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By PWInsiderXtra Readers on 5/15/2007 10:50 AM
Khali is boring and lame and being used just because he is large... I hate that with WWE. Everyone else has taken a backseat to Khali. I guess only the mighty Triple H can save us now...

I still don't see where they are going with The Hardys vs. The Rednecks... They could obviously pair the Hardys with such a better team.

Out of order:

I do like the way they are booking Melina vs. that playboy go daddy girl. It seems to fit in regardless of how horrible the match will be.

Carlito turning heel last week was no shock.. But does this mean he gets a push? Of course not! He gets to face Ric Flair! Woooo.... Carlito has so much talent, but it is being wasted on this...

Still.. Vince as ECW Champion is just shoving the death of ECW down old ECW fans' throats... We get it now... ECW is dead. Now go off and do something else. I guess Tommy Dreamer is only hanging around for the paycheck? Either that or he is a liar... ECW died nearly a year ago... Yet these guys still get paid for faking this crap... It isn't interesting and it doesn't do anything to push "ECW" in any way... They really need to rename this brand.... It isn't ECW.

Edge as World Champion is brilliant. He is by far, the best athlete/mic-worker in the business today. Him losing to Shawn Michaels tonight, I guess was to appease the old man... But Edge is indeed the future/present of the business. I didn't read the Smackdown spoilers and was so thrilled to see to him win the title... He deserves it... And I can't wait to see Edge vs. Taker at Summerslam...

I just find it strange that Edge/Christian, for a moment, were once again both champions (at the same time)... Irony wins again... But they both deserve it.

Jon Maples
Huntsville, AL


Hello this is Harvey Cobb from Orlando, Fl as usual I tivo RAW so I can watch the more exciting shows of Heroes & CSI Miami and I thought this weeks edition of Raw was Horrible! I feel sorry for all of those people in Hampton, Va that paid to watch it. I use to live in Norfolk, Va years ago and always attended the great cards they had at the Norfolk Scope & Hampton Coliseum, I must say even last week's TNA show was better than this mess.


Tonight’s Raw came from Hampton, Virginia. May I first compliment one fan's Virginia Tech sign.

Today we begin with Cena minus the title belt. He gets into the ring like it’s his first promo ever. You know, low volumed voice “I uhhhhh…” and looking like he’s about to cry. Khali punks out Cena from the video screen (Aw, snap!) and we get a backstage brawl.

Jeff Hardy vs. Murdoch (now with 60% more sportsmanship and 100% less Petey Williams imitation.) – A decent match. The storyline confuses even me.

After that we get a “Ziiiiiiiiiitskyyyyyyy…” promo. I prefer he’s in a place where we don’t see him. Like HeAT. Remember that? Turns out it still exists. Who knew?

Lashley beating up the coach is replayed. The “Physically provoked” storyline is an obvious takeoff of the Steve Austin version in 2003. Shane miraculously convinces coach he has a chance (and with a big tattooed Samoan fatass who doesn’t? unless it’s of course Rikishi)

The less said about Santino the better. I’ll leave the punchlines up to you.

What do you do when you’re desperate to put asses in movie seats? Suffocate the viewer with movie plugs. Who would I put on the Island? Vince, and a bunch of people who hate his movies. That’ll put a stop to this quickly.

The women’s match was a women’s match.

I’m Canadian, and I like Edge, so I’m generally going to side with him on this. Sorry.

Edge comes out to an awesome new pyro display. Then he proceeds to flaunt his win around as all good champions do. Edge says he’d like to put his last raw match, but he makes a good point as to why the crowd doesn’t deserve it. Before he can take the high road and leave, Shawn rudely interrupts and asks him impolitely to leave. Edge points out that Shawn is making excuses and that he should probably shut up. Shawn agrees to this and begs for them to fight. Edge accepts.

Bobby Lashley sucks in a match that sucked.

Timbaland takes advantage of Raw’s new non-stop commercial format.

Shawn Vs. Edge – Throughout the match you may have heard a lot of “you can see how Edge did it on,” “ you know Shawn told he had back spasms,”,, even when I went to they we’re putting over Good god…

Anyway Edge had an amazing match to leave from even though he lost. I’ll miss him and his awesome merchandise (which you can purchase on on Raw.

The show would’ve sucked if it weren’t for Edge.

Mark Davis
Windsor, Ontario, Canada


That show disgusted me! Why do they have to have the 41 year old teenager beat the younger and now World Champion of Smackdown??? Why?? Why??? Why?? To show Raw is number 1#. It's pathetic of Vince! I knew as soon as Edge and HBK made that match Edge was going to lose. They did that last time when Kurt Angle won the World title and was heading to Smackdown they had HBK beat him on his last match. It disgusted me! What the Hell is wrong with Vince????

He is only hurting Edge's drawing power which is money Vince would be losing! His his Ego that BIG!