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By PWInsiderXtra Readers on 9/5/2007 12:37 PM

ECW was a really fun show tonight. There was good action, although some of the angles need movement on them.

The Boogeyman/Striker match was good for what it was meant to be and that's pushing forward the Boogey/Big Daddy V feud.

The Balls/Miz match was ok. Nothing special. I do have to give credit for one thing. Who would have ever thought people would actually care about a feud between Balls Mahoney and the Miz? I never would have thought it.

The tag match was fun, although a bit quick. All four guys were working hard, but could have used a bit more time.

The main event made this show. Punk was selling like crazy and Morrison was pulling out some spiffy moves. That crowd was crazy for the final few minutes of the match and I thought the finish worked perfectly with lots of really great false finishes.

Overall, it was a pretty good show. Some of the angles need to get moving along, but the main event is worth going out of your way to see.

Andrew Twiss
Orlando, FL


Wow, it's about time creative had a main event worth watching twice. CM & Johnny put on a pretty darn good main event. Especially after the commercial break. Probably the best main event since Cena wrestled HBK earlier this year. I give mega-kudos to Johnny for going into his suspension with this caliber a match. UMAGA went out with class as well on Raw Monday night.

I'm thinking it's about time they put Boogey and BVD in a PPV "cage" or "NHB" match, don'tcha think?

What on earth is Thorn doing with Burke after the "New Breed" incident? It was just a squash match that elevated a couple wrestlers to main event status.

And enough with "Miz the Mizerable". Can't they just send him down to Florida for repackaging and a decent tan. Oh, and have him take along a couple of them ECW bimbos as well. Lord, I hope he's not CM Punk's #1 opponent for the next 3 months.

Hurry back, Monte!!!!!

Except for the Mizerable/Captain Caveman segment, a good show overall.

Alaskan $ourDough


Proof that hard work, being over with the crowd ... and your opponent getting in trouble, will someday get you a championship!

Enjoy your 30-day reign, Punk!