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By PWInsiderXtra Readers on 7/24/2007 11:02 AM
Thumbs in the middle for post-Great American Bash RAW tonight. The build to Booker vs. Triple H at SummerSlam continued with the opening segment. I think it's weak that they have Jerry Lawler one-upping Booker every week when you'd think they'd want Booker strong for HHH at the PPV? They're almost building Lawler vs. Booker than HHH vs. Booker. The Santino/Maria match and storyline was entertaining to me. Hearing Santino talk about Maria was funny and the tripping of Maria's opponents was funny. Mabye a lil' heel in Maria & Santino can be good. Snitksy is still horrible, his promos are horrible. The Cena promo was ok. The Randy Orton Cody match was good. I am not a fan of the concussion angle because concussions are very real in wrestling. Ok, Jeff Hardy needs time off. He's obviously beat up and tired, and it showed when he slipped like that. If the media gets ahold of that footage and they play it up, WWE might be in more sh steam has been completely beaten to death by WWE's booking. He was being cheered earlier this year, but then was continued to be booked as a heel. He was gonna be World Champion this year, but lately he's been losing to Super Crazy and Jeff Hardy in stupid finishes?? I thought it was good business to move guys up who fans like? The main-event originally just didn't make sence to me. Hardy throwing chairs at Umaga made sense, but Lance Cade & Murdock in the match with Cena didn't. Not cause they're not good enough, but storyline wise. So Randy Orton is the new #1 contender and SummerSlam officially sucks. It's amazing that all Bobby Lashley cared about tonight was beating up Carlito because he spit an apple on him? Why didn't he care that he came close to beating Cena and wouldn't he consider himself the #1 contender? OK show, but it looks like Triple H's return is taking importance in the overall booking of RAW again. Because HHH wants Orton as champion at SummerSlam, then he can come back and beat Orton for the title! Great! HHH is back! 



After listing to the elite audio I was not expecting much from raw but I got 40 Bucks worth tonight for free!!!!!!!!!!

New angles, angles continued and great booking, did someone new get hired to creative this week?

The Matches where top notch all around a great show!!!!!!!!!

A must watch Hardy VS. K.K. for sure and Kendrick/London vs. the W.G.T.T and the main event!!!!

Only minus was the Cody and Dusty angle and the stupid Snitsky promo he needs a tooth brush his teeth where yellow thought he had joined Cryme Time!!

Good build for Hardy vs. Umaga at SummerSlam and a surprise in King Jerome laying the Smackdown on King Booker.

Also who taught Maria how to wrestle her real man Punk or her on air man?

Was not Santino's commentary 20 times more disturbing then Lawler's norm? 

Match Wise Best Show In A Long Time!!!!


Ok I'm from Memphis which means...duh I'm a huge Lawler fan. I popped huge for the BIG 'OLE right hands last week and popped again for them last night. I miss seeing The King put a whooping on somebody. Brings back Saturday morning memories. Anyway, I like King Bookah too but I'm sorry Jerry Lawler is The King. Case closed. But I wonder how Lawler will tie into Triple H's one millionth comeback to the ring. Maybe him, Lawler, and Booker will wrestle at Summerslam in a Tables, Ladders, and Crowns Match.

The women's tag match was just......whatever. I think that Santino whatever his name dude had an orgasm just watching Marina wrestle. Geez. It looks like WWE is going to turn this into a stalker angle.

OK was it just me or did that "kick" Randy Orton gave Dusty Rhodes looked weak. My 3 yr old niece can kick better than that. It really did not look effective. As a matter of fact, it looks like he missed. How can he miss especially with that big head Dusty Rhodes has.

After overcoming insurmountable odds by defeating the legendary HBK, the monster Umaga, The Great Khali, the unstoppable Bobby Lashely, and now the moment of truth the number one contender for the WWE Title is.................................Randy Orton?? What the %$#@ That poor Cena. He has been doing nothing but fighting off monsters and you think WWE will cut him a break but now he's got a 230 pounder to deal with. And not only that but a 230 pounder thats known for kicking like a girl but yet give people concussions! Oh no! What would Super-cena do now! I know it sounds I'm knocking this match at least Cena will be more evenly matched this time instead of having to fight a monster, but c'mon! This one has got "Cena wins" written all over it. If Orton wins this title after being suspended for bad behavior earlier this year, then we all know Orton has other talents, and I don't mean soccer player.

Memphis, TN


Overall a very good show in my opinion. I wish on the polls we had a very good option instead of skipping from good to excellent. The opening with the King's was just great. Booker continues to be one of the best with interesting promos and his facial expressions are just so spot on for his character. The Diva tag was good for what it was. I don't see why Mickie isn't getting a bigger push as the crowd always seems into her. For such a newcomer so to speak, Cody Rhodes is amazing on the mic. If pushed right, this guy could/will be a major player in the years to come. What came across to me with his promo was that it didn't seem scripted. I don't know if he was cutting it on the fly or not but it flowed very smooth. Snitsky promo was exact opposite. Just terrible. Back to a good promo with Cena and Grisham. Grisham is so much better as the goofball type than a serious interviewer. Sandman, Duggan, Carlito and Regal seemed rushed and just filler. Carlito in the back with Lashley was decent. I guess Sandman/Carlito is over already. Cody/Orton was better than expected for me. Cody looked much more comfortable in the ring than the previous week. Orton has stepped up his game so much lately that it really shows. I hope they do a slow burn with Cody/Orton and don't hotshot the animosity between these two. Could make for interesting tv to bring this along slowly and make this feud kinda like Flair/Dusty was back in the day. Awesome match between Hardy/Kennedy. That was a sick looking spot when Jeff fell. Interesting with the countout finish. Tag with TWGTT and London/Kendrick was decent but way too short. Booker/Lawler was a good followup from earlier in the nite. Mixed tag was ok, and was just a setup for Orton to come out. I was surprised when Hardy came out and thought for just a second that he was the number one contender.

Overall a very good show. I like how they followed-up on certain angles from earlier and didn't treat it as just a segment here and there. The show seemed to move more smoothly and seemed to have some continuity to it.

Brian Ross
Charlotte, NC