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By PWInsiderXtra Readers on 10/12/2007 10:57 AM
It either takes something major huge and shocking or something god awful to get me out of my shell and make an opinion heard. Tonight, the god awful side is what got me. This was the biggest waste of 2 hours I have experienced in a long time. It had a promising start with Jay Lethal appearing in the opening bout, but that match for me, turned out to be nothing special, especially since the Seratonin guy has nothing to do with anything right now. Then Chris Daniels tosses him the belt? Was this a reminder that there is an X division match Sunday or a lame response to a Mike Johnson article or what, I don't know.

Ok, Sting can pull mind games once again. Kurt Angle can talk about bringing the "Old Sting" (by the way, he is an OLD Sting) back, but no matter how hard they try, you can't change the fact that the Sting character is SO WATERED DOWN, it's almost cartoonish. It was "the cancer" of the NWO that made Sting go from face painted surfer dude to the crow. And that crow guy was mysterious, quiet, wore an actual trench coat and might have been one of the coolest character changes in a long time, but that was 12 years ago and I have seen enough. 

PACMAN JONES IS A WASTE OF MY FRICKIN TIME. If fighting violates his NFL deal, fine, have him manage Killings or cut him, but don't trivialize tag teams of which there is a solid mix of young and exciting and veteran teams by having a one man with an attraction carry gold that could be wisely used. Of course that point would be valid if Steiners and 3D would have the balls to stand up to Vince Russo and tell him that one team in the ring, challenging the other team, while we assume that the other team isn't there or is up to something, only to find out that they are in the back doing an obviously previously taped interview on the promo and then have a confrontation in the back is the worst idea I have ever seen executed in wrestling. Just put 3D in the ring and let them beat the crap out each other. DON'T INSULT OUR INTELLIGENCE. 

Which leads me to editing. For a company to fight SO HARD for a two hour show and then to post produce it like it wasn't worth it is inexcusable. Smackdown might not be a great show and the true bastard stepchild of Vincent Kennedy McMahon, but it least it isn't a production folly. Then there was Chatting with the Carlito's Cabana Champ segment. Stop this. It doesn't work in WWE and it doesn't figure into what is supposed to make TNA TNA. I knew Joe was going to trash the badly set up set (for doing a show in a movie studio, that sure did suck) and then Christian would come back. Is this the way to treat someone who arrived in TNA and claimed he was there to wrestle and the future of the company. COME ON VINCE, BE CREATIVE. 

Do I really need to go on? You saw the show, if you didn't, don't bother watching it Saturday night. I had true hope for TNA and have always given it a chance. I now feel all hope being sucked out of me. You can have the greatest pay per views of all time, if you don't have good build up, no one will ever care. If I am Christian Cage or Kurt Angle, I am embarrassed for leaving WWE. I am saying, this isn't what I signed up for. This isn't the best wrestling on the planet, hell this isn't even mediocre sports entertainment, it's retread, overused garbage and to quote Robert Deniro from A Bronx Tale, "the saddest thing in life is wasted talent". TNA, don't waste your talent and become the saddest thing in life, please!!!

John P McPherson


I have to say I liked TNA tonight. Not to bad all in all. I have to say this. In the last two weeks TNA has had more wrestling on the show then Raw has in 2 weeks. Still a little more to improve but I will give it a 7/10

John B
Kitchener/ Ontario


I cannot believe TNA actually had Pacman "make it rain". I hadn't read any spoilers and didn't know it was going to happen. Maybe TNA will do an angle about a man getting paralyzed next?