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By PWInsiderXtra Readers on 5/22/2007 10:29 AM
Thank god I DVR’d this Raw because if I sat down and watched it straight through I would want 2 hours of my life back. But I will give it one thing, it did leave me with a question after the show was over, which was this. With these two matches booked for One Night Stand…Why the hell would I order this PPV?

Cherry Hill, NJ


With this much crap it’s impossible to find enough ways to say it sucks.

Tonight’s Raw came from The Quad Cities, wherever that is…

The show begins with a “WWE™ stop the video before the wrestler hits the mat” Judgment Day recap, which was better than wasting you money on the actual pay-per-view.

All my life I was buying WWE’s crap,
I don’t know why I do it,
All I know is,
I just wanna stop

Bobby Lashley came out to begin the show. Ever wondered what it’s like when you really suck at the General Manager mode of WWE video games? You’re watching it. Perhaps people would watch ECW more if all the ECW crap actually happened ON THE SHOW CALLED ECW. It appears the writing team has forgotten which show each storyline is supposed to be on, so they’re throwing everything back together in a clusterf**k that would make Vince Russo blush.

Reminds me of WCW in 2000, except this company unfortunately has money.

I guess we’re in for a street fight at One Night Stand in…two weeks?! Let us watch as WWE now does some old fashioned rush booking. I guess One Night Stand will be an all extreme rules PPV.

It’s a great concept, one pay-per-view; every match has the same gimmick, wonder if I’ve heard of something like that before…

Flair vs. Carlito #2 – has it occurred to anybody that Steve Austin, Tazz, and Mick Foley have retired yet Ric Flair is still here? Kinda makes them look bad, eh? It was a match. It wasn’t good, it wasn’t bad, it was just there. At least Carlito remembers he spits apples. I must acknowledge the lady’s insult from the front row, and I quote, “I hope you choke on your apple.” Probably the most threatening thing I’ve heard since “go jump in a lake.” This is what happens kids when your mom takes you to Raw. Have your Dad take you, he may constantly point out how stupid the show is, but at least he won’t embarrass you.

Melina vs. Candice – Melina falls victim to the devastating bridge. What’s next? An elbow drop from the first rope?

Khali’s language sounds incredibly made up, but I guess it’s a language. Try to imagine what living in Punjab, India is like.

Regis Philbin tells us Steve Austin is going places, because Regis, who has never really gone anywhere MUST know people who are going somewhere.

Bobby Lashley vs. Masters – I missed this match because about at this point my neighbor who had tried to walk in the door to watch it with me accidentally allowed my cat to escape in the process. We walked around my street, calling out my cats name, asking people walking by if they had saw him. After a while, I returned to my house upset and losing hope, as soon as I got to the door, my cat walked up to me, I brought him inside just in time to see Lashley get a three count over Viscera. I appreciate my cat more now, as even the animals know now that Lashley sucks and so he saved me from sitting through his crap.

When JR said that Expose is the reason he watches ECW every week, was he being serious as that’s probably the only good thing on ECW these days? Music video was…decent.

The music in the Shawn Michaels plugs is creepy.

JR mentions NFL players who have had dire side effects to concussions, which is much more interesting than the situation with Shawn.

Randy Orton comes out, I try to count how many times these guys have feuded. Orton already killed the legend of HBK, now he’s just beating a dead corpse.

Lashley vs. Umaga – sucks.

Lashley vs. Shane w/ the crew – Shane (who was the McMAN tonight) had a pretty good match from my point of view, Vince looked better without that stupid doo-rag, and Umaga still looks like a turd with dreadlocks.

I miss Edge, this show blows, I hate ECW, what the hell is wrong with creative?


I watched only the first segment of Raw. When I realized the show would be built around the McMayhems and Bobby Lashley, I said, what's the point. The ECW title means absolutely nothing, it isn't defended on its own brand. The Raw Champ, is thrown into a story with the second coming of Giant "I want duh belt" Gonzales. Carlito beats up on a 175 year old wrestler who just won't go away to preserve his own legacy, and Shane McMayhem is the main event.

So I ask again… what's the point?

Does anyone that is a fan of professional wrestling ever long to be surprised by a great heel or face turn anymore?

Mark R. Bureau