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By Buck Woodward on 10/26/2007 1:06 PM

TNA Impact is usually the only wrestling show I catch during the week. Find some of the homegrown talent hard to take seriously and some of the former WWE guys aren't helping to build the brand much. Tonight, I enjoyed the Sting/Angle match and skits. Jr. Fatu acts like he's Hulk Hogan working a small indy, he really needs to help build the promotion.

Marc Ash


TNA Night Of Un-Clean Finishes

OK TNA really need to change how they decide to end a match. Every match except the Women's match finished with some sort of screw job ending. And this trend has been going on for awhile. But I must admit the storyline between Kurt and Sting is really good, lots of drama in this feud. I give TNA Impact a 7, too many un-clean wins.



POSITIVES: Are there any?...NEGATIVES: Kip James dressing like Torrie Wilson. VKM still wrestling in TNA. Creative Team boring this show to death. Is this RAW? Team 3D taking out X Division wrestlers during matches is down right F-ING pathetic, this is the exact reason why ratings won't rise. To a WWE fan flipping on Spike to give iMPACT! a chance are thinking to themselves, "this looks like RAWs product, why am I wasting my time watching this when I can watch the same thing on Mondays?" TNA, if you like this crap, it will be canceled by end of 2008, mark that on your calendar. RATING: NR...

Nathan, St Louis, MO

...Once again TNA, thanks, thank you for this episode, this just goes to show why many people have saved their breath for things worth more to them.


To put it bluntly, that was a pretty frustrating Impact to watch.

Kaz and Storm advancing in the tournament makes sense, but why Christian and Fatu? TNA could guarantee a homegrown talent a title shot in the tournament AND Joe and Roode could start a feud within the tournament. Both of the matches in the tournament were good, though I was frustrated to see Christian and Fatu advance at the expense of Joe and Roode. 

The Sting/Angle/Nash drama is painful to watch. Little more need be said. 

As for the Team 3D/X-division stuff, I'm just hoping the X-division doesn't get buried here, and that is the way things are shaping up. There are too many great workers with talent and charisma to just have them be enhancement talent for 3D. The way the X-division is used here will make or break this feud. 

I'm curious to see how Styles/Tomko and LAX play out, as this has potential to be a bright spot, too. The eight-man match was solid enough for what it was.

The women's division is shaping up a bit. Good build of Kong as a powerful force. That makes sense, but the fans know she's tough without more squash matches. This could be interesting to watch, as well. 

Abyss/Black Reign is pretty much just a holding pattern until Judas Mesias comes back, so I'm perfectly fine with that. It makes total sense. That rat is creepy, though.

Tim Russell
Manchester, CT, USA