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By PWInsiderXtra Readers on 8/28/2007 10:46 AM
I though RAW was average. Like it has been. Good to see HHH is still acting as if DX was still together. The last segment with Orton "concussion kicking" Cena sr., obviously it's a work, but it just didn't seem like it went as the others did. Like it didn't look right when the boot actually hit the head.

Jesse Slover


Good edition of RAW after SummerSlam. I enjoyed SummerSlam and RAW tonight so I guess I'm in the minority. I know Dave Scherer doesn't like Randy Orton promos, but despite not being able to cut a Foley or Rock interview, he cuts very solid main-event promos in my opinion. I guess Cena mentioning HHH vs. Cena is foreshadowing what we have to look forward to. Kennedy & Jeff Hardy tore it up, awesome bout. I love Kennedy and he deserves a bigger push. I guess Umaga going back heel is because they can drag a decent Hardy/Umaga feud that they didn't get to start a month ago. Umaga should be full babyface in my opinion because the heel act is stale with him. The Triple H/Vince/Carlito thing was somewhat entertaining. The Beth/Maria thing was unpredictable so it was cool. We need to learn more about Beth though or else the fans won't care. So the McMahons back on TV next Monday with attorneys? I've always enjoyed the family so it should be entertaining. Cena and Booker was boring, and I have to say this about Orton and Booker...did they forget that the whole art of pro-wrestling is making everything seem real yet it's not in order to protect your co-worker's health? Orton literally kicked Cena's dads head off, Orton didn't even try to make it a worked kick! I thought that was sickening. Orton also was throwing legit hammer punches on Cena. Bret Hart once said he's proud that he never injured one opponent in his career because it's an art form that he perfected. Orton, Booker and others should be echoing Bret Hart's ideas, and HOPEFULLY less guys would be hooked on painkillers. Good RAW. 



Unforgiven is going to be in my hometown in 3 weeks and not one damn match has been announced yet. After coming off the worst Summerslam of all time, the least they could do is try to push a PPV!!!!!!!!!! Aaargh!!!

Nevertheless Raw sucked but not as bad as last night's snorefest. Glad to see Jeff Hardy back and I'm even more glad to see them reignite that feud with Umaga. Umaga was just not cutting it as a face. And boy did Jeff Hardy sell that "thumb thing to the neck." (Sorry forgot what it is called). The McMahon/Carlito/HHH segment got a few chuckles but it went way too damn long and come off as very meaningless. Cena and Booker had a decent match that was better than last night's Booker/HHH match but not as good as the Cena/Orton match. Orton kicks another old man in the head. Wow. Big deal. But hey it looks like I will see the rematch in person in Memphis!

Memphis, TN