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By PWInsiderXtra Readers on 6/18/2007 9:25 PM
TNA is so stupid. They give their brand new belt to a former WWE star in Kurt Angle, and not a guy who has helped the company grow in so many ways, while putting on some of their best matches-AJ Styles. I don't believe this. How can they be so dang dumb? Yeah Angle is fresh because he is a face Champion after Abyss and Cage had it but come on, this is absurd. Styles has been their best star ever since TNA has grabbed these old has beens and stuck them into the main event so their homegrown stars are stuck in the mid card. Not to mention Angle wants to do MMA, he could possibly get beatin' down badly and receive another concussion and his career could be over like that. Styles deserved it and got robbed, got job TNA!


I really think that the live crowd helped this PPV. They went crazy for the big spots and for the surprise tag partner of Rick Steiner, Animal.

-Glad to see Lethal win the gold, I actually like his gimmick, the fans do too.

-The Backland match made little sense and I was surprised to see him win.

-The crowd seemed 50/50 for Sting-Daniels, but I figured since Daniels started a new gimmick he would get the nod, but Sting wins clean. The Stinger is still in great shape though and it was cool to see him come from the rafters again.

-The football match was just filler, apparently now Killings is a heel with no explanation.

-I popped for Rick Steiner and Animal, those two are legends and I am a huge WCW fan. Crowd seemed anti team 3-D.

-Eric Young gets the win and we finally get the end of this feud! Nice butt shot of Ms Brooks when Gail Kim pulled them down:)

-The Tomko-Abyss match was awesome. This really made Tomko a star in my mind. The glass, thumbtacks and big falls got the crowd riled up.

-OK, I have no idea why Christy Hemme is treated as a heel. She is fighting for equal rights for women, got treated like crap by VKM. She is about to get chokeslammed by VKM when Lance Hoyt turns on VKM and then is booed...didn't he save Hemme from being beat up by two men?? How is he a bad guy??

-The pretaped interview with Jarrett about the passing of his wife was touching.

-The main event was fun, some high spots from Styles and Harris. It did surprise me that Joe didn't even get a pinfall to qualify for the belt. Angle going over was the right call since he can feud with Joe again.

Overall a fun 10 match PPV that really benefited from a hot crowd.

God Bless Sherri Martel,

Steve from NJ


First of all, that opening video montage during the pre-show was just so cool! Makes me proud to be a lifelong supporter of the TNA promotion.

Is TNA now going like WWE and having a taped pre-show? No warm-up match, and mention of Scott Steiner in the tag title match? I prefer the traditional pre-show, thank you very much.

The second opening montage was cool as well. And I popped for the scene where Jarrett el-kabonged Tiger Woods, just like that Argentina guy who just won the US Open!

Didn’t care for the musical act, whoever the hell they are.

Senshi/Rhino vs. LAX was an amazing opener! I felt like I was with that rabid crowd during the match. I did know that the finish was coming when the others got involved, but I popped big for the GORE nonetheless.

The backstage bit with Eric, Gail and Traci was, well, a clip of cleavage. Not much else.

The X-division match was another thing of beauty, and what the X Division is all about! The Black Machismo gimmick is certainly over with me now, and I think he can have some great title defenses. Nash is doing a great job mentoring these guys.

More backstage breast stuff. Hey, Jackie, how much did you pay for YOURS?

Even for a California guy, I felt like a Nashville guy with the Wycheck match. A lot better than I expected!

Didn't care for Backlund/Shelley. Right now, Ric Flair is the only aging baby boomer I care to see active in a mainstream professional wrestling ring. Thankfully, I had a bowl of salad right next to me.

Daniels’ promo was good in delivery, but bad in concept. I just don’t know why there even has to be religion in wrestling angles. Very tacky.

I actually though VKM vs. Bashams was a fun romp. But the best part came after that match. I wasn't expecting Hoyt's turn at all! Christy you sly devil! By the way, she looked like WHOA! No wonder she’s my favorite woman in wrestling!

LAX attack Hector Guerrero. Guess that rivalry isn’t over.

Roode vs. Young was actually better than several of their previous bouts. I was almost upset over what would have been a screwjob finish, but thank my lucky stars that Cornette stepped in! Nice surprise! Now, hopefully, these two go their separate ways and find new feuds. By the way, who else popped for Traci's “wardrobe malfunction?”

