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By PWInsiderXtra Readers on 8/27/2007 12:14 PM

You've got to be kidding me... Those were my thoughts through a lot of the show.

I'm expecting an awesome pay per view. Rey is back, Triple H is back and I had Cena losing set in my mind. This show had so much potential. The fans didn't really care too much about anything except the main event.. that's what I felt.

My thoughts on what I cared about...

The Rey-Chavo match was decent. Rey should've got such a bigger pop. Silver paint? okay? The match was slower then it should've been. But overall I liked it.

Umaga wins? He's a good performer but I can't get into him that much. And how long does it take to reveal Kennedy is the child? I thought Kennedy would win because they wanna give him his push. Seemed like a short match too. Maybe I'm just asking for too much.

MVP and Hardy were great again. And Austin was a major bonus. You kinda knew he was coming when MVP had beer there. I loved Austin warming up for the contest.

Triple H got screwed pop-wise. I was pissed at the fans for that. The match was solid and I figured Triple H would take a long celebration afterwards.

Can Khali do anything right? He can't cover a guy for a pin, can't do anything but chop, clothesline, boot and signature moves (which blow too), he can't sell a spear or any move and put his hands in front of the chair shot to the head. I loved Batista with the chair. If he's that determined and crazy all the time I'd love him. By the way, I loved the BORING chants. And the small "you can't wrestle" chant when Khali was doing his "massage Batista's traps" move.

The Moolah-Vince thing was horrible. Not funny at all.

Main Event... I'm extremely biased because I like Orton and hate Cena with a passion. I was so positive he was gonna lose. Great match. And I loved the fans for this match. Every fan who had hit puberty were cheering for Orton. Good action, decent pace. The RKO was really smooth and quick. But to kill any hope I had of liking this PPV, Cena wins. His character is stale, his jokes are stale (majority are gay jokes and his delivery is what kills him) and he's not a good wrestler. Will he ever lose?

To use a line from Star Wars and change it up...

Help us Triple H... You're our only hope... *static*... Help us Triple H... You're our only hope... *static*


I was on the fence about ordering SummerSlam this year. The only thing I as interested in seeing was Triple H’s return to action. I decided against ordering the show mainly due to my personal boycott of all WWE Pay Per Views (the only exception being WrestleManias) while John Cena is WWE Champion. After reading the results on PWInsider Elite I am so glad that I once again did not waste my money on another glorified edition of RAW/ECW/Smackdown. As I have said many times before…If this was Triple H with the strap for 12 months straight without putting anyone over the powers that be at this site would be bitching up a storm about how Triple H wont put anyone else over, is hogging the spotlight, is not helping to elevate other WWE Superstars etc…..I am so sick of Cena being shoved down our throats!!!! When it came down between shelling out $39.95 for either SummerSlam or UFC 74 last night, I chose UFC! Looks like once again I made the right choice!!! It will be really interesting when the PPV numbers come in as to which had more PPV buys this weekend: UFC or WWE. Right now as horrible as the WWE product has been versus how great the UFC product has become, my money is on the UFC!!!!!!

Joseph A. Smith
Fort Pierce FL


Overall, like Wrestlemania, this year's edition of SummerSlam was very "by the numbers". What I'm going to do here is break down each match with my personal thoughts and a rating system reminiscent of SmackDown vs. Raw's GM Mode.

Kane vs. Finlay:

I really enjoyed this match. It started off slow and really seemed to pick up in the middle of the match (right around the time that Hornswoggle appeared) and settles into a smooth ending, with Finlay hitting what sounded like a very stiff shillelagh shot, and Kane fighting through the pain to hit the Chokeslam From Hell for the win. My favorite part of the match was when Kane failed on the first attempt at the chokeslam, but my least favorite aspect was we didn't get to see any of Finaly's patented body work. Overall, I gave it a 3.5/5.

