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By PWInsiderXtra Readers on 7/20/2007 3:14 PM
Well in light of the last 4 weeks TNA has made me enjoy wrestling again with tonight's show. Triple X back together is just awesome to see even though it seems other angles involving Senshi & Daniels have been forgotten about. The close of the 6 man was just sick with Triple X getting all 3 moves off like that. How Senshi doesn't kill people with that move is beyond me? I Hope Kaz keeps up the momentum because given the chance he can be a real stand out star on his own, let's hope this is his chance.

Angle was golden tonight. The exchange between him & Borash with Angle calling Borash a "free-baller" had me in stitches. Everything Angle & Borash did was on point all show long.

VKM & Christy Hemme, my God how long has this been going on now? Please please end this ASAP! Um, the Voodoo Queen? So TNA now has their very own Boogeyman now but with breast! The commentary is almost a dead on copy of how WWE describes Boogey with the "look at her weird gyrations" bit, ugh! This is just an awful way to make your "grand" debut to a national TV audience. I feel for the poor girl in that role. At least Christy was smokin hot through out the whole debacle which was the only high point for me.

The tag bout was fantastic. Those 4 put on a great match & we had a continuation of Dustin Rhodes & Harris. I'm still holding out that Christian ends up putting over Harris clean sometime soon. Come on Christian, it's time to stare at the lights.

As much as I want to see Joe/Angle again I do not like the match stips one bit. With those stips there will be no tag title defenses for at least the next month or 2. That's bogus to me considering they could do so much more with those belts & the talent they have. Again, Joe with the X-Division Title is another waste in my eyes. He's evolved so far beyond that division that the X Division will now too suffer as we know Joe isn't losing anytime soon. I could go on and on how 2 guys controlling all the belts in TNA is hurting the brand but my head will begin to hurt.

Minus VKM & The Voodoo Queen along with the match stips for Joe/Angle TNA gave me an enjoyable show yet again.


Dave Garrison
Baltimore, Md.


I enjoyed Impact tonight. Triple X's reunion match was a good way to reintroduce the group. Orlando remembered, but I think some promos or history pieces on the group is needed to further explain why Chris Daniels is suddenly back in the x-division and no longer wanting to face Sting. Serotonin is such a worthless storyline to even give airtime too. Kaz is good and he takes lots of risks to be noticed, but he has no charisma or character in him. The Kurt Angle stuff throughout the night was entertaining. One problem though, an announcer should be scared of the world champion if he threatens him, not continually ask him questions. In WWE, that world champion would have killed Grisham by then, JB in TNA. The Cage/Roode vs. Storm/Rhino bout was good. Why Dustin Rhodes was hired back I do not know. I thought Chris Harris was going to be moved up in the ranks, not be dragged down by a lame angle with Goldust. The Joe/Angle segment was good and I always enjoy Joe, but the fact that TNA is doing Joe/Angle 4 at Hard Justice I don't understand. I've always thought TNA was going to be smart enough to build to Samoa Joe beating Angle finally for the World Title at Bound for Glory in October, but I guess they have other plans. And having all the belts in one angle is stupid. Joe wasn't booked to even care about selecting a tag team partner? When will Chris Daniels get his X-title shot against Joe? Will Joe be forced to defend the tag gold when he doesn't even have a partner yet? Jeff Jarrett may have booked Joe/Angle 4 in August as a continuation of the feud to lead to a bigger bout between them in October, but I have a feeling if they book Joe to lose via Angle cheating on the PPV, the feud will lose all steam. Or the second option, Joe finally wins the big one at Hard Justice. Angle has hinted at fighting Sting in October, but in my opinion, if Joe isn't champion by the end of 2007, something's wrong.


I enjoyed this episode-mostly. The Samoa Joe/Angle stuff was very solid at the end, and I like the "all the gold" match enough that I might try to talk my wife into letting me get this one, if the card develops.

XXX could be interesting.

The Rhino booze thing is stupid, especially now.

Hemme is very cute.

AJ Styles was the World Champ-now he's a lackey? I think he's been funny, but it can't be a step forward...

Overall, I enjoyed the parts of the show I didn't DVR thru.