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By PWInsiderXtra Readers on 8/27/2007 12:11 PM
I saw Summerslam and I give it thumbs in the middle.

Best Match: Cena vs Orton

Worst Match: Batista vs Khali (what else?)

Cena and Orton put on a very good solid match. I really enjoyed it. What I DID NOT enjoy was Cena winning the belt AGAIN. How much longer are we fans of people who can work going to have to tolerate a guy with THREE moves and who appeals to children and all. Just because he is the cash cow (sells merchandise) does not mean Vince has to keep the belt on him forever. Just because it sells, doesn't mean it is "good." Is Britney Spears good? I like Cena, but enough! I hope Orton is ok.

HHH vs King Booker was very close. Very nice match. Great to have one of my all time favorites back.

Favorite moment if you will was definitely Austin's appearance. One of my friends was there and I am envious. That was cool. When I saw that it was a beer drinking contest, I had a feeling it was gonna be Austin coming out. That Stunner never gets old!

Worst Match hands down was Khali vs Batista. Total BS and the crowd it sounded to me crapped on it. Don't blame them. That finish was BS. COme now, Vince, I know you love you some big untalented guys like Khali but this is too much. Please end this by having Batista spear him and pin him 1-2-3.

Everything else was in between. I enjoyed the Rey/Chavo match. Diva battle royal was just there. I do like Beth Phoenix. Glad she won. Morrison wins again? Is Punk STILL in the doghouse? Kane vs Finlay was alright. The IC title match was ok. I was routing for Mr. Kennedy though.

Another thing I want to say is that I am not expecting a title change EVERY single PPV, particularly on the "B" PPVs, ok? However, on the 4 major ones, Survivor Series, Summer Slam, WM, and on Rumble, I don't think it would kill anyone to have ONE title change. Just my opinion.

Terri Bey


Decent show!!! Lets look at my breakdown:

Kane vs Finley: Alright match. I hate that Kane is brought down to human level. He could still have some juice left if the (not-so) creative could just use him right. Nothing special here.

Diva Battle Royal: Just fun, not great, but fun. The girls really worked hard to put on a great show. I can't figure out what Mickie has done to be buried like this, but it is sad. Mickie and Beth are a great match and I hope they have these sexy-ass women working together in a match real soon. By the way, what was with Melina's hair? Is she going for that Mortal Kombat look or what?

Umaga vs. McMa....I mean Kennedy vs. Carlito: Not as great as I thought it could have been. This should have stolen the show but it got a little slow. Mr. Kennedy needs to start his program with Vince ASAP because he is not looking like "the next big thing" lately. Carlito is grossly underused and should defect to TNA as soon as possible (and I hate TNA).

Stone Cold coming out was predictable but really fun. Crowd went nuts!!!

John Morrison vs. CM Punk: I love Punk, as a person, not a wrestler. He's to small to look scary. His ring gear is comical, and his character is going nowhere. That being said, this was a decent, old school, type wrestling match. Just not all that much to really get into. No one is watching ECW and it is hurting their product because no one cares.

Rey vs. Chavo: This was all about the return of REY. I loved that we saw some old school Mysterio. He did some great counter moves and looked rested but really really really out of shape. I wonder if it is a red flag when a wrestler accused of being on growth hormone comes back and has no definition, and is so out of shape a blind monkey would notice.

HHH vs. King Booka!: Was that HHH? He looks to be in the best shape of his life. I spent the first 10 minutes wondering if that was really him. I might not agree with HHH and his backstage crap but the man LOVES this business. Rey and HHH have been out about the same time, you can tell which one worked hardest to get back in shape. HHH look fresh, young, and hungry. Glad to have him back!

Batista vs Kahli: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, the crowd said it best BORING!!!! Batista's Warrior rip off is old he needs to turn the corner with his character and get some practice time with Flair to freshen him up. Kahli just needs to go back to acting on screen cause his acting in the ring is AWFUL!!

Cena vs. Orton: I fell asleep, does that say anything? I'm so bored with Cena, and by the reaction of the crowd to his win I would guess so was the crowd. NO reaction at all to the "kiddie" champ! Typical boring Cena match. Cena gets his ass kicked for the first 90% of the match then makes the amazing come back. Been there, done that! OLD OLD OLD BORING BORING BORING. Cena needs a break. He needs to go away and freshen up. His moves and so predictable it is sad. His character is a joke. He's trying to have the attitude of Austin with the mouth of the ROCK, he has neither. Cena just isn't a strong enough character to carry the company the way ROck and Austin did.

Overall, a decent show that was fun to watch.


