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By Buck Woodward on 10/2/2007 10:25 AM
Gee Whiz, for the umpteenth consecutive week, RAW sucked. And I just put more thought into that sentence than creative does for their shows.

Philip Jacobs
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Baton Rouge


It is best for me to watch RAW tonight between commercials of the football and baseball game but it was another 'oh my this has been a couple of months of the same ol same ol RAW'. Hey let's start with the show with Vince talking and, wow, he brings back the returning Umaga and we see Umaga destroy three guys from the street. The six man tag was good and Rhodes vs. Holly part 2 was okay if they are building on something but don't they have a pay-per-view on Sunday? Oh yeah, No Mercy is basically the same show as UnForgiven. Hmmm, something we never seen before Vince vs. HHH with Carlito as the ref and after a few minutes of running around and whatever HHH is DQed, here comes Umaga. What I didn't like was Umaga's does his running butt first in too HHH's head and a move that most guys sell like they are knocked senseless a few minutes later HHH is back in the ring with a sledgehammer. And everyone Ken Kennedy came back no promo and submits to the STFwhatever from John Cena and another thing we have never seen a guy who says he is not at the area is actually there (yes JR in full combat gear) and attacks the champ and lays him out before the pay per view, something we haven't seen before. Who writes RAW now the same people who wrote the hit TV show What I Like About You? Thank god WWE has no one breathing down their neck in the wrestling business cause TNA is WWE South it seems like and I love ROH but they don't have the funds and resources. More of a rant then reader feed back but in short form RAW WAS BORING. Oh yeah John Cena's promo the first half someone must have said 'say what the Rock used to say and you will get a pop' problem is their is only one Rock and he as Rick Pitino would saying he ain't walking through this door

Virginia Beach, VA


Tonight's Raw was better than it has been in the past due to the re-addition to some major players, but I think the writers are becoming really lazy. The biggest sore thumb was Randy Orton playing the "I'm not in the arena...or so you think?" card. They just played that a couple of weeks ago. That's just really lame.

In other news, I've decided that "The Glamazon" is really hot and is fun to watch. Sadly, that's all I have to look forward to on Sunday...