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By PWInsiderXtra Readers on 10/9/2007 10:47 AM

First off, and I can't believe I am saying this, but I am actually tolerating the Mr. McMahon character. As long as he is a dastardly boss who doesn't always BEAT UP the talent, I'm ok with it.

I love the interplay between Coachman and Regal. I will always love Regal's character but I finally have a reason to like Coachman, and actually feel a little sympathy for him.

I hope this trend of "keep it simple" Raw's continues. As long as the comedy is not the focal part of the show and I don't feel like the lines are being fed to people (although Cena's interview was pretty bad), then WWE has a lot of talent they can put on TV

As a side note, having not seen ALL of Raw yet, I think Hardy vs. Kennedy is yet another waiting of a PPV match on Raw. Why would I pay 40 bux to see these guys in 6 months when I saw it here for free. Same with last week. Guys, I know Bonnie Hammer is on you but don't you make more money from PPV then from the show. More fans will tune in week to week if you build up matches like that. As it is, there is no reason to care about this match tonite. Unfortunately, a sour note on an otherwise pretty darn good, and again I say, SIMPLE, Raw


So Shawn Michaels doesn't bother to come out and save his best friend HHH as he's being beaten down by Umaga, but he can come out later. I'm getting really sick of the lack of logic here. Not to mention that guys like Venis and Snitsky who just wrestled and should still be mad at each other are now standing side by side on the ramp. I can think of about 10 other things that made no sense on RAW but what's the point. Who writes this stuff???

-Kevin Lesko

Costa Mesa, CA


The show sucked. The only bright spots were the women's match and the return of HBK. When the whole roster was brought out, where was Umaga? Where was H3? Where was Kennedy? I didn't expect HBK back so soon, but thank god he's there. I didn't see one credible challenger to Orton on the stage. Also, why would I care that we get Holly v Rhodes next week? Pathetic. The women's match was actually decent in story telling, and I agree with rich that we need Victoria back on raw so Beth Phoenix can have a decent match. Why would she call it the age of the gGlamazon when it easily could have been called the rise of the Phoenix? Anyway, I'm rambling....its good to see HBK back, although I can't stand him, I'm a Hitman mark. The show sucked, nothing worth watching unless you watch everything WWE. Btw, what happened to my MSG classics?

Zeke Campbell, Altoona Iowa