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By PWInsiderXtra Readers on 9/25/2007 10:30 AM

Another dull show and I am more then worried now that whomever makes the decisions to put this on TV doesn't care. Yawn the first 15 minutes again are Coach and Vince yawn and the aww inspiring lets screw Triple H and make the cage match a handicap match. Great to see Hardcore Holly back and he adds a fresh face onto RAW but who am I kidding. Hmm Lilian looks smoking hot as always I am stretching for positives but this was a horrible show. I have been a WWE fan as long as I can remember growing up in New York but right now I can't stand the current project so thank god for PWInsider, WWE 24/7, and youtube because I can still be a fan but not have to watch the garbage called Monday Night RAW.

Cameron elite member
Virginia Beach, VA


I guess you could say that Mr. McMahon and Coach were "Horswoggled" tonight. All puns aside this was a decent RAW show even though there was only casual mention of the No Mercy PPV tonight. The match between Cody Rhodes and Hardcore Holly seems to be the way WWE will try to get Cody over with the crowd. How great it is to see Hardcore Holly back in the ring again considering his health issues.

We could have done without the Santino Marella/Ron Simmons match considering the countout ending. Ron was saying "DAMN!" for just about everybody.

Speaking of "DAMN!" I enjoyed the mixed tag match. Creative can take the next step and give Jeff Hardy and Shelton Benjamin a "show-stealing" match at No Mercy over the I-C Title and finally bring some prestige back to it. Candice is getting better all the time and was surprised by her flying cross-body onto Beth Phoenix.

The cage match was entertaining, but isn't the blood supposed to come during the match?

Are we supposed to care about the apparent Triple Threat Match coming up between Cade & Murdoch / London & Kendrick / The Highlanders?

WWE did make a mistake by announcing that William Regal would be back next week. That also means that Umaga will be back next week; meaning that he will interfere in the Vince/HHH match, setting up the No Mercy Match. 

Clay Jack
Holly Hill, FL


I actually enjoyed RAW tonight. It was a complete turn-around from last weeks garbage dumped in our laps.

The first segment with Coach, Vinnie Mac, Horny, Melina, and Cena was actually entertaining. Everyone knew why Melina was there! And they actually made Cena look good before and after attacking Coach & VMK. This set up an entertaining "Championship Surrender Ceremony" that I was actually looking forward to, since I knew JC would never surrender his spinner willingly.

Sparky is back! Hardcore Holly tried his best, but couldn't make Cody look good with his sloppy moves. One Alabama Slamarama later, and this match is thankfully over.

This is one of the best monologues Randy O has ever done. Other than the fact that he would never stoop so low as to cheat to keep his belt, I loved this!

Santino v Farooq : One word for this match --- DAMN! This one word was the bright spot of the match! And the crowd would attest to this, as well, as they were into that word, too !!! Nice way you left the squared circle, Ron !!!!

Limbo me this --- when is this gonna end? We all know all you brunettes are gonna lose, so lemme help you cuties out --- dye your hair before it's too late !!!

On we go to Melina & Jillian! When's Melina gonna stop telling secrets in front of the cameras ??? Don'tcha think you sound ridiculous !!! At least whisper your intentions to her like you did with Willie Regal !!! Dont'cha also think Horny will find out, you blabbermouth!

Ok, there was no suspense here with the cage match, since we all knew H3 was gonna lose since Vinnie Mac "GUARAN-DAMN-TEED" a victory. And the ass-whooping H3 gave the Cool one was only because H3 didn't want to walk back to the locker room the laughing stock of the arena !!! When is Carlito gonna actually get some revenge here ???

Wowzee-wow-wow, two weeks in a row, and C&M don't even get an introduction, not to mention half their match being missed due to a commercial. Maybe if we have less DIVA and "THE CONDEMNED" commercials, I could've seen more !!! So "I'm Robbie" and Rory, who haven't won a televised match in years, think they earn a match ??? And since LONDRICK won the match by DQ, then that means they get a title match next week! OR DOES IT ???

Okay, having Horny in the ladies shower is bad enough, but a film crew ??? What a bunch of perves !!! And having Melina run around the hallways naked made ol' $ourDough cringe !

Santino would've made a better "Jack Conrad" ??? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. And Jim Ross pitching this drek of a movie as the hottest selling DVD in the history of mankind ??? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.

So now we have Vinnie Mac v H3 next week ??? We'll hafta wait until next week to find out who VMK is gonna have as his partners, because you know and I know a one-on-one ain't gonna happen. Or we'll have a stipulation that H3 has to be hogtied, blindfolded, dumped in a potato sack in an EXTREME anything goes match !!!

I really liked the mixed tag team match because it furthered the storyline. I kinda figured Candy would be the one to lose since she is fighting in her hometown. They did it to Mickie in Virginia, so I guess this is the beginning of a new creative policy.

The ending segment was done great, much better than last week. When the referee came running out on the bottom of the screen, I knew a match was in order. I figured John Cena wouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, and took all his aggression out on Coach. Now, John, you know how to apply the STFU, next time, I want you to do it right, and you need to pull back on the neck a little harder to make it look correctly. If you're gonna pummel RAW General Managers, you need to make it look like your causing some pain.

I never figured it was Horny who gave the orders, so creative did their job on this one!

Other than time spent with Melina, Kilt-on-a-Pole, C&M v LONDRICK, this was one enjoyable RAW to watch.

I'll give this one a 7 outta 10.

Alaskan $ourDough