Team 3D did another promo. Great as usual. Maybe Brother Ray should be a TV announcer in the future.

Its too bad that Scott Steiner got injured, because no we had to see TNA dust off yet another old man in Animal. I didnt care for this bout either. I really hope that bringing in Animal was a one-shot deal. Guys like him and Backlund should be sitting at home awaiting word from WWE that they're going to be in the Hall of Fame. Dont get me wrong, both guys are certainly deserving! But still It’s

Sting vs. Daniels was fine for what it was. I expected better from these two, but I just don’t get the angle they’re in.

For me, Abyss vs. Tomko was the match of the night! And two years ago, I never thought I’d be singing the praises of anything that Tomko did! These two really gave it their all and gave us perhaps the most awesome brawl since the Royal Rumble. As for Abyss, I've got to say, that man has heart! By the way, did anyone notice that the cuts on his arm from the attack on Impact awhile back left scars that apparently messed up the designs of the tattoos? There were several spots that were cringe-worthy, and that added to the brutality. Just an f’n great show from these guys.

The video message from Jeff Jarrett was really touching. This man deserves a lot of praise for being able to keep TNA running for five years now. Let’s hope for five more and beyond!

It was really nice seeing Chris Harris get the fifth spot in KOTM! He deserves it for all his service in TNA. As for the match, it was great for a main event! I'm perfectly all right with Angle winning the title, and I back my statement when I saw the tension at the end between Angle and Joe. Looks like we may have another series of matches between these two, but this time, it’s for the gold! My suggestion is that they give this enough time, and save the one-on-one encounter for Bound for Glory. That would be amazing.

I ordered this PPV because I consider it to be one of TNA’s “major” annual events. With what I got tonight, I say they proved why this is one of their big shows. It was a mostly enjoyable show from start to finish. There was some blah stuff, but several of the matches clearly made up for that. The crowd really helped the show, too, making me wish I was there! Excellent work all around!


Ken Kibby


All in all, I liked the show. I thought that the opener of LAX vs Senshi and Rhyno had some good fast-paced action. Also, I did like the Lethal vs Sabin match, and I am glad that Lethal won. However, I did expect a little more from both of them but they still put out a good match. The middle of the PPV was not bad, but it was not great either. The VKM vs Basham and Damaja match was just there, and the expected Hoyt heel turn came after the match ended. The Wycheck and Lynn vs Killings and Storm match was okay and had a lot of shenanigans, but it was weird seeing Killings making a return as a heel for no reason and telling the fans "what's up?" like a face. Wycheck was passable for his first time in a ring. The Backlund vs Shelley match was also just kind of there for the sake of comedy. The shenanigans after the match did not make much sense either. I thought that it was cool that Animal was Rick's partner, and I marked out for that. However, the match itself was simply okay at best and was helped with a nostalgia factor. I thought that the Roode vs Young match was one of the better matches of the night. I thought it was nicely paced and Young showed a lot of high-flying moves. The Daniels vs Sting match was pretty good and would have been a lot better if it went longer. I also liked the Tomko vs Abyss match. It sucked that the spot of Tomko falling off the scaffold and Abyss splashing on him revealed that they landed on cardboard boxes, but it was a cool spot nonetheless. It was pretty brutal seeing Tomko take the Blackhole Slam onto the broken glass. The Jeff Jarrett interview was really well-done and I have to give it up to Jeff for talking about something so difficult and admitting that he can't be in a ring at this time. It really just goes to show that these performers are not these larger-than-life-human-beings. The KOTM match was extremely entertaining. I was really glad to see Chris Harris as the fifth man because his matches with James Storm have been amazing. I did wish that Joe win, but I don't mind Angle as champ. It's also good that Joe might be chasing the title after the Olympic Slam from Angle after the match. It seems that most matches that were just okay or decent had some sort of non-wrestler or retired/past their prime wrestler involved. The opening was good, the middle was a little slow, and then the end really picked up especially with the KOTM match. As much criticism that TNA gets for not having higher ratings or PPV buys and sometimes questionable booking, TNA really has come a long way. Personally, I don't expect them to get higher ratings or PPV buys at this time because they only have a one-hour show each week, a full roster that can't all be fitted onto their one-hour show, and a name that is only five-years-old that most people still don't know they exists. Unlike WWE PPVs, I do see new and fresh matchups and most of the talent is young with a faster-paced wrestling style. I think that TNA has a long way to go, but this Slammiversary shows that they are moving forward.

