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By PWInsiderXtra Readers on 6/25/2007 10:49 AM
John Cena won, and although I'm one of his many detractors, I've come to expect it. Anytime the WWE Championship is up for grabs, I can leave the room. I know who is going to win. But the little kids like the guy, and he seems like a good person, so I simply look forward to other matches.

I was pleasantly surprised by the A-lister winning the ECW Heavyweight Championship. The guys at the bar seemed to be in mild support of Nitro, although many diehard CM Punk fans didn't share their sentiments. Either way, it came as a big shock and I'm glad Nitro could avenge his Survivor Series submission. Who would have thought?

Overall, it was a decent night. The heels ran the asylum, which'll give fans something to look forward to at Summerslam.


I know most people probably won't agree with me, but I think Nitro winning the ECW title is a good thing. I know he has been dwelling in midcard for a while now, but he is a solid wrestler who can represent the new "ECW" well. And at least he isn't stuck with Melina any more! Sorry, but only good thing about her was her old ring entrance.


Well the night of champions is over and it umm...had one title change. ONE change.

I was really surprised they put on a show like this but I shouldn't be since they are going to put more thought into a 3 hour Raw tomorrow.

I didn't understand the booking of having Chavo go over.

I didnt understand the booking of a lame DQ finish in the IC match.

I didnt understand the need for all the McMahon crap on a 40 dollar show!

I was half expecting Foley to plug something in his match.

The only positives were the Edge Batista match, seeing some old legends, rewarding hard work in the case of Candice, and giving the ball to Nitro. He is talented and hopefully will be given a chance to shine.

Overall this is a waste of $40.

Steve, NJ


At least RD Reynolds has another induction for the Wrestlecrap website. This pay per view sucked hard.

I like Cade and Murdoch, and I like the fact that there is some emphasis being placed on the Raw tag belts. The Hardys won't be hurt by the loss because they are forever over, and Cade and Murdoch continue to climb the ranks. Decent match, one small glimpse of great booking amongst a night full of some of the worst sports "entertainment" since the Russo WCW period.

The only reason I ordered this event was to see Benoit and CM Punk put on a wrestling clinic. Instead, Johnny Nitro wins the ECW world title. WTF?!

The Cruiserweight match was a throwaway. The crowd didn't give a damn about it, creative didn't give a damn about it, so why should I?

I am so tired of watching wrestling written by idiots who have no concept of what great, compelling wrestling is. Let's see....if I can hear the ref counting 8, 9, on my TV, don't you think Batista could hear it too? Morons. Book Batista to look like an idiot? There's a good idea when every other main event wrestler you have is on the shelf.

Ric Flair still puts on better wrestling matches than most of the roster. MVP will never be anything but a mid carder. Hmmmmm.....let's put MVP over the greatest wrestler of all time. Whoever booked this needs to be taken out and shot. It failed to get MVP any heat and just continued the horrible booking of Ric Flair. It was great to see Magnum TA though.....

I'll watch Candice Michelle do anything so the ladies title match was pretty cool. Glad to see Candice get the belt. What ever happened to Mickie James though?

After watching the WWE tag title match, I certainly hope the Superfly never gets back in the ring. There was a really scary moment when one of the Sweathogs went for a leapfrog and damn near landed on the Superfly's head. The Sup was moving slower than the brain belonging to the idiot who booked this match. While I love the nostalgia deal, this match was just plain bad.

For the love of Christ, please take the Intercontinental title off of.........oh, I can't even remember his name. I'm fairly certain that they did not mean to turn Umaga face here, but the crowd loved him. Why? Because Santiago Moelli or whatever the hell his name is completely sucks. Can anyone say Outback Jack 2007?

Oh boy. John Cena retained. Didn't see that one coming. I never thought I'd say this, but I continue to lose respect for Mick Foley. Between reading his latest book "The Crybaby Diaries" and seeing him phone in his promos and matches just for a paycheck, I cannot believe this is the same guy who I once considered a personal hero. The next time you reach down for Mr. Socko, check and see if you still have a set, Mick.

The concussion angles need to stop. Do the names Chris Nowinski, Steve Young, and Troy Aikman mean anything to anyone?

With all that said, I want my 40 bucks back, and eagerly await Thursday evening when TNA airs. I am so done with World Wrestling "Entertainment".

Garrett Whitney
Seattle, WA


Vengeance: Night of Champions was one of the worst PPVs I've ever purchased. 9 matches to fill 3 hours and the show ends 20 minutes shy of 3 hours? The advertised Chris Benoit vs. CM Punk match not happening? I know Benoit had family troubles, but Johnny Nitro is not a suitable replacement. Elijah Burke or Marcus Cor Von would've made much more sense. The main event of the evening squeaking past 10 minutes? I can see 10 minute main events on RAW, Smackdown, or ECW for free. When I pay money for a show, I expect longer matches than I would get on free television. The show was not worth $40 and if there was an easy process to get a refund of my money than I would want a refund of my money. I will not be purchasing another WWE PPV for a long, long time.

-Chris from NJ


WWE Vengeance was nothing short of the norm. Filler matches, confused crowds and botched moves galore. I give Vengeance an overall rating of 7/10. Although the main events caused for breath-stopping moments and close calls, it was the smaller matches that got on my nerves. First of all, the main event was a HUGE disappointment! Not only did they all try their hardest for NOTHING, but we get to face yet another RAW with the "untouchable" champ., John Cena. Now, don't get me wrong, I respect him! He can cut a good promo and put on a hell of a match, but his run as a champion has overseen itself. I believe there IS too much of a good thing, and in this case we have seen it. In regards to the second main event match, Edge Vs. Batista, I couldn't be happier! Not only does Batista not get to have the title for a while, but we can see another contender step up for the title on Smackdown! I think that's VERY needed, and maybe this time...WWE can put a STORYLINE behind it! Also, another okay match was the Women's Title match. I'm happy that there is a new champion, but VERY displeased that it is Candice Michelle! Although she has shown improvement, I have to say that for WWE to put the title in less experienced hands over a VERY talented diva like Victoria, Mickie or even Jillian is VERY tacky. But I'm not worried because Skankice will lose it soon enough. In other matches, I thought the Cruiserweight title match was a waste since Jimmy didn't win, and same with the U.S. title match. I like M.V.P, but I think Ric Flair needs to see some title. Let M.V.P. go for the World title, and let Ric dominate the U.S. title! As for the tag matches, I liked the nostalgia felt when Snuka and Slaughter teamed up, but I have to say that it's sad that the same thing happened with the young guys beating on the old, more old coming in and saving the day...COME ON! Gimme a break! Also, the second tag match, the Hardy's Vs. Cade and Murdoch, it was a good match, but I don't understand why IT was first when you could easily have it be one of the last matches, at least have it take the WWE Tag Team Title's spot! Come on! If WWE was going for a good first match, how can they go wrong with two legends in it! Anyway, I also hated the Intercontinental title match, mostly because I'm sick of the same old Umaga scenario. David Vs. Goliath, David wins and Goliath gets angry and attacks him. Stupid, and overdone! However, I can't wait to see Regal Vs. Santino because I think that's something that not only Regal can do, but will put Regal over a LOT! No one knows what he can rally do because he's been on Smackdown! parading around in dresses and feuding with pirates... Anyway, although it had good matches, Vengeance was very typical of the normal WWE Pay-Per-View, and I have to say that it was really NOTHING special...Thanks, and don't forget to tune in tomorrow when WWE attempts to kill and resurrect Vince more time!

California, U.S.A.