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By PWInsiderXtra Readers on 8/7/2007 11:01 AM
Wow...they follow up the past several weeks of craptastic shows with one billed to be "McMahon strikes back" and instead of being super pissed off/hell hath no fury Vince, he was cuddly teddy bear Vince. Okay...and the point was? People don't care about Vince as a heel that much anymore they sure won't care about him as a face. And the paternity thing, wow, just dumb. Am I watching WCW? I thought they went out of business? The rest of the show was just ok. Seemed to just go through the motions. Regal becoming GM was predictable, especially if you were paying attention and saw him slip out under the ring near the beginning. Is it wrong for me to hope the rating sucks as bad as last week's or is even worse? Maybe then creative will actually do their job and you know, be creative. And I don't mean kitschy stuff like "The Dating Game" crap. I'd venture to say that 75-90% of WWE's audience has never even heard of The Dating Game. Hopefully with HHH back next week things will turn around, but I doubt it...


I thought this show was awful and maybe I might be the only one who thinks that but this show was just plain awful. While the ratings last week due to an error might not have been a 2.6 I don't see how anyone named McMahon can see that the ratings are dropping due too fans who love the business and enjoy watching wrestling are being turned off due to the bad bad bad creative decisions. The Battle Royal was a good way to start the show and then it went down hill from there from horrible skits (Dating Shows), the Cabana was god awful and I dunno I am not gonna rack my brain to find anything good of this show. Sorry hopefully Hunter's return and the WWE returning to the Garden will inspire creative (more importantly Vince and Stephanie McMahon) too come up with a watchable RAW.

Virginia Beach, Virginia


This was the first time I tuned into Raw in 3 months and came back because of the "very fun" feel that was suppose to be there tonight. The battle royal was fun and I stayed for the whole thing (including the commercial break!) and actually got intrigued when it looked like Sandman won. "This is different," I thought. "This is interesting." The swerve with Regal was well done, but Regal as commish? I've seen it before. Not interested.

The Mr. McMahon stuff just bores me and by the end of the first hour I was clicking around, clicking back every now & then to see if anything was happening. I clicked back to hear there was a dating game segment coming; lame. Click back to see Mickie James jobbing out to Jillian; lame. Cena Cabana was entertaining but the idea of Orton and Carlito picking his opponent? Lame. Booker, one of the few guys who can be entertaining on the mike & in the ring in WWE, being set up to job to the Lame? Stupid. And then I click back in time to hear there's an illegitimate McMahon child out there? ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Sorry WWE, I gave you another chance but you blew it. Your show is boring. Your "entertainment" is boring. Your writing is boring. Your booking is boring. Let me know when you get your heads out of your asses and get back to wrestling. I'll come back then.


I just want to give my thoughts on tonight's edition of RAW. I thought WWE did a great job of promoting and hyping the Mr. McMahon return. RAW lived up to all the hype and excitement by having Mr. McMahon open the show and have a Battle Royale to find a new GM for RAW. I am suppressed that Regal won and became GM but I guess that is the way things go sometimes. The Dating Game segment was pretty funny but I felt it was used as more of a time filler than anything, although it was funny to see Regal say Santino butchers the English language when Regal can't even say Umaga right LOL. All in All it was a very entertaining show, where Mr. McMahon may have returned but they didn't shove it in our faces. The thing that I felt was a genius move by the writers was having Mr. McMahon exit the arena the same way he did on the night of the explosion. It kind of gave the audience an eerie feeling as Mr. McMahon walked out to his limo. But instead of a literal explosion, Coachman comes out and gives Mr. McMahon a different explosion by informing him of a lawsuit against him (a lawsuit against Vince McMahon imagine that LOL). Also I love how WWE used it's own real life problems with Congress and turned that into a storyline or punch line in this case. Again it was a very entertaining episode of RAW, I would be very surprised if RAW's rating doesn't make a significant increase this week. Those are my thoughts for now.

Bakersfield, Ca