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By PWInsiderXtra Readers on 7/11/2007 12:34 PM

ECW on Sci Fi

Segment 1
Matt Striker teaches Boogeyman a lesson...

Ok... I don't care about any part of this segment. What's the deal with this crap? Big Daddy V? Joey Styles and Tazz acting like they didn't know who he was??? Wow. I guess Styles and Tazz are more stupid than us "rasslin' fans" are supposed to be. I guess they didn't know who he was because instead of wearing his silky jumpsuit he decides to expose his double d breasts... Worms vs. Boobs... I can't wait for that gimmick match. I guess it is time to start turning back to the idiotic gimmicks and storylines. Just when I thought things were looking up for WWE.

Segment 2
Elijah Burke vs. Jobber Mahoney

Gee. I wonder what the outcome of this match will be. Hang on while I go find something else to care about. Developmental territory indeed.

Winner - Burke

Segment 3
CM Punk vs. Steven Richards

Guess I picked the wrong night to watch ECW. Isn't this like the 15th time Punk has faced Richards? This is rather boring. I guess the only thing ECW has is Punk vs. Nitro. Rather sad. From what I read, OVW is much better than this.

Decent match... Surprising.

Doesn't make sense factor: Balls was less of a challenge for Burke... The #1 contender has to work and work to beat Richards... Who was more put over? Not the #1 contender.

Winner before the match even ends - Punk

Segment 4
THE MIZ!!!! OMG!!! HOW AWESOME!!! vs. Nunzio

Seriously. Where can I watch OVW? Can't they put that on instead of ECW? This is just an awful show.

Winner - the main event better be really good.

Segment 5
Extreme Dancing Thing

Yeah. They are hot. We get it. The 2nd best segment of the night. Sad.

Segment 6
Extreme Rules Match
Dreamer vs. Nitro

Lame ending, but an ok match. Dreamer works his butt off for nothing. He is just a step above Balls Mahoney and Steven Richards. That's sad.

ECW on Sci Fi Rating: 3 out of 10.

~Jon Maples
Huntsville, AL


Here's the problem with ECW.  They have pounded into our heads that guys like Tommy Dreamer and Stevie Richards are jobbers.  So, when they have good matches, like they did last night, all it does is make CM Punk and Johnny Nitro look bad, since they are top stars "having trouble" with the enhancement guys.  If WWE hadn't totally killed off the ECW Originals, then these matches would be great, but because of the burial job they have done, these bouts are the equivalent of John Cena having trouble with Val Venis before finally beating him.  The work is fine, but the presentation does nothing for the wrestlers they are trying to push.


I loved Richards vs. Punk and Dreamer vs. Nitro, but this whole show was another "line up the Originals and watch them lose" episode.  At least Sandman and RVD are off this sinking ship.