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By PWInsiderXtra Readers on 9/18/2007 9:36 AM
Triple H buries 5 guys in one night! Sure Triple H is married to Stephanie but does he really have to bury the Tag Team champs, the only contenders for those titles, and a guy that is going to lose to him every time they face off?? Are they freaking serious? Then they have Hornswoggle and McMahon in every other segment? I can see them killing this by next week and lastly are they seriously still trying to sell us Steve Austin's movie? Other than the IC title match, RAW was really lame this week.

Morgan Hill, CA


What a disaster, this show sucked - just plain sucked. If it weren't for Shelton v Jeff, I would have given this show a 0/10. Because of that match, I'll give it a 3/10.

The show started with the worst segment I've ever seen in my life with Cena and Coach. Yeah, right, Cena Senior is BEGGING Coach NOT to take away his son's title because of his interference at Unforgiven. Might it have been because Orton accosted a fan at ringside???? Why didn't Coach holler at Orton back then??? Why didn't Cena Senior call the cops back then? This whole angle has become an insult to every single fan's intelligence. What the hell kind of Main Event did I just watch??? I guess Cena Senior has just become PWI #500 for 2007!

Next we get a damn good match between Shelton and Jeffrey, which made these 2 hours worth my time. I was hoping Shelton would've won, because, so-far, Hardy has gone nowhere with this belt.

Then we get Vinnie Mac, Coach, and Hornswoggle (oh yes, and a hidden cameraman), in a limo. Hornswoggle looking like a little retard taped up in a baby carrier makes me want to really care about where this angle is heading.

Next we get an A-1 performance outta Santino and Jillian. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha (sarcasm)!!!

Then we get Vinnie Mac and Coach conspiring on national television to "get rid of" Hornswoggle. This is another retarded effort to make care about where this angle is heading. A unicorn??? Oy vay!!!

Oh my golly gosh, James Duggan has won his first televised match in many many moons. I really really really thought Shawn was gonna win this won (sarcasm)!!!

And then Cody has the audacity to get involved in this pathetic Cena/Orton angle! Please come back Dusty and slap some sense into your young'un. Cody you have never actually beat Randy, so please don't waste my time listening to you right now.

Next was the second worse promo I've ever seen in my entire life. Vince is putting a grown man (who I assume is over 18 years of age, because of the contract Horny had to sign to get into this federation) up for adoption???? And then we have creative giving us the Koskey family who I assume are the most desperate, stupidest, and wacky husband and wife ever to grace the USA network. Who the hell was this attorney of the Koskeys to approve such a contract? And as far as I know, a judge has to approve all adoptions!!!

Then, yayyyyy, H3 comes to save the day! What a waste of time that was. Just plain stupid. Jack Hammer, Jack Hoff, Jack Daniels, Jack & Jill. Another waste of time and intelligence.

Oh, and next we get a match 'tween H3 and C & M. At least I thought it was a match because I heard or seen no introductions from Miss Garcia, and missed half the match due to a commercial. So we now know H3 needs no help from anyone when 3 dudes are pummeling him into a bloody pulp. Thanks for the help LONDRICK, but screw you!

Ladies tag --- ehhhhh! so now they're calling the UNPRETTIER the CANDY something or other??? Christian would be proud!

Cena v Santino??? Oh, hay everybody, here comes a swerve!!! And yes, Coach comes out and tells Johnny Junior that he lied, and that Cena Senior is gonna get his face planted into the mat after having a Garvin Stomping session from Randy. John, why didn't you take the frickin' turnbuckle off during the 5 minute commercial??? What an idiot!

Cody, sticking your nose in where it doesn't belong only makes you look pathetic taking on the man who's gonna Main Event "NO MERCY".

This was the worst Main Event I ever had the privilege to waste my time watching. I missed 6 minutes of Jon Stewart for this garbage!!!

Alaskan $ourDough


After a good but not great Unforgiven, RAW tonight was much better than the PPV. The continuation of Randy Orton vs. Cena was well-written and played out. The father vs. Orton, Cody getting involved, Cena finally getting the ropes undone, I thought that was all a great ending segment. There's some heat to the feud now. Jeff Hardy seemed very tired, but I don't blame him, it goes back to the problem with Vince working the guys too hard with overseas tours, then going back to the states to do a PPV and a RAW. Good rebound victory for the IC Champ. The Hornswoggle stuff was ok entertainment. HHH's jokes worked and this could be entertaining. I cannot believe WWE had Triple H squash the tag champions, then squash your #2 tag team on RAW. Come on, HHH could have destroyed Val Venis! I dig Beth Phenoix, she's huge and sexy. Good RAW.