Chris, Orange County CA


I've been ordering wrestling PPV's since 1988 Starcade and I have to say this is the first time that I can't rate a PPV from a 1-10. Because my only thoughts after this PPV was... thank you Jeff Jarrett. After watching his interview right before the main event, all I could thing of was the fact that this man has given his life for the world of Professional wrestling business and more importantly for the fans. All I could think about was the pain he still feeling for losing his wife at such a tragically young age.

I have never been a WWE/F fan, even though I've lived in NYC my whole life. I grew up a NWA fan, then WCW fan and preferred ECW on MSG at 1 or 2 in the morning more than any WWE/F show. When WCW went under in 2001, I stopped watching wrestling for the most part. When TNA came in business in 2002, I checked out a PPV here and there. It was nothing special but it gave me some hope for the wrestling business to grow and not fall completely into a monopoly. The last 2 years, I have watch about 70% of TNA PPV's.

After watching TNA of and on for 5 years, I would just like to say, TNA is not perfect (far from it) but at least it gives me a option of watching a non Vince K McMahon wrestling show.

So far that, I just have to say, thank you Jeff Jarrett. And we all hope to see you in a wrestling wring sometime in the future.




I hate to see the continued burial of LAX … These guys tore up TNA for well over a year, and now they’re simply doing the job against a makeshift team in the PPV warm up match. Then, again Rhino & Senshi haven’t exactly been booked well during the past several months/year either. Rhino is the perennial makeshift teammate with no real direction, and Senshi is simply used as an “insert wrestler here” card filler. It’s a shame!! All of these guys deserve better! And, the former tag team champs are foiled once again by a guy that looks more like a Maitre’d than a wrestler. (By the way, does anyone else see a STRONG resemblance between Hector Guerrero and GOMEZ ADDAMS from the Addams Family?)


Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb. Painful to watch and utterly pathetic.


The X-Division was long overdue for a shakeup. Black Machismo is the only wrestler left with any heat in the X-division. Sabin & Shelley have stagnated along with the rest of the X wrestlers, and they will do much better as a hot new team in the tag division. I really don’t know what to say about “The Guru” character (played by Sonjay Dutt), other than it isn’t working for me. Maybe it will improve some, but I don’t see any long term potential from a “pacifistic pugilist”. (You can quote that for free, Tenay.)


It was what it was. These celebrity matches are usually booked the same way – with the inexperienced non-wrestlers going over the established wrestling vets. These matches seem to make some fans happy, but I always cringe when non-wrestlers are booked to prevail in a pseudo-sport over trained professionals who make their living in the ring. To me, that’s horrible. It seems totally fake, and makes wrestlers look like chumps. And, despite the official “don’t try this at home” mantra, what they’re really preaching is that “ANYONE can be a wrestler. You don’t have to train. There’s no need to learn a craft. You can just copy a couple highspot moves like the backyardigans do. That’s all wrestling is. Wrestlers are chumps!” It about as plausible as Storm and Killings strolling into the Tennessee Titan training camp and walking away with the starting QB and RB positions. Yeah, that’d happen!

With that said, this match was at least tolerable --- for what it was. Following the same formula as other celeb matches before it. Honestly though, I don’t know exactly why they picked Wycheck other possible names. I don’t how many people are familiar with him outside of Tennessee. At least, Brian Urlacher, Kevin Greene, Reggie White, and Lawrence Taylor were nationally known football superstars. Wycheck just doesn’t have near that level of name recognition.


Did what it was supposed to. Young hooligan gets his comeuppance from the old man, who serves a piping hot plate of post-match chicken wings. Short and sweet. Again, I’m looking forward to Sabin & Shelley as a real tag team, and I hope they get an adequate chance to shine in the tag division. Nash boots Lynn in the chops and watches the Machine Guns murder the “Book-man” Backlund? Interesting twist. Doesn’t seem to make sense on the surface – is Nash dumping Dutt and Machismo for a new homoerotic love triangle with Sabin & Shelley? I don’t’ know. Stay tuned and see.


Good speech. Interesting. Not mind-blowing, but a good continuation of the storyline.


