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By PWInsiderXtra Readers on 8/1/2007 11:21 AM

I hope I'm not the only one that really enjoyed the majority of ECW last night.  The show is managing to become a fairly solid show with only one hour of TV and the tiniest roster of talent I've ever seen.  Seeing Johnny Morrison take out Joey Ryan was fine, since it made the segment afterwards feel more important, even though it was almost a carbon copy of last night's opening segment on Raw.

I missed it last week, so seeing Stevie Richards get a win got a huge pop out of me, personally.  I'm loving his "I'll show you!" shtick.  And since Ariel was released, I don't really feel one bit upset about it for Kevin Thorn.

Big Daddy V's squash was OK.  And the crowd was really into it.  I found it to be somewhat amusing myself.  When Boogey came out, his new look was freakier than ever.  It seemed like Joey and Taz didn't even need to be told to put it over. 

I changed the channel during the Miztake and Extreme Expose.  Sorry, Layla.  Nothing, not even you can get me to watch The Miztake.

Wow.  What a main event.  Did Elijah, CM Punk and Tommy Dreamer put the spark of life into that crowd or what?  Elijah showed some real fire.  He, IMO, is the uncrowned top heel.  Tommy was fine, and Punk did what so many of us on the internet keep telling everyone that he can do and made people care about what was going on.  We even got a tower of doom out of it.

Not a bad ECW overall.  If you can find something to change the channel to during Miz and the Three Skankateers, ECW is pretty enjoyable lately.



I'll give ECW credit, there's not a lot of talent for them to work with, but they are making the most of it.  They can do Punk vs. Morrison next week to then set up a future title match, there's a reason for a Burke-Dreamer feud, Thorn-Richards is entertaining and eventually Boogeyman will come back to face Big Daddy V.  The only thing that really blows is the Miz storyline.  They should have had Balls destroy him with a chair.


Okay, now that Stevie Richards has beaten Kevin Thorn twice, does he get to go on Raw and beat John Cena in a non-title match now?