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By PWInsiderXtra Readers on 6/5/2007 10:55 AM
Gee, what a shocker, John Cena retained the title. I thought WWE got away from the era of long reigning champions? Don't get me wrong, I don't mind that, but I do when they're as tired and stale as John Cena's invincible channeling of 80s Hulk Hogan. Cena either needs to turn heel and drop the title, just drop the title, or leave WWE altogether. I'm close to the point where I may have to stop watching Raw altogether just because I'm so fed up with him being booked as unbeatable. Sure he'll lose the occasional non-title match, but we all know those don't mean squat. Minus a couple transitional changes, he has held the title for 2 years+ now and the spinner belt still looks incredibly stupid. I still think WWE let some 5 year old kid design it. And that must be who is booking this trite same old crap on Raw because it's so predictable, repetitive, and most of the time boring. Quit recycling stuff from the 80s and 90s WWE, get some new ideas for a change, please?

On a positive note, at least the crazy character of Vince tonight was different and somewhat humorous. Still think he needs to take a hiatus though. But that probably won't happen for a while, unfortunately.

All in all, Raw will continue to suck overall until John Cena is gone or at least loses the title for more than a month or 2. His having the title can turn even an A+ show into a F show for me. Pull the plug on Cena's reign of invincibility, please...?


I'm not going to really comment on RAW, because I only saw about half of it, the rest of which is snuggled up inside my TiVo waiting for me to wake it up.

I'm going to comment on something else. I saw a spot for ECW DURING RAW that talked about whether or not Vince was still the ECW champ. This aired like 5 or 10 minutes AFTER the weird/homoerotic scene with Vince on the couch and Coachman right behind him. Jesus Pete, are they this dumb?

I work at a radio station. If I ran a spot for something that had already happened, after my owner just got done talking about it on the air…..I would be asking people what they wanted on their Whopper. I just don’t get this level of incompetence. Is Eugene running the AD department of WWE? I Really do not, I say again, DO NOT think it has anything to do with “target audiences” or anything like that. I think it’s just someone with their head up their ass. I completely agree with running ECW ads during RAW & SmackDown, since it is the weakest brand, and needs all the exposure it can get. But this just makes it all look like a train wreck with a 60+ year old man driving said train.

-Wayne, Illinois


A good RAW, McMahons black clouds have me wondering if anybody is returning or something else dramatic is going to happen.

Also, I think Cena should have a gauntlet, lumberjack, 15 on 1 match next week against all 3 brands and watch him win.



Wow, a fast paced two hours of wrestling on a Monday night? There was some good and bad but the fact that I didn't have to look at a clock to see what time RAW was ending is probably the best compliment I can give the show post-WrestleMania.

RAW needs a General Manager. Seeing a ticked off Mr. McMahon for the umpteenth time in the last 10 years just doesn't have the same appeal as the attitude era. The biggest complaint, other than my annual dose of Chris Masters, is that they gave away several PPV quality matches the day after a PPV. Flair/Orton was a pretty good match, except for the fact that everyone with an I.Q. of over 20 already knew the ending. And now, not only am I force fed Chris Masters, I am force fed an ending that belonged in the early 70's. How can a guy that they push as a power get beaten by a simple roll-up?

My biggest question of the night is that with such an injured leg, how can Torrie Wilson find the time and energy to "wrestle" in an outfit that hot? Heck, how did she manage to get it on in the first place? If she ever needs help getting dressed to "wrestle," the line starts right behind me.

I really enjoyed the tag title change. The match seemed a little slow to start, but it fit considering the way the Hardy's were selling last night's match. Cade and Murdoch winning and laying out the former champs after the match was a nice touch. The main event was ok, but I found it interesting how there seemed to be a bunch of camera shots of hot ladies in the crowd crying in despair when Cena was getting roughed up. Funny stuff!

This is the kind of show WWE should have done last week. Perhaps I would have forked out $40 if they were to put this effort before a PPV.

Philip Jacobs
Proud Elite Member
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Baton Rouge


It's time for him to go. This show would have been just fine without VKM.

McMahon Appreciation Night?? WTF!!!!

I have to admit it sucked watching him on the show tonight.

A pathetic Old Man just wanting to see himself on TV.

I don't care anymore if he owns the company or not........

Brian Sisz
Columbus, NJ


Before I start, I've gotta give props to my boy, Lawler. His line of the night was priceless: "Couldn't the draft split up the tag team champions? Couldn't they end up on different shows?" If that's not a testament to the failure of the brand extension, I don't know what is.

Raw was miserable. The worst part of the show (easily) was Vince. His opening promo was quite literally (and Dave, I think I can use this word in this context) the worst promo I've ever heard anyone give. Worse than Sid asking if he could start his over. Worse than the Great Khali mumbling. Vince's simply didn't make sense. It wasn't funny, and it didn't give me the sense that he was deranged; it was plain dumb. There is no adjective in the world that I can use to describe how painful his opening promo was. The closest would be "excruciating."

The show never got better.

Even if you're a John Cena fan, you have to admit that everyone of his post-PPV promos are the same. He's passionate about the industry, yes, but his character is unforgivingly boring. No wonder he gets boo'ed.

Nitro is a good athlete, but his team is jobbed out to Cryme Tyme; I forgot they were on Raw.

Marella (like everyone else) has already beaten Masters. Masters has no heat; for crying out loud, keep him off my TV.

Even though it looked cool (no pun intended), the Backstabber on Wilson was more of the same: Carlito is a big jerk. We get it.

The ending spot to the tag team championship match was blown, and what could have been a good finale to a pretty cool angle ended with a thud. I guess the hillbillies are bad guys again. Whoopdie-do.

And Randy Orton is going to injure Flair, now? Good grief - is there anyone who is healthy (legitimately and kayfabe) on the roster?

One thing that I think is funny (I wasn't annoyed by it; it more or less gave me a chuckle) is the fact that there is no show before Raw begins. Other than the six-man tag match, all of the matches were spontaneously during the show. Were Dykstra, Melina, Nitro, Cryme Time and Candice the only people who were told to get dressed before the night begins? Technically, that was the card. Not that important, but funny nonetheless.

None of that, however, compared to the dreck that was Vince McMahon. Leave me alone, Vince. No Mr. McMahon Appreciation Night. No omnipotent black clouds. No more feigned derangement. Just go away. You were funny before. Leave, Vince. Leave.

(Oh, and P.S., in case you didn't get to the end, John Cena was put in a triple-threat match and he beat the Great Khali and Umaga. And he won. Again. Imagine that...)


So now we're supposed to believe that Vince is "disturbed" or "deranged?" Crazy, senile, or stupid, I don't care; just get the @#$% off my TV! I'm tired of having my intelligence insulted by a man who insists upon perpetuating his "me first" attitude instead of doing what's best for the industry and his company.

I diligently follow Raw and PPV results through this site, but last night was a strong reminder of why I'm watching less and less WWE programming. It's much easier to quickly skim through the results rather than being having to watch it (painfully) play out before my eyes. 37 years of being a fan of this industry are just about gone; I'm literally "this close" to never watching again. Thanks Vince!

If Vince insists upon continuing this charade, maybe he should team with Eugene and they could become the "special needs" or "mentally challenged" tag team. Don't laugh. Given the sorry state of WWE Creative, NOTHING is impossible.