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By PWInsiderXtra Readers on 5/18/2007 12:15 PM
Tonight’s TNA Impact came from Orlando, Florida as usual…but for how long? I miss the Asylum, sue me.

The show begins with Kurt Angle now with the new belt coming to the ring only and vacated the title completely announce there would be qualifying matches for King of The Mountain at Slammaversary for the title, and its “time for people to break through the glass ceiling. Is it a good idea? I’ll give you an example and let you determine if this is a good idea:

“Your winner and neeeeeeeeew TNA Champion, SHARK BOY!”

I knew you wouldn’t like it. Let’s hope Russo stays sober this month.

Chris Daniels backstage, obviously lost his mind from when he landed on his head in WCW.

Eric Young runs around the Impact Zone with Stomper. Impact had an edgier feel until one of the mascots from the theme park wandered inside the Impact Zone and signed a TV contract. SoCal Val was enough of a mascot for me.

Jerry Lynn vs. TIGER MASK vs. Alex Shelley vs. Sabin – Once again I need accentuate the point that TIGER MASK is wrestling. So I need put in capitals to make sure you people know ITS FREAKIN TIGER MASK.

Great match. Almost the same match as we saw at Sacrifice but it was non-title, had a new belt, was a tag team and… Alex Shelley got the pinfall? Ok, I’m fine with that I guess.

James Mitchell names possible replacements for Abyss. Possible candidates include, Ricky Banderas, Matt Morgan, Giant Bernard, and unfortunately for everybody at TNA and those watching at home… Test. We have WSX reject, WWE reject, reject I’ve never heard of, and the reject of the rejects. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite reject on TNA Mobile, the winner gets a “Abyss’s replacement” sash and a crown, and TNA Impact’s new name will be, “Mr. Retard Wrestler USA.”

J.B. with Kevin Nash, What is he 80 now?

First Blood: Daniels vs. RAVEN? – Oh right, Raven wrestles. Pretty cane-y match, the fact they were trying to shank each other with broken canes is new. It was short, but acceptable. After the match we get a tease Kazarian face turn.

Backstage Daniels sucks up to Sting. We go from bleeder to kissass within 30 seconds. Daniels is quite a character.

Recap from Sacrifice shows us a new form of male bonding, beating up Traci Brooks.

Eric comes out with a Marching Band of fans and the theme park slave. Thanks the fans, only to have Roode and Ms. Brooks (or as some fans called her “titty-titty neckbrace”) come and ruin the entire thing. Eric has enough and beats the crap out of Roode til he cowers out of the ring.

Angle vs. Rhino – Very good match that went approx. 8 minutes. It went like this: lock up, lock up, shoulder block, evil stare, TKO countered, 1-2-no, ankle lock counter, 1-2-no, misses the GORE GORE GORE, suplex, commercial, rest hold, rest hold, spinebuster, straps down, belly to belly, misses another GORE GORE GORE by getting a kick to the face, angle slam, 1-2-3. That’s the simple Angle vs. Rhino formula used in all of their matches, depending who’s winning of course.

Then we get Cornette announcing matches, Steiners break down the door and get one too, and the “adrenaline rush” closes the show.

It was a pretty good show, though I will make a point to you hunting fans that Stomper would look good mounted on a wall…just saying.

Spike TV is good TV.

Mark Davis
Windsor, Ontario, Canada


The new belt looked cool......after that my mind drifted off. Backlund came on, and I photoshopped this image


I like the idea of trying to mix up the main event picture with some new names, but I really wonder if the five wrestlers that make it to KOTM will be newcomers to the title picture, or just the same old guys.

One thing I loved about the show was the Steiners showing up at the end and demanding Team 3D for next week. This should be good.

I wonder if they will start a countdown clock for RVD's debut soon?