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By PWInsiderXtra Readers on 5/30/2007 10:54 AM

I watched ECW on SCIFI on MAC TIVO delay. Burke and Punk don't belong here. Their match and Thorn vs. Mahoney was decent as was Orton vs. Dreamer. After their match on RAW it's pretty obvious that RVD will be the sacrificial lamb to put Orton over. The only good thing about this show is that it runs an hour. What will become of ECW after the draft lottery? My suggestion? Make it the next step in training your Raw and Smackdown talent. Some of the best hours of television I remember are the hours of OVW that produced Cena, the Bashams, Orton, Batista and countless others. Sure some of them have moved on to TNA and elsewhere. Will the WWE do it? Doubtful. But it would get people to care about your Tuesday wrestling show.


ECW came to us from London, Ontario this week. Gotta love Canada this month.

Randy Orton came out and made a promo, followed by a video package chock full of Rob Van Dam’s sick move sells. Especially that RKO. Man, that was nasty. It’s nastier in slow-mo. Tommy Dreamer comes out and for once requests an actual match (we all know he wasn’t going to win but at least he was going to be on offense for once.) Randy accepts and says he’s going to bury the legend of ECW, as if everybody else hasn’t done that already. Let me rephrase that for him:

“Tonight I’m going to kick the dead body that is ECW.” Doesn’t that make more sense?

Cm Punk vs. Burke No DQ - why didn’t they just call it extreme rules? Oh, right because that would be like giving a sample of what people could see on the pay-per-view and might convince them to buy it on Sunday, but what silly person would do that?

I was wondering why they were even bothering to call it no-dq at first because it was taking them so long to take advantage of the rule. When we came back from commercial, a table hath appeared in the ring. TOTALLY RADICAL! I like WWE’s new direction on what to do if you botch a springboard, pin them. If they make a mistake, take advantage. That’s what heroes do.

The Monty Brown experience came to the ring and pooooounced period-ed the hell out of Punk, and then the Monty Brown Experience actually started to act like Monty Brown (you know flailing his arms, dancing around, and the kind of stuff we used to love about him.) It was nice to see shades of his old character again and that probably was one of the only parts of the show that made me smile a little.

“Face to face” – it was boring, tedious. One gem however:

“Watch how you talk to me I’m old enough to be your uncle”

“My dad’s Uncle”

I actually enjoyed the WWE ONS plug. The music is cool and the graphics are fun to look at.

Extreme Expose – I once had a girlfriend Kelly’s age, and I’m still in Secondary School. I’m a fan of watching Kelly, but I just think that there’s something wrong there.

Thorn vs. Mahoney – Caveman squaaaaash!

Striker sure is goofy.

Dreamer vs. Orton – I couldn’t help but not watch this one. It was just that horrible. Tommy used to be good. What happened? He almost never wins a singles match in ECW. He has had 1 or 2 wins but that’s it? What is your mindset when all you’re good for in a brand is to get beaten every week? It’s dumb.

If you watch a replay or tape of this show, I suggest watching Cor Von pounce Punk through a table, and then do something better with your time.

Mark Davis
Windsor Ontario Canada


I have long lost hope of seeing much of interest on ECW and tonight's show did little to change my mind. Punk/Burke should have been a lot better than it was but it came off sloppy and the big climax table shot looked really lame. It's a shame because both of those guys are very talented athletes and they (and WE) deserved a better match.

Vince and Lashley having their war of words was so bad it's embarrassing even to comment on. Let's just say Lashley needs to be the strong silent (as in TOTALLY silent) and Vince just needs to shut up already! Enough said. No more words will I waste on that duo.

Another guy who needs to stay off the mic is Randy Orton. He's doing an excellent job of playing the psychotic heel of late and he has the expression down pretty good. He's actually scary. But when he goes to talk, it just comes off as phony, unauthentic, just bad acting. His promo was about the worst I have ever heard from him but when he got in the ring, he and Dreamer had a pretty good match and I was actually interesting in watching even though I knew what the obvious outcome would be. I like Orton's new crazed image, it works for him. (Maybe even better for those of us who knew all the backstage stuff on him, LOL).

Overall, I liked this show better than other ECW shows of late and it was better than Raw this week (not that that's saying much.) Could have done without the Thorn/Mahoney joke match and the stupid Striker/Major Brothers promo, though. Boring and EXTRA boring!

Callie Leo
New Orleans, LA