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By PWInsiderXtra Readers on 7/3/2007 3:57 PM
They finally turned Lasley heel now all they need to do is give him a manager, I nominate Slick or even Teddy Long because he needs a mouthpiece. Overall I give the show a D but it would've been an F had they not turned him heel.

Phillip Leftwich in Baltimore Md.


1st Segment - Who is going to face Cena?

Thoughts: Didn't think Mr. Kennedy would be able to compete again this fast. Didn't all those other guys LOSE at Vengeance? Sure, they didn't get pinned, but they still lost a shot at the title... I love Cena's mocking of Kennedy. It gives the show some added humor and regardless of how stupid some people think it is, it put a smile on my face, something that is needed right now. I loved the interaction between all 5 guys in the ring. William Regal as permanent GM of RAW would be great. I love his mic work and his ability to be both face and heel. Maybe Coachman can be on permanent holiday... Football season starts soon. I think he should focus on that part of his career instead of wrestling. Oh yeah... Beat the clock. I hate that concept.

2nd Segment - Orton vs. Jeff Hardy

Thoughts: Why? Orton is NOT that good. Hardy is an excellent talent and is more over with the fans than Cena... or probably anyone else... Yet he constantly gets buried against guys like Orton. I get the whole Orton vs. Triple H thing, but Hardy shouldn't get tossed to the dogs just to keep Orton's character going. I actually thought Hardy would win the match... Now, it is just obvious that all other people will win. Could make things interesting, but I guess not.

3rd Segment - Melina vs. Maria

Thoughts: Candice Michelle has the personality of a mute goat... Wow. Who wanted to put her with the announce team? She barely said one word... And when she did speak, it was just boring and stupid. Melina is such a talent and she needs someone better than Candice to go against.

4th Segment - Triple H Injury Replay

Thoughts: Will they release Randy Orton after that match?????

5th Segment - Dusty Rhodes, Cody Runnels, Hacksaw Jim HO, Randy Orton

Thoughts: I wonder if Hacksaw Jim wears diapers under those overly large shorts he wears? Does he realize how stupid he looks? Oh boy. It's more Randy Orton... Yay. Good. Maybe he won't get the title shot. Would love to see Cody Runnels vs. Orton at the Bash with Dusty getting involved and getting a concussion. Oh wait. No I wouldn't... How disrespectful I am of Orton.

What's wrong with the sound on RAW? Does anyone else notice this? Bad audio.

6th Segment - Umaga vs. That Dude With the Red Shoes

Thoughts: Poor Red Shoes. He just got destroyed. Almost as bad as Vengeance.

Wow. See ya Red Shoes. Guess it's time to go back to OVW... I mean Italy.

7th Segment - King Booker T vs. Val Venis

Thoughts: Shouldn't King Booker's entrance count towards his match time? How'd Val Venis get back on RAW? Those dark green tights and knee pads look so.... Non porn star-ish. NO ORTON IN FOR THE TITLE!!! NO ORTON FOR THE TITLE!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! I bet King Booker gets a concussion now...

7.5(th) Segment - Kennedy talking to Super Crazy

Thoughts: Poor Super Crazy. He signed with WWE.

8th Segment - Mr. Kennedy vs. Super Crazy

Thoughts - How'd Super Crazy get back on RAW? Ok. So Kennedy must not be 100%. And shouldn't logically Super Crazy face Cena at the Bash since he won in the fastest time??? Guess not... I must have a concussion to be thinking that logically when it comes to the WWE.

9th Segments - Booker T & Shelton Talk

Thoughts - Shelton is going to lose in like a second... Kiss that ring... Oh well, atleast Shelton gets on RAW.

Dusty Rhodes interview

Thoughts - The American Concussion Dream!!! Coming to a ring near you... NEXT WEEK!!!

Carlito & Sandman Talk

Thoughts - DAMN!

10th Segment - Sandman vs. Carlito

Thoughts - The Mid Card Main Event!!! WOOOO!!! It's actually good that Sandman is still getting time on WWE TV... Especially on RAW. What a stupid ending. I'm surprised that cane actually hit Carlito's head... I mean shouldn't his hair stop the cane?

11th Segment - Shelton vs. Lashley

Thoughts - Of course Lashley is going to win...

A decent short match that showed off Shelton's ability... For 3 minutes. Nice finish.

12th Segment - Contract Signing

Ad - Triple H coming soon... Joy.

Have I mentioned that William Regal should be the GM of RAW forever instead of Coachman? Yeah... He definitely is a better character and has better acting skills/charisma. And his voice is just much less stupid sounding than Coach even if he is from England. Enough with Kennedy and Booker... Spear... Yay. Lashley turns... Heel. Oh wait... The fans will cheer him over Cena.

Join us next week when Dusty Rhodes gets a concussion and we see ten more Triple H "coming soon" commercials!

Raw Rating: 7/10

~Jon Maples
Huntsville, AL


This was the best Raw I can remember seeing for a long time, probably the best of 2007 period. The "quickest pin gets a title shot" angle - while done several times in the past - was effective and entertaining because there were so many twists. I honestly had no idea what would happen in the Booker/Benjamin finale, and when was the last time we've been able to say that about a Raw main event?

What affect the Benoit tragedy had on this, besides eliminating the McCrap, I don't know...but the writing was so much more logical than it had been lately. I didn't feel once like my intelligence was insulted...again, when's the last time we've been able to say that?

One random thought: With the Umaga/Jackass angle broken on the Elite sight today, if they try to make the Jackass guys the faces (likely, considering the TV show), the crowd will hate the angle. WWE needs to remember the old WCW Master P/Curt Hennig angle, and not make the same mistake.

Johnny, New York City


Hey guys!

I thought Raw was decent tonight. I liked the way they're already preparing for the GAB PPV by having Regal take the four guys gunning for the belt and putting them against time clock matches. Regal should be General Manager of Raw, in my opinion.

I know that this may not get printed (and I understand WHY it may not get printed), but I'm sorry, I just have to vent. Any guy that thinks that Melina is hot is more than likely gay. Why? Because I've convinced that she used to be a man - an UGLY man at that. I'm sorry! I'm just saying, because that so-called chick has the biggest set of man-jaws I've seen. I just do NOT see why some of these guys drool over Melina. End of vent. Thank you. Before anyone accuses me of being jealous, I just want to say that I miss Molly Holly and wish she were still around.

Anyway, it's no surprise that Umaga got the belt back. Who didn't see that one coming?

Lashley, oh Lashley... just please... stop with the talking. Don't speak. You don't NEED to talk. You have the physique to show everyone that you're larger than life. Don't ruin it by speaking. Please?

Lets keep going forward! :)

Ramona Buckler
Cynthiana, KY


I reluctantly sat down for Raw tonight. I had stated not to long ago I was finished with the product but indeed, with the tragedy of Benoit and debacle of a tribute show last week, I thought it would be good to give WWE the benefit of the doubt and give them a chance...I'm very glad I did.

I don't feel like doing a match by match review here but honestly everything tonight was very well produced and well done. The "worst" match of the night I guess is Maria v. Melina, and yet even that had a a few cool spots and advanced the storyline of Candace v Melina.

The spitting contest between Sandman and Carlito, as 3rd grade as it was, was hilarious. The Dusty segment was pretty good.

I guess the best match of the night has to go to Hardy v Orton. I like that its Lashley v Cena at the Bash but not because I expect a good match. I think that they want Cena to hold the belt till Trips comes back and if that is the case it is good to do the "I was robbed out of my ECW championship" story first, have Cena win and then be done with big Bobby. All in all this was a great show...and glad to see Lillian back by ringside!

Joel Croyle