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By PWInsiderXtra Readers on 5/22/2007 11:34 AM
The brand extension sucks.....bottom line. Last night's RAW just shows how badly put together it is.

Whatever Vince wants to be the focus of "the" show, he will make it (which normally seems to be him) but RAW last night kinda ticked me off....

If you want to make all PPV's important again and have all 3 brands on all PPVs, why even continue a brand extension at all? Or if you must continue the brand extension, why not let each PPV "feature" a brand and it's major (world) championship as the main event.....that way you don't have John Cena fighting the heel of the month who gets pushed to the moon for 3 weeks and then gets beat at the PPV as the main event of every PPV....

Since the Edge angle on SmackDown was pretty hot going into the PPV, Judgment Day has been a SmackDown ppv (and I liked that they used the SmackDown ring for it), why didn't Edge/Batista close the show? Next month at One Night Stand, you could have Lashley/Vince close the show, etc.

Do you know one thing that helps keep UFC fresh (besides that the guys are really beating the hell out of each other)? They have a monthly PPV, but it features different guys each month. Also, they are already marketing their PPVs 2 months in advance. That helps a lot. If WWE started promoting the main event of Summerslam in June, it would help PPV buys question.

My idea for keeping fresh, while also giving your wrestlers time to breathe is simple. First of all, the work schedule for wrestlers and agents should run Friday-Monday. SmackDown (the other 2 hour show) should be run LIVE on Friday nights, while a house show featuring any talent not used on SmackDown that week could run in another town. Saturdays and Sundays should be 2 house shows each day featuring mixed talent from all 3 brands. This would give the fans something to look forward to (the mystery of the unknown card) and they would not know which Superstars they would or would not be seeing that day. Monday would have RAW live and the one hour ECW show taped right after (so the results would only be 1 day early, rather than 3). Give ALL wrestlers Tues-Thurs off (unless there is something special happening that week requiring them to make a special appearance).

With this schedule, SmackDown would become more important (because it would be live), the wrestlers would get a better break and I think the product overall would become more fresh.

Todd G. Oblak


I have been an avid wrestling fan since I was 3 years old. I have watched every Wrestlemania live (with the exception of two during a church mission), I attend every local WWE show here in Sacramento, California, and I watch Raw, ECW and Smackdown every single week (sometimes on DVR but I always catch it). I can say for the first time ever, I turned my TV off! Don't get me wrong, there have been times I have fallen asleep, or flipped to other channels during boring matches and other things like that, but this is the first time ever that I was so tired of watching the same old thing...and ESPECIALLY tired of watching the Vinnie Mac show that I actually had no interest in seeing the end. Why on Earth would the only thing getting any play on Raw be an ECW angle? Oh maybe because it happens to be Vince McMahon's storyline. They spent the entire show focusing on Vince McMahon. This is why the guy running the show should never be a wrestler (especially if he's 60 years old). It is only natural to self-promote.

I don't know about the rest of you but I am done. If Vince wants to run the McMahon show, then fine, run your crap into the ground, but I am not going to support it. This is the saddest point in wrestling during my lifetime. Think about it, $40 ppvs every three weeks that don't mean a thing in the grand scheme of things (at least during brand only ppvs, the big four had meaning, now they won't either), completely scripted promos that have no heart, feeling or personality behind them, and now Vince dominates the highest rated show of them all (that he is technically not even supposed to be on).

I am going to take my time and money elsewhere. It is unfortunate that TNA isn't really doing that much better in the "sports-entertainment" world. I guess I will be forced to find a new passion.

Josh "X-treme" Edlow

ps: You know it's bad when you watch more of the show in Fast Forward on your DVR than you do at regular speed.


I wish I TIVO'd Raw but due to other things like needing sleep I chose to watch it live. 

Two words folks

Lysol Spray. 

Not the 12 ounce can but the 18 ounce. Some things were decent like Flair vs Carlito and the Lashley matches...I saw. I fell asleep for the Main Event and was bored by the Great Khali. I kept expecting Lassie to come out and wrestle John Cena. Come to think of it my beagle dog Peabody would have been a more entertaining opponent. Makes me wish my viral bronchitis I had two weeks ago had come back or I had my codeine laden cough medicine left over so I could have taken some and fallen asleep an hour and half earlier. The first half hour took forever and the stupid diva music video with some guy I never heard of was dumb and boring. Thank gad for mute buttons. Get rid of the jerk managing Khali. At least a wrestler or ex wrestler would make a good person for Cena to beat up. Quick question. When Orton holds out his arms above his head is he telling the fans how big his head/ego is? Hey Blue Meanie there's still time to call Stephanie a bitch backstage and get out of the match you scheduled to wrestle.