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By PWInsiderXtra Readers on 5/9/2007 12:36 PM
Hey, haven’t done this in a week. Thought I’d start again. Alright let’s get to it.

ECW this week was from Pittsburg, PA, the same state as the good ECW was in. Oh well.

Lashley gets arrested; will he commit another felony offence tonight and break out? Or magically summon bail money? STAY TUNED!

First match is CM Punk vs. Monty…er Marcus Cor Von. I was only paying half attention to this match, until at such good timing I was at the computer and glanced over my shoulder in time to see a scrolling message appear. Naturally when I saw “Breaking News” I was expecting somebody to be hired, fired, or dead, because CNN does that to you. To my shock (and boy I was shocked,) Edge has won the World Title “moments ago.” At which point I began to frantically type to all the few non-ECW watching wrestling fans online on my buddy list what happened. Not surprisingly, they thought I was lying, so they tuned into Sci-Fi for the first time since last August (not a joke) and we all can’t believe it.


Oh right, there’s a match. Marcus wins it with the pounce.


Tazz and Joey who obviously don’t pay attention to the events that are taped in the same arena that night, talk about how they just found out Edge won the title “moments ago.” Guess Vince doesn’t have the cash for enough TV’s in the back or something.

Sandman vs. Zitsky – Vince McMahon’s master plan to get people over: Squash old ECW guys. Plan B: Throw a belt at them and call them champ.

Extreme Expose- Extreme time filler.

Burke & Not for Teacher vs. The Majors of the minors – Majorly blowed. Left me time to think of things that mattered more, like “What socks am I going to wear tomorrow?” and “I wonder what’s on Spanish TV…”

Handicap match – Would’ve been funnier and ironic if Estrada rolled in with his wheelchair. Just saying. Vince and RVD botch a School boy pin for the win. Good thing refs notice these things now, they’ve learned from Earl Hebner who counted to four on a pin from Shawn Michaels once and said it was a near fall.

Overall, crappy show, but at least ECW is good for spoilers now. Hope RVD likes the taste of dirt, because he just got buried.

Mark Davis
Windsor, Ontario, Canada


Oh my God. What the hell was that we saw last night? I'm I having a nightmare or is John Cena and The Great Khali are going to main event a PPV? I feel so sorry for the idiots that are actually going to shell out 40 bucks for that. Somebody please tell Cena that he is not The Rock. Skid marks? Yeah, ok Cena. Hilarious. Side-splitting comedy. Whooopie.

Why oh why take the mMITB off of Kennedy??!! Everybody on that creative staff needs to be bitch slapped Three Stooges style. He got pinned by Matt hardy on Fri. night and got treated like a jobber against Edge. And when he gets back from his injury, the fans are suppose to care? Puuulease.


I had taped the show since I had to work. So I got to skip through some of the boringness.

Opening with Vince coming out like usual. Kind of figured it'd be him or Cena. He rants about the attacks of Orton, Edge and HBK. Then is about to announce the Main Event of the PPV no one will watch but HBK gives hope and comes out. I knew he'd challenge Khali. As he was finishing and leaving I was hoping for maybe Edge and/or Orton to come out and ask for a Number 1 Contender shot too since they were attacked and because they were in the Main Event at Backlash. But Bobby Lashley came out and I fast forwarded through that because I knew Lashley wouldn't say much because he can't cut a promo for his life. I was hoping for maybe an Elimination Chamber but the fans thoughts could mean less to the Creative.

Blah blah blah, Cade and Murdoch- fast forward. I'll watch when they have a decent tag team with the Hardy's. Women's match- fast forward because the storyline is a little dull for me and I was interested in other storylines.

Kennedy's first promo was great. He is good on the mic even if he's not trying to be ultra funny like Cena. he handles his promos extremely well. Declaring he'll use it at Wrestlemania was a good idea but the wait would be a bit painful. Though, I think he could do it and keep us entertained. The problem with that idea, to me, is I don't know if they'd let him win a World title. Which bothers me because he's starting to evolve more and more and you can tell the fans enjoy seeing as he's not booed and are seemingly wanting a face turn.

Orton's promo was awesome in my opinion. Real serious and hit some real life points (Hotel-Wrecking). He has a lot of talent when he uses it (i.e. the match with Edge on Raw). Which he hasn't really used since Backlash 04 with Foley. I hope he meant what he said by getting his life on the right tracks because he's good on the mic and can wrestle when he wants to (when he wrestles like he can, I don't mind his reverse chinlock haha).

