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By PWInsiderXtra Readers on 9/11/2007 11:28 AM

Although I would have loved to see Kennedy get his time to shine (and he well deserved it) I think the Little Bastard move was a bad idea, I would have rather seen Coach or maybe MVP. I think the comedy of this storyline in the future will be dull and not very entertaining. I am a huge Ken Kennedy fan so I was very upset with his actions when I found out and I am sorry for him because this is the second time he was supposed to get a big push (although this time its his fault). Anyway, the show was overall good Raw and probably the first Raw I have watched without changing the channel in a while. I wouldn't be surprised at all if the ratings for this show are higher than they have been in the last two months.

Nick Butler - Binghamton NY


What's my reaction?

THANK GOD IT WASN'T TRIPLE H!!!!!!!!!! the Hornswoggle thing was funny!



Man, what a crappy time to be a wrestling fan. The world wonders why we hid for so long, only to be (somewhat) proud again during the "Attitude" era.......and after tonight I think I will become a closet fan again. Hornswoggle McMahon. That = Ratings.....

It wasn't all bad. The Cena/Orton angle was pretty decent, and I am starting to care about this feud, but I wish Randy would stop overacting. His facials are getting painful to watch. 

Was anyone else wishing that when Coach and Vince were in the back, right before they ran into Cena, that Coach was going to snap on Vince and beat him. Coach would suddenly have become my number one. I was all ready to hang his poster on my wall.....

Hardy and Khali was it was.....yep.....we all know the 7' guy is a monster.....thanks for stopping by RAW and killing our IC champ. I have a machine in my kitchen that does the same thing to my trash, and I ain't gonna pay to watch it either. 

I am beyond glad that the bastard son angle is all we'll have is 6 months to a year of hearing about it. Seriously, if anyone thinks for two ticks of the clock that this is going to give Little Horny a push, I have a bridge for sale. This is embarrassing; as I sat there watching it, I suddenly wondered if this is how all the boys in the back felt the night David Arquette won the WCW title. It just makes you want to turn on something less terrible like Burn wait, that sucks too. I have hated this angle from the very's the kind of thing that WWE thinks will draw people in, and in reality, it makes me want to go mow my grass or have sex with my wife. 

Going to go mow my grass.

Effingham, IL


I knew that none of the wrestlers present around the ring would be the "Bastard Son". VKM does not operate this way. Because of this I had a gut feeling it would be someone else. I figured it'd have to be someone under 25 years old, so that left out Shawn Michaels, Undertaker, and Dave Finlay (who wasn't there). Hornswoggle was my choice from the beginning of the segment.

Okay, as for the matches:

Cade v London - excellent. A Kendrick sneak attack ??? Congratulations to LONDRICK for their win in Africa! Too bad it only lasted a couple days.

H3 v Benjamin - pretty good. I love the stipulation Coach gave H3 about Carlito's NO-DQ clause for the PPV match. H3 v Carlito on a PPV, without a gimmick match, didn't exactly make me wanna shell out $40.

Mickie v Jillian - ehhhhh. Mickie, is that your real hair color??? UGGGGHHHH. That was a spectacular roundhouse kick to the side of Jillian's mug for the win!

Sandman v. Marella - not bad if it leads to something, but I'm afraid Santino just aggravated Faarooq, so there goes your push Sandy. I love Santino the character, he makes a great heel, his promos are hilarious, and he doesn't mind being made the butt of jokes.

Khali v Hardy - damn Jeff, who'd you piss off to get "squashed" like that?

All in all, I'll give it a 7/10 for effort!

Alaskan $ourDough