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By PWInsiderXtra Readers on 10/15/2007 10:54 AM
I pride myself on being a huge die hard wrestling fan (and like Dave said it best, I have the sickness). I have in fact been disappointed in the wrestling product on a whole in the last 6 months. The last shows I ordered were Wrestlemania and TNA's Lockdown. But in the last couple of days, I had an itch to see Bound for Glory, and it was in my opinion the best show of the year. One complaint I got from TNA is that after a big win, they cut too soon to the back.

Another great opening package by TNA. The one thing about this company is that they do a great job in delivery and making there point across in the opening packages of the PPV's. Unbelievable.......that's the best world that I could use to describe the Ultimate X match. They did a great job of showcasing Hernandez's strength, and Senshi no quit attitude. I hope to see more and more of these two teams in the future. You could sense that there getting closer and closer to Tomko turning on Christian. I just cant hate the goofball A.J Styles character as he plays it great. The battle Royal was good and had a lot of good comedy spots with Eric Young and James Storm. The fans were all in the Machine Guns and I hope to see them involved with XXX and LAX. The tag change was well needed and I actually enjoyed the match a lot. Apollo Creed actually impressed me in his 1st match and finally the stupid money rain backfired. TNA is so far 3 for 3 in great matches and thus far this has been in my opinion the best PPV of this year.

The X-Division match showed what WWE is missing, that's letting there performers go out there and perform a great story telling match "UNSCRIPTED". The Lethal/Daniels match told the perfect story of Lethal coming in frustrated trying to prove to every one the Daniels doesn't have his number. Now I'm not in the best shape, but I do find it funny when Scott calls 3D fat all the time. Steiner's and Team 3D was your old school REAL ECW crowd brawling tables match. I like that there going to push the Machine Guns by having them help Scott from getting injured again. I loved ODB's promo, but honestly I cant get into Amazing Kong (even after her flashing the PPV world). The Match itself was good for a women's match and the obvious person of Gail Kim won.

The crowd was loud and on there feet for Joe and Christian. It was an intense, brutal and compelling match. These should be the main event, Joe should be there man, there World champ. The Monsters Ball was next and it was the annual showcase of plunder, violence and blood with Abyss finally winning it. Angle and Sting was a good solid wrestling bout. Not the best match, but a good bout regardless. The card from top to bottom delivered in my opinion. From the unbelievable Ultimate X match to the great Joe/Christian and Lethal/Daniels bouts. This is a show that I think WrestleMania should have been like. Now let hope TNA can keep on with more great shows after another.

Alexander Tejeda
Brooklyn, NY


I haven't ordered a TNA PPV in a while and figured I might as well give their "biggest show of the year" a shot. I was not let down. While it wasn't perfect, it was a solid show, with a lot of positives going for it. Joe/Christian was great. The Ultimate X match was a hoot. I loved the plunder to open up the Team 3-D/Steiners match.

I think most importantly, it has me interested to see where they decide to go on Impact. I don't really watch wrestling anymore but follow the business with PWI. So for me to tune in to a television show again is a big least for me.

Atlanta, GA


I enjoyed the hell out of the PPV. I thought the crowd was red hot and TNA has got to get out there more with their PPVs. If there is one thing I did not enjoy were the constant cuts into the backstage segments of Karen Angle and Kevin Nash, but looking at the main event I now know where they were going with it all.

I really liked the Women's Gauntlet for the TNA Knockout title. Was Hemme really hurt? I hope she's ok. Gail Kim deserves to the first champion, she really does.

If anything this PPV was very unpredictable on many points. There were lots of in-ring mess-ups, and I enjoy those. At some point I think Angle really caught Sting with a bat over his head. I never expected to see Nash get physical, yet I enjoyed it. Also it was about time that Christian got a definite loss and I'm glad it was Samoa Joe who gave it to him. The X-Division match was phenomenal and Jay Lethal has come a long way imo. I wasn't much into the Monster Ball match but I can see where the live crowd enjoys those more than the TV fans. And where is the Eric Young push going?? I thought Roode should have won. I like the Sabin/Shelley tag team but I would enjoy them more as heels.

The PPV wasn't perfect, but it was sure entertaining and had all the action I could want. The main event lived up to my expectations. It was old school, dramatic, unpredictable and the title changed...which was about time. I just hope I don't see Kurt Angle win it back on regular television next Thursday. That would cheapen Sting's current victory.

Sincerely Yours,
Manuel Lopez
from: Miami Florida


Ultimate X was an awesome way to open the show! Skipper’s and Senshi's spots were insane! Although I don't think it was the best Ultimate X ever, it definitely fit the bill for a high-profile show like this. LAX should be able to give some credibility back to the tag division.

The first round of the Fight for the Right match was just there. The over-the-top round was better, but nothing special here. I guess Young getting the number one seed was his token of appreciation for being a popular guy.

At first, the look of Pacman's replacement wrestler Creed made my eyes roll. In spite of that, all four men in the tag title match had an excellent showing, and thankfully, karma came back for Pacman as his team lost! Now get outta here!

I loved the X-Division title match! It was one of the best matches I've seen from this division in quite some time. And I love the Black Machismo gimmick. Sure, the X Division gets overlooked at times, but I'm glad that they put on a good show tonight!

The tables match was fine for what it was. I think it would have been cooler of Brother Ray actually went through the table after the Frankensteiner. Well, there just isn't much that these two teams haven't done.

The Knockout gauntlet didn't really meet my expectations, at least when Kong was in the ring. She obviously appears too dominant, eliminating several women, breaking Christy in half (I worry for her), and needing three women to get her over the ropes. The match between the final two was fine, and I hope TNA takes this women's division seriously.

Cage vs. Joe was freaking awesome! This was a but shorter than I would have liked, but everyone here worked very hard. Matt Morgan was excellent in his enforcer role, and I think he could make a great brawler if used right. The finish was amazing as well. Now, get Joe back into the main event picture pronto!

Monster’s ball went below what I had hoped. The only thing that really stood out was the Black Hole Slam on Raven onto the sharp stuff. I expected a lot more insane carnage.

The main event started off very well, but it was tainted by the “just-screams-Russo-style” interference. I don't know why Karen and Nash has to be there. I also don't know if the recent events involving Kurt merited the title change, so we’ll have to see.

This year’s Bound for Glory was a great show, but a good step down from the previous outings. While several bouts were enjoyable, there was silly hogwash in others. But I still feel like I got my money’s worth for this show.


Ken Kibby


Avid WWE fan here,

Got BFG PPV because of the ten woman gauntlet match. LOVE that TNA stresses ability over "divaness." Don't get me wrong, love my WWE divas but am happy that I have an alternative.

Loved the women's match (disappointed that Roxxi did not win!), was surprised that the rest of the card was awesome, including but not limited to Steiners vs. Team 3D table match (ever thought you'd see that??). Was content with the main event.

Big thumbs up!!

Definitely will order the next TNA PPV and catch impact whenever I can.

Rene Cobos
Long Beach, CA