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By PWInsiderXtra Readers on 10/15/2007 10:56 AM
This was a strong outing for TNA that was helped by having a PPV outside of Orlando.

The Ultimate X match was great as usual with Hernandez showing a big man can fly too. Motor City Machine Guns looked really strong in the Battle Royal so I hope they get a push too. Women's Gauntlet was pretty exciting since we got to see some new faces...but God no I did NOT need to see Amazing Kong's Boobs..oh and Christy Hemme and shelly Martinez are hot! The Steiners are my favorite tag team OF ALL TIME, so it was great to see them win...holla if you hear me! Frankensteiner through the table was nice too. We need the Steiner screwdriver!

Pacman doesn't have the belt, and Apollo creed filled in for him? Umm interesting? He needs to be a manager anyways, I don't know why they even had him as champ if he couldn't wrestle. OK, the monster's ball match was fine, but please tell me why the CAMERA DID NOT SHOW RAVEN'S BACK after he was slammed into the tacks..isn't that the point? It was great to see Sting and Nash since I was a loyal WCW viewer for so long. Great moment for Sting.

Overall, well worth $30 and much better than No Mercy. Steve


After the first match, I was already satisfied with Bound For Glory, and things only got better. Every match was entertaining and the night was filled with surprises. Halfway through the PPV my friends and I were talking about how awesome it was and I said no matter what happens I rate it a 12 out of 10. I was at this year's Summerslam, last year's Survivor Series, and ordered both Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania, and Bound For Glory put them all to shame. TNA lived up to the hype and put on one of the best wrestling PPVs I've seen in years. I've been watching WWE for close to 20 years now and I no longer look forward to RAW every week like I do Impact! Awesome show.

Mike, New Jersey


Really good show. TNA's pay-per-views have been delivering recently from an in-ring standpoint. The plusses of the show:

(1) Ultimate X

(2) Christian-Joe

(3) Lethal-Daniels

(4) Sting-Angle, including the title change.

(5) The in-ring work of Styles and Tomko

The negatives:

(1) Too much Kong.

(2) Reverse Battle Royal = worst.idea.ever.

(3) James Storm and Chris Harris, Thanks for coming. Complete waste of those two.

(4) Black Reign added nothing to the Monsters Ball. He's done.

(5) Pac Man Jones with a microphone.

Bret, Maryland


First I want to say that this was the best Bound For Glory yet. The only match that was bad was the Fight For The Right. I just don't like the idea and it looks bad when you have guys standing around the ring instead of getting in it when no one is around. Also, I am totally against Junior Fatu being in it and I pray he does not win. Just make it a tournament. The rest of the matches were good to amazing. The match of the night has to be Samoa Joe vs. Christian Cage. Was on the edge of my seat and the right man won. The Ultimate X was great, but not the best. Was glad to see LAX get the win, even better was Hernandez getting the X. TNA turned a real negative into a huge positive with them sitting Pacman out and bringing in a new wrestler to team Ron Killings, the only negative was Pacman making it "Rain". The women's match was real good, better than I thought it would be and I was glad to see Gail Kim get the win. Lethal and Daniels put on one hell of a match and I was happy Lethal one. Daniels has been to the dance and it was good that he put over Lethal, now only if he would drop the Macho Man gimmick. The tables match was what it was. Not bad by any means, but sure not what it could have been. The Monsters Ball was good, but I still think the one from BFG 05 is the best yet. Now for Angle vs. Sting. This match had a big time feel and I thought it was a damn good match, much better than Sting/Jarrett, but then it got stupid with the run ins by Karen and Nash. It really ruined the match for me and I think it tainted the victory by Sting. I'm not looking forward to seeing Kevin getting back in the ring. This is 2007, not 1997, not 2001. His time has come and gone. But the positives out weigh the negatives. If you missed this show, be sure to order the replay. I would give it a 9/10.

Worse Match = Fight For The Right. *1/2

Best Match = Joe vs. Cage.

Runner Up= Jay Lethal vs. Chris Daniels

Dallas, TX


POSITIVES: Ultimate X match, AJ Styles in-ring work, Motor City Machine Guns teamwork, Scott Steiner doing Frankensteiner to Porky Pig Brother Ray, Lethal getting strong finish on Daniels, Gail Kim becoming first ever TNA Women's Champion, Sting winning TNA Title...NEGATIVES: Kip James looking like Torrie Wilson, Black Reign, Kevin Nash getting slight push for ring return, Entrance set up looking like Monday Nitros in the 96 era, Karen Angle getting involved, AGAIN! Nash getting involved, AGAIN! A Ref bump, AGAIN! Those last 3 is what made the ending feeling like an ending of RAW with run-ins, etc...RATING: What could've been a 9/10, turned into an 8/10 due to the Crap going on in TNA Title match...Nathan, St Louis, MO


Thumbs up for the actual wrestling. Thumbs down for the tact of this company. best match Cage - Joe. Alright. I don't think of myself as overly sensitive or politically correct. I'm also not one of the internet smarks that boycott wrestling every other week. Claiming they'll never watch WWE again, (only to write in a few weeks later that something on Raw offended them) With all that being said I'll never watch TNA again. The Pacman money throwing thing and Mike Tenay's comments were unbelievable! How many people watching knew what it was related to? What the hell did it accomplish? (aside from driving one of the few people who BOUGHT the PPVs away) I used to have ALOT of respect for Mike Tenay & his knowledge of the industry. I have no doubt that Tenay knows about the Tom Urbanski situation. That's not an angle. A pro wrestler, one of the boys will NEVER walk again. That's reality. Real life. I hope Angle & Joe end up in WWE because I'm Never watching TNA again. 

Jason, Portland Oregon