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By PWInsiderXtra Readers on 5/21/2007 10:44 AM
Another day, another win for John Cena.

Seriously, why should I watch? Since the 2006 Royal Rumble, John Cena has only suffered three pay-per-view losses. None of them were even remotely clean: a spear from Edge at One Night Stand 2006, a pair of brass knuckles to the head at Summerslam 2006, and a belt shot from K-Fed at Cyber Sunday 2006. I'm certainly no fan of the Great Khali wearing the WWE Championship, but if Cena can't lose, then why do I turn in on a weekly basis?

Thank God for the Rated R Era...


Hey guys just wanted to give my thoughts on Judgment Day.I thought this was a much better ppv overall then a lot of the tv and past ppv events. I loved the wrestling and was glad they did a lot less of the backstage stuff, what they did have was fine for the moment and with the way the crowd was hot all night thought it made the show much more enjoyable.

On to the matches...

Flair v. Carlito - what a way to kick off the event and boy did the crowd pop heavy for Flair all nite. Carlito was awesome here and looked really great against the legend and when Flair one clean via submission with the figure four leglock classic match 5***** just for the action and crowd heat

Lashley v. the McMahons/Umaga [ECW CHAMPIONSHIP] - what a squash with Lashley going over huge in a quick match but the bullcrap that's called McMahonland is such a crock if Lashley couldn't win the title w/out pinning Vince why not at least announce the stipulation prior to the match or at least stop the count in between the match to make the rules Joey Styles was right on in his comments about Vince 2**

CM Punk v. Elijah Burke - another awesome wrestling match both of them showed why they should be on more ppvs and pushed the back and forth action inc. Punk selling the rib injury was great they both sold for each other and with the near falls made for a great match 5*****

Shawn Michaels v.Randy Orton - with Shawn's knee injury and pending surgery you had to figure something was bound to happen here. Shawn always the professional made Randy look good selling for all the big moves Orton hit him with and the ending was a little goofy but I guess it doesn't hurt either guy and makes Randy look like a prick in his hometown 3***

The Hardys v.Cade and Murdoch [WORLD TAG CHAMPIONSHIP] - This was a bonus match added today to the card and it was a great tag match. If you like old school tag team wrestling with back and forth action both teams gave it to you here and with the teams shaking hands after you wonder if they may have a rematch down the road. C&M look like they are improving and being in this feud will help them 4***

Batista v. Edge [WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP] - Why was this match not on later I don't know but if booking is trying to make Raw the dominate show still here is proof especially considering that Smackdown's U.S.Title match was still to come you knew Edge was going to win Batista is so not that great but did do a good showing here 2**

Benoit v. MVP [U.S. CHAMPIONSHIP / 2 OUT OF 3 FALLS MATCH] - These guys have put on great matches since Wrestlemania and this is the conclusion to the feud I was shocked that Benoit didn't score at least 1 pinfall but it could make sense seeing as he has beaten MVP in their other matches inc.on tv but I still think Beniot should have gotten a pinfall in the 2nd fall and go to a 3rd and deciding fall, the crowd died in this match and it brought it down a notch but I still enjoyed it.3***

Cena v.Khali [WWE CHAMPIONSHIP] - Look its Hogan/Andre 2007 and after all the big build up to the match of can Cena beat the monster he doesn't even do the fu but gets him to tap [I thought this was corny and unbelievable] it would have at least made more sense for Cena to hit the fu out of nowhere then to get the tap out win but its done and over with and hopefully now Cena will go onto another feud against Orton possibly.1*

This was a decent outing i will give it 7/10*** for the crowd heat and the action. Thank god they kept the divas to a quick poll on who would win and we had good long matches most part. Keep up the good work.

Jason Ouimette 
Syracuse, NY 


I give the show a 2/10. Not much to it, not many spots not much of ANYTHING!! A total ripoff.


So, I guess if you want good long matches, you watch free TV, and if you want short World Title matches and angles, you pay $40. Seems backwards to me.