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By PWInsiderXtra Readers on 10/3/2007 11:50 AM
Ah, tonight we got the culmination of the tournament to find the number one contender for the ECW Championship. A series of decent, well-fought matches that actually meant something, for once. And in the end, Tommy Dreamer surprised us all by pulling out a victory, and CM Punk may have a pretty good match in his home town! A surprise ending to a somewhat entertaining storyline, gee wiz, WWE creative actually did something ri---

Oh, wait.

Never mind. Big Daddy V. Wonderful. Now the ECW Championship match will suck. Well, at least the WWE Championship match between Orton and Cena--

Uh, crud.

Um... well, Balls finally got a date with Kelly Kelly! But waitaminute... The Miz owns her contract? Oh no! What a twist! Completely original! Kudos for WWE creative for pulling that one off! What's this you say? Some organization called TNA has done something like this already? Naw, it must be a coincidence!

Hooray WWE!

Jeffrey O. Gustafson

P.S. At this rate, WWE will make save_us.222 the return of the Blue Meanie.

What a twist!


I knew something was up big time when Vinnie Mac didn't strut to the ring.

How will the new champ receive the belt on Sunday? Is Cena going to hand it over to Vinnie Mac in another "Championship Surrender Ceremony"??? Really who cares, I ain't gonna pay $40 for this pile of manure PPV when I can read it as it happens on this site.

Onto the matches:

Mike Knox was pretty impressive in this match up to the point when he was laying around on Punky's shoulders waiting to GTS. He offered no offense after he was lifted up and laid there like a sack of potatoes (remember, he wasn't hurt when Punk lifted him!) All Knox did was miss a lame bicycle kick.

Not another I own your contract frickin' bullpoop. I think I'd be more interested in this angle if "Kelly Squared" got some acting lessons. She's gawd awful in everything she does. Why couldn't Layla be in K²'s slot? At least Cpt. Caveman got to punch the Mizerable one in the mouth. That made my evening worthwhile until the second main event eclipsed it.

Not a bad Main Event. But when Dreamer won, I asked myself "WTF"???? Tommy v Punky at No Mercy??? Now I'm really pissed off at the WWE.

But when BDV and "My Teacher" came out, I became the happiest wrestling fan on Earth. Now this PPV match is worth renting the DVD from Netflix in a month or two.

Let me be the first to congratulate you, Nelson, on being elevated to this drek of a PPV. Your match will probably be the highlight of it, and I hope you win the title, but alas, I fear a disqualification is upcoming in your match with Punky.

Again, the punch in the mouth and BDV's win made this worth watching.

"7 outta 10"

Alaskan $ourDough


I know a lot of fans are probably ticked off about the bait and switch ending, but I'm more angry about the show's beginning. I know there are people that don't like John Cena, but for some of the fans in Dayton to actually clap and cheer that he suffered serious injury, and may be out as much as a year was one of the most despicable, classless things I've ever seen. As much as the bad booking is a problem with the shows, to me, fans being jerks are just as big an issue in wrestling today. As far as the show goes, the Punk-Knox match went way too long, and got boring, especially when Knox was on offense. The Balls-Kelly-Miz segment was actually pretty good, and they are really doing a great job of making us want to see Balls beat the snot out of the Miz. I'll be honest I was surprised that they let Dreamer get the pin on Burke. Big Daddy V is the much more logical opponent for Punk, but Dreamer would have given Punk the better match. I actually would have preferred Punk-Dreamer, and then maybe save Punk-BDV for Cyber Sunday.

Doug Brown
Brenham, TX