Yikes! Thanks for stopping by in TNA, Basham & Damaja! Please grab a copy of the TNA home game on your way out. It seemed like that much of a burial to me. Post match, Hoyt turns on VKM and makes out with Christy Hemme. WOW! This whole Hemme/VKM storyline had all of the high suspense and drama of Austin/Hart at WM12. Hemme starts the feud as a babyface women’s libber who’s against the gratuitious T&A in TNA, and she ends up a heel making out in the ring with Luscious Lance Hoyt. VKM, on the other hand, starts out as semi-misogynistic (only Kip, not BG) faces, to fully misogynistic heels, and back to maligned babyfaces. Wow!!! Cudos for pulling off the rare double-turn! (Sarcasm intended!) By the way, can we PLEASE drop the VKM moniker??? At least out of respect for the recently departed despot – Mr. Mac-man.


HmmmR30;. LetR17;s think of RickR17;s other successful tag team partners. Oh, gosh. Could it be…… JUDY BAGWELL??? Ugh. I just threw up in my mouth a little!


What no save by Lerch or Uncle Fester?!?


I hate this feud. I really, really hate this feud. Please let it end! However, that was a cool dual-layer DVD by Young on Roode and Ms. Boobs, but only for a two-count? (Back in my day, a simple legdrop of doom would put you out of action for a week…) UGH!!! NOOOOOOO!! Roode wins and stupidity reigns again! Thankfully, though, Cornette calls shenanigans, restarts the match, and HOPEFULLY puts an end to this stupid, ridiculous, retarded feud. Praise be Jim Cornette!!! (Did I mention that I hate this feud???)


Whew!!! I was worried that they’d do something stupid and trot out Judy Bagwell or the dude from “Danger…. High Voltage” or Big Bill Kazmaier. Thankfully they didn’t. All things considered, Animal was probably the best possible choice for this match under the circumstances. Seems to me though, that if they want to do a Steiners versus 3D match in the future, that 3D should have pinned Animal. That way Rick would seem like the stronger member of his team. Oh, well.


I have a problem with who went over. Sting didn’t need a win here, but Daniels did. Daniels, thus far, has come across and the weaker (and, yes, smaller) member in this feud who needs to use dirty tactics to win a match. Having Daniels win would give his character some much needed credibility and would prolong the feud with Sting (which has some interesting potential). But, by having Sting win the very first match and escape completely unscathed pretty much makes a continuation of the feud seem unnecessary.


Hardcore, baby! Yeah! Thumbtacks and glass shards and bats – oh, my!! The glass and barbed wire had an Axl vs Ian Rotten ECW circa 1995 feel to it. But, some shoddy camerawork lessened the impact of the scaffolding highspot, by repeatedly showing the exposed refrigerator boxes from multiple views. They definitely could have done better with that. Nonetheless, it was a fun, very wild brawl. My only complaint regarding the booking is that the scaffolding highspot should have been the logical end of the match. It seemed weird and completely redundant to have both wrestlers crawl back to the ring for one more trip to glass. The splash from the scaffolding should have ended the match!


Very heartfelt and emotional. Undoubtedly the best promo that Jeff Jarrett has ever made. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, Jeff!


Very good match. Numerious highspots. Each participant served a purpose, and everyone was used well. Never seemed at all like a messy clusterf***. Like Richard Trionfo wrote during his review, I’m glad that not everyone got a pinfall during the match. It would have been WWE predictable to have everyone get at least one pinfall, but by not doing so, it defnitely adds a touch of realism to the match. (It was even more surprising that Samoa Joe was one of the two wrestlers who failed to score a pinfall.) Unpredictability is fun.

The highspots were memorable, and I feel that the right guy won the match. Now, Cage can begin his feuds with Styles and Tomko, and Angle can continue his rivalry with Samoa Joe, which will someday culminate with Samoa Joe capturing the TNA crown. But by putting the belt on Angle now and allowing Joe to chase him for a while, Samoa Joe’s first title win will seem even more significant (which TNA will then blow by quickly switching to an Eric Young, rather than allowing Samoa Joe to celebrate in the ring).

The only question is what do they do now with Chris Harris? Will he resume his feud with Storm? Maybe. But, I fear that we’ll end up seeing him wasted him in a number of meaningless makeshift tag matches, ala Rhino and Senshi. I hope not. Surprise me, TNA.

Todd Jackson
Burton, MI