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By PWInsiderXtra Readers on 6/1/2007 10:33 AM
A good show but could have been a little better in some areas but still a marked improvement from recent weeks. The Roode/Young angle just confuses me more & more each week. It was headed in a some what decent direction but reverts back to the mess it was in weeks ago. First Roode "owns" Eric but Cornette says that Roode is in breach of contract and TNA can sue Roode. Eric & Roode have some all out brawls for a few weeks but now we are back to square 1 with Eric being the shy cowardly one over this contractual lawsuit that Cornette dismissed 3 weeks ago. On top of that we get Cornette injecting himself again in this matter making a new match at "Slammiversary" between the 2 with stipulations that supposedly will end this debacle. Roode agrees to the match than tells Cornette to stop getting in his affairs? Well why agree to the match if you don't want Cornette interfering? The sooner this angle is over the quicker my headaches will stop.

Man, has Jeremy Borash picked up with TNA Mobile where "Mean Gene" left off with "WCW Hotline" or what?

Bob Backlund ....................

"Team Cage" is just entertaining to me all around. Cage & Styles work great together on screen & would probably make a great heel tag-team if TNA ever decided to go that route. I'm not sure why but I'm slowly turning into a Tomko fan. TNA has done more with Tomko than WWE ever has & he comes off a legitimate top tier bad ass to me. Not quite World Championship material yet but Tomko is the perfect example of why I want TNA to have an I.C. or U.S. championship equivalent.

Christopher Daniels, oh my have we fallen (pun intended). If "Serotonin" is looking for a new member he may be it, that's how bad he's been booked. Why should I care about Daniels against Sting when I've watched Daniels get punked out each & every week now? Daniels needs to be booked stronger going into "Slammiversary" or it will be a long hard road to recovery.

Rhino & Homicide had a good match & they did well in advancing the story with Hector. Maybe I missed something but I still don't know where Harris falls into all this with Rhino. But if I get a decent tag match at the PPV I'll be happy.

Sabin is gold, TNA needs to just let him continue what he's doing because it works. Great match with Kaz & for the first time I'm actually interested in where Serotonin is going only because I'm hoping for a complete break up. As a side note, it came off as "Bush League" to me that both announcers make reference to Sabin's length as X-Division Champion but neither one has the stats on his title reign. It's ridiculous to even mention it if the both of them are going to admit they don't even know how long he's been champion. Still a solid match by both men, as mentioned Sabin is superb in the ring, working the camera & the crowd.

Good stuff from Black Machismo, yeah I'm a mark for his character. Nash's comments were a bit odd & left a weird feeling, just weird. Sonjay will introduce his new self next week. Please don't come out with a 2x4, as a clown, a Brahma bull or any other WWF/E persona of the past, I beg of you.

The main event was decent & it was obvious that Tomko was gonna get screwed by Cage. 2 tainted finishes in 2 weeks for the "KOTM" qualifiers, I don't like it. But it will be interesting to see how Tomko reacts, my guess is he somehow cost Christian his match then we have those 2 at the PPV.


Dave Garrison
Baltimore, Md.


Match of the night: Chris Sabin vs. Kaz. What is the deal with Serotonin? They are only on TV about once per month. Is the Serotonin angle headed anywhere?

Tomko vs. Styles was decent. Sadly, it was obvious from the onset that there was no way Tomko would advance. I am still confused Styles and Tomko have never gotten upset about the title shots they were promised and never received. All in all, it seemed like a very focused program.

A lot of angles were advanced. It was time to pull the trigger on Eric Young vs. Robert Roode. The Chris Harris/Rhino/Hector vs. Konnan/LAX angle took its next step. Sting and "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels took their next step. BG James cut a promo on Basham and Damaja to set up their match.