Carlito's promo was pretty good. He was using good heel moves (even though the calling out Ric Flair thing was cliche, at least he's trying to blossom). Getting rid of Torrie was a good move, though played bad by Creative. Everything was awesome until he used up the other half of his promo in Spanish. But decent overall. Flair will probably cut an awesome promo next week because words can't describe how cool and amazing Flair is, even in his 50's.

Edge/Kennedy promo. Ahhh Edge, such a good heel. I'm a heel guy and my opinion is probably very biased. Edge insults Kennedy really well and brings up a very valid point about him defending it. Kennedy says no at first but then agrees. This upset a lot of people because they think it makes Kennedy look stupid. In a sense it does, but they try to use that Kennedy has his pride and can't back down (at least he isn't John Cena and never backs down!!). But Kennedy gets sucked in because the Creative is smart (heavy sarcasm) and gives Kennedy's MITB away because of his severely torn tricep muscle. But I'm excited because Edge is my favorite wrestler.

Edge/Kennedy match. Edge attacks from behind earning super heel points. The TV monitor shot was pretty good. Also, very big props to Kennedy taking all these bumps, sold them like a pro. I didn't know that Kennedy had a torn tricep so I thought Kennedy would win and Edge would be brought back down to not having a chance at a World title again, which disappointed me because Edge is a great heel and knows how to work promos and in-ring work. Kennedy comes running and Edge gives a spear. Complete shocker to me (no sarcasm). I jumped outta my bed. I thought Kennedy would kick out because I overanalyze and tend not enjoy the moment sometimes. Edge wins. I'm going nuts because Edge is now going to get more promo time and continue to be a great heel. I'm wondering if he'll use it Friday because of Taker's injury too. But creative tends to love to kill any enjoyment I have.

By the way, this feedback may be all out of order because I'm going off strictly what I remember and not looking at every match and promo and going through them. Sorry.

Khali/Michaels. Michaels is superman. He somehow got me a little sucked in and the crowd as well with the match. Khali is terrible but did more then Chops and Big Boots. Michaels did his signature moves. Then took Khali outside. I prayed for an elbow off the top rope through the table but me wishing for something good in the WWE is something I shouldn't do anymore seeing as it only gets my hopes up to be crushed. Anyways, the attempted piledriver was a dead giveaway as to what was going to happen. Michaels went through it and sold well like usual. I was hoping they wouldn't end the match but the writers like to give terrible endings to matches (i.e. Last Man Standing at Backlash). Thanks for ruining my hopes of not having a horrible main Event for Judgment Day. Ugh.

Orton/Cena. I was hoping this would be a decent match and as always I prayed Cena would lose. Plus, I thought the match would be good because of Orton's promo. Reverse chinlock by Orton to get things rollin'. I hope Orton isn't going back to his mediocre ways because he's got talent as a wrestler as I've stated. Khali comes out, Yay!. I'm hoping for RKO since Cena's distracted. FU almost and STFU applied, they moved kind of slow doing it all. Cena leaves and gets hit with the belt by Khali. The show ends. BOO! They killed Orton in this one.

The are definitely building up to a horrible PPV. Only thing that would make me buy it is if Edge gets the title on Smackdown. But I'm scared to hope for that because it'll probably only get crushed. If that doesn't happen or something else interesting doesn't happen, I'll have an extra 40 bucks to spend from my paycheck.


Has anyone heard what Steve Austin said about The Montreal Screwjob?

How, "Anyone in his position would have done the same thing"?

It seems to me that some fans are being very unfair to WWE creative right now in regards to the Money in the Bank title shot.

Now, I agree that they could have kept the title shot on Kennedy, but I also don't disagree with the decision to pull it off of him. The guy is hurt. He's going to be out of the picture for quite some time. Leaving something as important as a title shot on him for over half a year with him not being able to work a match at all?

Then you would all be complaining about six months of "Mr. Kennedy!" not being in a single match. At least with the shot on Edge we get some fantastic promo's out of the guy -AND- good quality matches. Just so long as they don't pull the trigger and send him to Smackdown on Tuesday night. If Edge doesn't cash in on the MITB match for the next seven months... Maybe we could see a Kennedy/Edge feud taking us into Wrestlemania 24. That would be fine by me.

It makes sense from a business standpoint to keep the shot on an active in-ring worker, guys. Not someone you're benching.