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By PWInsiderXtra Readers on 10/23/2007 11:40 AM
Good show, I wish they could book every week this well top to bottom.

We had good wrestling action, they built up the PPV, advanced the Holly-Rhodes storyline, have a potentially intriguing one with Murdoch/Mickie (I hope they don't split C+M up though). I'm also glad they gave us a solid Main Event, with a clean finish.

The hot crowd helps as well as they were smart to recognize the running powerslam spot, gave good heat to the heels, were receptive to the Rhodes-Holly interaction, and were red hot for the main event.

The only negatives were Diva Search which thankfully didn't go too long. On a side note Eve has to win after the way Brooke looked on the mic,. Plus Eve actually cut a half-decent promo). Also of course the apparent head injury to Candice at the end of what was a good Women's match. I hope she recovers well, and that spot doesn't scare her off from continuing to do what she loves.

-Brian B. Concord, NH.


Hey guys!

I've never written in to the feedback page, because, for the most part, I've never really had that strong enough of an opinion on a show to do show. Tonight is no different, but I had something to say regarding Jeff Hardy.

It's very disappointing that he will not be wrestling Randy Orton on Sunday. I mean, sure the "fans" have a vote, but we all know Shawn Michaels will be "chosen" for Sunday. Jeff is such a hard worker who gives it he all every single night! And these last few weeks he has really stepped it up a notch! Not to mention the fact that he was absolutely great tonight on the mic opposite Ken Kennedy. It's about time creative (and Steph and Vince) finally gave Jeff what he's worked his whole career for... a main event spot. I really believe he can handle it.

Oh well, one can dream right?

Great site as always!


Wow, did they leave creative in Europe? Yes, there was some silliness and some things I could have done without; but as far as promoting the Cyber Sunday PPV, WWE hasn't done this good a job since WrestleMania! The wrestling was above average including a great main event and the pull apart brawl was awesome. This was the first look I have had at Harry (D.H.) Smith and I liked what I saw. He's definitely green but he shows great potential. I hope he doesn't get the same treatment that Cody Rhodes has gotten. What else can you say about HHH and Umaga? Great stuff and they should tear down the house Sunday. The main event was great as well but they seem to have made Orton look like a dupe yet again. Of course, it means he'll probably hold on to the title Sunday when he doesn't deserve to be champ.

Philip Jacobs 
Elite Member 
Baton Rouge


I thought Raw was actually good tonight. The only uninteresting thing was the Umaga vs. Hornswoggle match, with Triple H coming out afterwards.

Raw had a good opener, and it isn't often we get to see Hardy on the mic. In fact, I think that was the most he has ever spoken on TV. I'm looking forward to seeing a Kennedy/Hardy feud in the up coming months.

The woman's championship match was boring, but I fell bad for Candice, that botched move really looked like it hurt.

I loved the skit with Santino, its only a matter of time before Austin comes out and stuns him. I was surprised when the cryptic video played during Santino's speech, so I'm not sure what to think of that.

The main event didn't go how I thought it would. I figured it would end in a disqualification and all four guys beating the hell out of each other. I was surprised when Jeff got the pin, I figured it would have been Shawn pinning Orton. That was one of the best matches Raw has had in a long time.

I was surprised Hardcore Holly came out to Help out Cody Rhodes, I think that was a good twist. I figured they would have waited a few more weeks to team them up together, but honestly, Cody cant work singles matches to save his life right now.

All in all, one of the best Raws this year. It wasn't as predictable as most of them had been previously. I'd give tonight a 9/10.

Tara from Lancaster Pa