Diva's Battle Royal:

I used this match as my bathroom break. I came back in time to see the final three, and not very surprisingly, Beth Pheonix picked up the win. I don't want to sound sexist here, but I really don't enjoy divas matches, at least not since Lita and Trish Stratus retired. 1.5/5

John Morrison vs. CM Punk for the ECW Championship:

Damn, is all I can say about this match. I was really hoping and expecting Punk to win. Hopefully, now he'll get transferred to Smackdown or Raw, and challenge for a title there. He's done enough on ECW. Also, I really hate the John Morrison character. But, the match was a slow-paced, albeit fun match, and number one on the show in terms of actual wrestling ability. 4/5

Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero:

As expected Rey Mysterio picked up the win. As a big fan of Rey, I was surprised at how much I didn't like this match. To me, it all seemed very boring, and Chavo copying Finlay's body work does not click with me. Leave it to the pros, Chavo. Also, WTF was up with Mysterio's silver body-paint. Stupid. 2.5/5

Ken Kennedy vs. Carlito vs. Umaga for the WWE Intercontinental Championship:

I hated this match because I hate two of the competitors. Umaga is one of the most boring characters in WWE, and I don't get why everyone is so high on him. Also, Carlito is the very epitome of what a heel should be, and as such, I want to see him get pounded as much as possible. I was hoping for a Kennedy upset, but t'was not to be. 2/5.

Batista vs. The Great Khali for the World Heavyweight Championship:

STUPID!!! The Great Khali shouldn't even have a job as a wrestler, let alone as the one of the companies main eventers. I absolutely despise him! Also, I'm not a very big fan of Batista, so this match doubly sucked for me. The only plus side to this match was that Big Dave got to nail Mumblemouth multiple times with a chair! 2/5.

Triple H vs. King Booker:

My most anticipated match of the night, bar none. But, maybe it was just me, but during this match and the Rey/Chavo bout, the crowd seemed dead. It really affected both matches. But, I still really liked this match, and it was satisfying to see Trips get the expected victory. 3/5

John Cena vs. Randy Orton for the WWE Championship:

Try as I might, I couldn't stop cheering for the Legend Killer. I didn't mind Cena in his white rapper gimmick, because at least then, he was funny. Nowadays, he's like a cheap hybrid of the Rock and Hulk (the most overrated person in the whole history of pro wrestling) Hogan, in the fact that during the matches, he's unstoppable, and during his promos, he tries to be funny. When Orton hit the RKO out of no where, I literally jumped out of my seat, and as much as I don't like Cena, this was easily the best match of the night. But Cena's still the champ, and I can't wait for Triple H to turn heel (but still be cheered over Cena, ala Wrestlemaina 22) and take the title from him. 5/5.

So overall, the 2007 edition of SummerSlam gets a 22.5/40. definitely not worth the $40 you're supposed to shell out. Luckily, me and a friend went together for this one, so I only payed $20, which it was barely worth. I strongly recommend not buying the replay, and except if you're a completionist when it comes to WWE on DVD, skip it.

Nipawin, SK, Canada!


Thumbs in the middle for SummerSlam 07. Best Match - Cena/Orton Worst match - Divas battle royal. Was I the only one who thought WWE could have used this PPV to change some directions and shake things up? You know, possibly give Mr. Kennedy the push he deserves, have Randy Orton finally topple John Cena's reign, give CM Punk the title the fans want him to have. WWE didn't think so, and in not thinking so, we got an average PPV when it should have been the biggest party of the summer as advertised! Finlay & Kane was good. Umaga, Kennedy and Carltio was a good bout and I liked the finish. However, Mr Kennedy deserves so much more than he gets in WWE. When they're lacking main-event stars now, Kennedy is a guy that can jump in. Mysterio & Chavo was good and it's good to see Rey back. The divas battle royal was average, but I didn't like the rarely-known Beth winning at a big PPV like this. The fans didn't seem to care after Maria, Melina and Mickie were gone. Stone Cold coming out was awesome, but scripted way too slow. Austin isn't known to be slow in anything he does, so he shouldn't take forever to stun MVP. Cool segment though. Punk & Morrinson wasn't anything special, and Punk should be ECW Champion right now because Morrison is the least interesting champion in decades! Triple H and Booker was good and I'm glad to see HHH back. Batista by DQ? Kali is the worst champion ever but Vince kept the belt on him? I don't even care about Batista chasing Kali! The Vince stuff backstage was not that funny, other than William Regal dancing with Crymetime. Cena and Orton tore it, but WWE made the ultimate stupid decision in leaving the belt on superman. If Cena doesn't turn full-fledge heel on RAW, I might go insane. OK PPV