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By PWInsiderXtra Readers on 10/8/2007 10:33 AM

This was by far the worst WWE PPV I have ever seen and I have been a wrestling fan since I was 8 (I just turned 27 today). The quality of ALL of the matches was horrible. No angle was pushed forward. What was even the purpose of this show? As fans, we deserve so much better than what we've been given the past few months. I know a lot of people have been complaining about creative lately, and instead of complaining, after this crap tonight, we should take action. Stop watching RAW... Vote for stupid things for Cyber Sunday... Stop watching ECW... Stop watching Smackdown.... Some kind of message needs to be sent to the WWE in order for things to change. 

As for the PPV itself. Everything was predictable. The whole Triple H in 3 matches thing... Should have had Vince out there all 3 times too!!! The ECW match was... I don't even need to describe it. Stupid is the only thing that comes to mind. CM Punk wins, but steal gets squashed. I guess thats the only way to keep V strong and keep the belt on Punk. But a 3 minute match?!!? And the Punjabi Match... That was by far the worst gimmick match EVER. It was SLOW, BORING, and had so many bad spots in it. Neither of these guys deserve a top spot in the WWE. Save_Us continues to just poke fun at us, giving us something to talk about other than how bad the WWE really is. 
I'm tired of reviewing something so horrible.

Score: 1.5/10

This ends my WWE viewing until I read something that changes my mind. I suggest others do the same. Even if Chris Jericho comes back, that's not going to change anything. If Jericho does come back at this point in time, he just wants to promote his book/get money. No one should want to come into this horrid product. 

Jon Maples
Huntsville, AL


My friends and I ordered this PPV to see how WWE would handle the title situation and boy are we sorry! 

HHH once again "Ortons" Randy Orton, then beats Umaga, then drops the belt to Orton. Guess he wants to break Flair's record. It kind of reminded me of WCW(I was a huge fan of WCW), but they changed titles sometimes twice in one night, just like tonight. Very rushed.
There were no surprises so our hopes were down.. Why did we order this again? To see HHH three times?


Overall, a bad show...Batista's jump from cage to cage was cool looking though.
Steve NJ


It has become beyond obvious that the creative team at WWE has no class and doesn't know how to entertain. I'm 22 years old and have literally watched pro-wrestling for 20 years (I have the bootleg tapes to prove it), but 2007 has to rank as the most creatively dumb year of wrestling I have ever seen. 

WWE has had multiple opportunities this year to spice it up and keep it interesting (Wrestlemania, the draft, the recent suspensions), but instead, they have chosen to promote the same bullshit performers and now the top two champions are two of the most predictable in-ring performers (who can't take hits) that the industry has ever seen.

I'm disgusted with on a human level with what I've seen. Faking a murder (Vince) was tasteless. Faking an illegitimate child was classless (however, it did turn out funny at first). But faking an injury (Finley) in a business where people get seriously hurt all the time, where people have died, where a champion was critically injured just a few days ago. It is ridiculous. 

I'm sorry. It has become just that bad.



First Impression:

I liked it.

The HHH matches were, for the most part, well done.
The MVP/Matt Hardy bit, as always, delivered.
The Finley matchup, while predictable, was fun to watch.
Mr. Kennedy made a strong showing, and his match, although unruly as an TNA  matchup, proved entertaining.

Upon further inspection:

Very disappointing.

HHH is married to a McMahon. We get it. Stop ramming it down our throat. 

I mean, going 2-and-1 in a single PPV? How much camera time does HHH need?

The women's match, as always was not worth the airtime.

CM Punk vs Big Daddy V would have been good if they had ended the match at the bell, but it went on for roughly triple the time afterwards. ECW is not salvageable, and the WWE needs to reconcile itself with the fact

Punjabi Prison: Hopefully the Great Khali's last match in WWE. I'm sorry, but there's something very wrong with a professional wrestler who can't even take a spear right. The end was predictable (watched it with near a dozen friends and they were all yelling it at the TV before it happened.) and speaks volumes to the uselessness of The Great Khali.

Jericho? Not this PPV. Oddly enough, they even ran a numbers promo during the PPV. You know, the one that flashed OCT7, seemingly meaning October 7th (the date of the PPV). Although I personally feel cheated by it, the WWE never explicitly said that was what it would mean. However, it doesn't change the fact that I am very, very, very disappointed.


I'm so pissed that I ordered this show, which was because I wanted to see Y2J (like everyone else). Instead I saw a show filled to the top with garbage. Also, Triple H has finally returned to form, now we can see him all over the title. Who cares if he lost it, look at the circumstances that he booked himself to lose under. 

So there you have it, my first and last WWE (and wrestling) PPV. I would order Cyber Sunday but I don't want to get screwed again just to see Jericho.

Micah, L-wood NJ