First of all, I was at Raw at MSG two weeks ago and now I attended Summerslam live at Continental Airlines Arena. The tri-state area HATES John Cena. Anti-Cena signs and chants BEFORE we even got into the arena. But what ends up happening? Cena wins, like always! What's the point if this guy never loses? I just don't get what the WWE is thinking! Especially with the rest of the crap they gave us, lets see...

No tag title match on the card... except the tag champions wrestled a dark match (which ended up being one of the best matches of the night).

Kennedy loses to "Umanga" (as pronounced by Regal). Oh what a surprise, another fan favorite loses to a guy who has no mic skills.

Batista vs Khali ends in a count out. NO BODY in the place cared about this match, but the fact that a World Title match was a DQ finish on a PPV? Complete B.S.

You know what, I'm not even going to run down the rest of the card because it's so bad. And what topped it all off was John Cena winning. The entire crowd, except a few little kids, were so upset with the ending of the show. Just a poor effort by the WWE overall. They ripped us all off pretty good.

-Brian from NJ


I just got home from Summerslam and I regret every dollar I spent on the ticket. I've been to a few WWE shows in the past few years and this one takes the cake for the worst I've ever seen. The only good technical wrestling match was the final match and coming in a close second to it was the dark match! The New Jersey crowd was unbelievable and I'm pretty sure a good 85% went home unsatisfied. All I heard on the way back to the car was how terrible the show was. Is Cena ever going to lose?

Mike, Manasquan, NJ


One of the biggest shows of the year is over and what is different? Beth Phoenix is the number 1 contender for the woman's title.

Mr. Kennedy is supposed to be the long lost love child of Mr McMahon and future main eventer so he takes the pin??? Huh??

The ending of the ECW Title Match was very odd. I guess when there are only 2 guys on the brand you have to prolong it more.

Khali really sucks.

It was great to see HHH's return, you could tell he was happy to be back.

Hey, how about Rey's new necklace tattoo?

Was anyone else concerned when the main event started at a quarter after?

All the moves they did and Cena dropping Orton from his shoulders (the FU) was the only one devastating enough to get the pin. It's a lame finisher.

The trapezious claw?

Oh have I mentioned that Khali really sucks?

I am not paying another dime for a WWE PPV until Wrestlemania.

Bill Costello
Chandler, AZ


Absolutely predictable in every aspect. The whole purpose of promoting and holding a pay-per-view is to give the audience something that they wouldn't otherwise see on national TV... SummerSlam did not deliver. Every match on the card was as predictable as they are every Monday, Tuesday, and Friday, which is down right pathetic.

I tuned in hoping and expecting to see a couple of title changes that are so desperately needed across all three brands. I was ok with Umaga retaining the title given the direction they intend to head with Kennedy. John Morrison really needs to drop the title because I believe that him as champion is really hurting the brand. (It makes me not really interested, and I've watched WWE/F since I was about 4 years old, now 27.)

The Batista/Khali bout was one I was hoping would change. Using the term "limited" in describing Khali's in ring abilities is being generous, and although I am in no way a fan of Batista, I feel that he could again be better for the Smackdown! brand.

The Diva's battle royal was as predictable as ever.

Seeing Rey Mysterio return wearing silver body paint and looking like he's not been in the gym in 6 months was a HUGE disappointment. The match was carried well, but when a performer returns from such a hiatus, you expect them to return in top physical condition.

Cena/Orton. Here's a match that had an unexpected finish, if you can call it that. I've popped for Cena for a long time, but at this point I'm ready to start booing just so WWE will get the point and bring some freshness to the Raw brand. The match itself was incredibly stagnant and pedestrian, especially when you could see Cena and Orton telling each other what to do early on in the match. Orton needed to win the title to bring some flavor back to the brand. If not Orton, then put someone in there that WWE is willing to have wear the WWE Title.

WWE continuously wonders why PPV buyrates are dropping, and this evenings program is a perfect example of why. SummerSlam is one of the "Big 4". You expect to see some kind of supershow, an extravaganza, not "December To Dismember" with a different logo and stage. $39.95 for a show with no surprises, zero interest, a show that ended early, and Vince McMahon making out with Mae Young? Wow. Didn't I just see this crap on Raw? For Free? For the past month? No more PPV's for me. I traditionally order the "Big 4", but as of this moment, WWE has lost my $40 - $50 for the big shows. I'll watch Raw, Smackdown!, and ECW for the same boring, nonsensical bull#$% that I saw tonight. After a disappointing December To Dismember and Wrestlemania, I had high hopes for SummerSlam. A big thank you to Vince for reminding me why I save my money and don't order the monthly show.