown, at least we get good long matches on that show on occasion.

Trace Armstrong
Florida State University


So Mr. Kennedy is injured, but before he was injured he did announce that he is cashing in his MITB contract at Wrestlemania 24. According to my calculations (with the help of Kennedy himself) that's 328 days from yesterday. So what's he out, 6-8 months? They had to get the MITB brief case off of him? Makes no sense to me, but whatever.

So they have this hot match with Edge and Kennedy where Edge just destroys him and takes the MITB trophy. You’d think after this seemingly necessary swap to take the trophy from someone who already said he wasn't going to use it for a year, they would be creative and actually have Edge do what he did the first time he had the MITB, cash it in after the first championship match and win it last night.

Nope. We get the Great Collie standing at ringside looking like a dope.

So what does do for the MITB trophy? It's just another PROP now. really.

Mark R. Bureau


WWE are blowing it again.  So, Mr. Kennedy is hurt?  Big deal.  You film a bunch of interviews with him, and every week show a different one, talking about how he isn't going to put himself at risk before Wrestlemania (announcers can point out his loss to Matt Hardy on Smackdown, and say he is worried).  Then, when he is better, do an angle where he is forced to return to the ring, and then it's back on target for his Mania main event.   If it comes out in seven months that he won't be able to work Mania, then that's when you get the MITB briefcase off him.  WWE jumped the gun here.