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By PWInsiderXtra Readers on 6/4/2007 10:42 AM
I thought the PPV was decent, but it's still a bit frustrating to watch seeing how this was pulled from Hammerstein. Being somebody who used to live in Philadelphia and has spent some time and money at the Bingo Hall, I can't bare to watch the remaining ECW Originals in any full time role with WWE - especially Joey Styles...although I'm happy they are getting the pay day that they have earned.

The only good thing about this show was that for all of us ECW fans, the mourning can stop and she can now RIP, albeit an "extremely" sad injustice.

Here's a rhetorical question: Don't you just know that Joey Style's stomach turns with every "positive" comment he makes about anything WWECW?

Jasen August
North Jersey


Just to show you the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly way to act towards fans (about 50 outside the fence after the show) when leaving the arena you have the following.

Ugly: Kenny being cheered on by the fans decided to roll down the window and say "Get out of the road a**holes" when we were not blocking them leaving at all.

Bad: Elijah Burke only 10 feet from the fence wouldn't even acknowledge any of his fans but had a group of 20 or so of his family members all wearing his Elijah Experience jackets.

Good: The Great Khali...yes I said Khali raising his arm to the fans and nodding his head toward us when he left, Maria honking her horn and waving and smiling to the fans, and then John Cena smoking the tires of his rented super sport powered up Dodge Ram truck for about 20 seconds in front of fans before pulling out the gate waving. I don't like him much but I thought that was cool as hell for the fans.

Jason Everett Thomas
Jacksonville, Florida


This was my first show since moving to Florida from the Philly area, so I didn't know what to expect crowd-wise, but it was the prototypical crowd for WWE in Jacksonville. Besides Elijah Burke, who is from Jacksonville, if was primarily heels being booed and babyfaces getting the cheers. The crowd was hot all night long and it was a really surprisingly good show live, almost in spite of its non-promotion on TV. I saw Jimmy Hart outside, but no one cared about the contest, and even less cared for Santino and Masters as the dark match. As for the matches, it was nice to see RVD get the surprising win, but we knew how it would end up. The Hardys and World's Greatest Tag Team truly stole the show with some of the sickest spots I've ever seen live. Truly an awesome match. Shane McMahon got similar pops for his insane bumping as well. CM Punk was over in a big way and was cheered, even by the Burke family after putting Striker through the table with him on it. That said, the crowd was into the hometown boy big time even though his being from Jax was unannounced. Mark Henry and Kane was what it was, but the lumberjacks were terrible. How about no one helping Kane when he was jumped by Dykstra? Its sad how far he has fallen and it took him quite awhile to get up after Henry left. Lashley is over in a major way, almost like Cena levels, except he didn't get booed by a soul in the place. The crowd was way into his match and popped big for the win. Candice and Melina was horrible. The crowd loved the T&A, but no one caught the finish and Candice's music hit seemingly from nowhere to give the result. I guess its because most of us had to watch on the Titantron. Edge and Batista seemed a little underwhelming actually, but it gave the expected result. Cena and Khali wasn't just watchable, it was fun to see live. I said it guys, fun. Cena was over immensely and delivered the pop of the night with the FU off the set for the win. Overall, an awesome night and hopefully they will return for more TV in the future.

Biggest Pops:

1. John Cena
2. Lashley
3. Hardyz
4. Elijah Burke
5. CM Punk/Shane McMahon

Biggest Heat:

1. Edge
2. Khali
3. Orton
4. Vince/Umaga
5. Mark Henry

James Carr
Macclenny, FL