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By PWInsiderXtra Readers on 10/30/2007 10:20 AM
Back from My WWE Hatred

I must admit the reason I started watching WWE again was due to the Save_Us promo crap. But I have really been impressed the past few weeks with RAW. It's like a small change is taking place slowly each week making the show better.

The DIVA opening segment was fun for what it was. I liked Kelly Kelly winning and them pushing the Melina/Mickie James feud (hopefully they are).

The Shawn Michaels/Vince segment was great for a promo between these two. I hope we will see a Hell in a Cell at Survivor Series between Orton and Michaels.

Rhodes/Holly continues to grow. The whole "respect" thing is a decent story line for a Rhodes' semi-push. I just wonder where it will go since they beat Shelton/Haas tonight.

I really hope they don't pair up Trevor/Mickie... The last thing they need is to start breaking up tag teams when they just have started rebuilding the tag division.

Another Video of Save_Us... I hope by now that everyone realizes that they have switched this over to EDGE and not JERICHO... Edge comes back in a few weeks, this is definitely being pushed towards him now and not Jericho. You can probably thank the internet talk for the change in these "video" plans... But hey, now we can all ponder how Jericho will return.

Who cares about Midget McMahon and Coach. From the looks of this match, either Coach is going to be gone soon or he is just.... being thrown into crap.

Mick Foley as the special ref, I guess he had to ref something since he was around last night. How great.

Lance Cade/Paul London did nothing for me but make no sense to me. The Highlanders are now all "bad arse"?? Hmmmm... Didn't both of them get killed by Snitsky a few months back?

Hardy/Smith over Kennedy/Carlito... Decent match... Why has Carlito fallen so far though? Who did he piss off in management? Was it the hair cut?

Santino ripping on Austin... I really like Santino. I don't care what anyone says, I love his skits. It adds something to the show. He does great promos. He should work on his wrestling and wow, he would be really good.

Diva Search! YEAH!

Packers 13 Broncos 10!!!

Tell me when I can flip back to RAW.

Oh wait... Monday Night Football has HD... It looks so much better than RAW... So pretty on my HD TV...

Hey wait, I think Chris Jericho is playing for the Broncos!??!? Oh no, that's not him. Ok...

Another Viral Video!!! YEAH!!!

Lets keep pushing this down our throats until we don't care!!! Oh wait!!! We don't care anymore!!! But again, I do blame the internet, us, for this... Everyone said Jericho, Jericho, Jericho... What do you think the WWE is going to do? I really think this is a PLUS. They are obviously paying attention to something and are doing something to change it. So, I'm not dissing us, I'm really just saying good job in getting something done. Save_Us = Edge.

Main Event time, Triple H vs. Amanga (sorry, I typed in Regal's voice)... Umaga & RKO.


Pointless... Stupid... Predictable...


Better than before, but not as good as it could be...

Jon Maples
Elite Subscriber
Huntsville, AL


This is a RAW after a PPV? This RAW was just horrible. Besides Santino Marella, I cannot fathom how anyone can find this show entertaining. The matches were too short to mean anything. One match was a gimmick match and another involved two non-wrestlers. The other matches were too short and did not stand out at all. At least with TNA, when there are short matches, you know it will be fast-paced with a lot of spots to keep you entertained. The main event was extremely short and just had a screwball finish. There was way more talking than wrestling, and the talking just went on too long and was not entertaining except for Santino. I can't understand how TNA gets so much flack for Impact when this is what WWE has been giving its fans for a while with the exception of last week, but look at the RAWs before that. The WWE product has been boring, dull, and stale for a long time now. No one new is getting pushed to the top. It looks like Umaga is going the way of Carlito, Shelton, and many others who were featured stars and over with the fans for a while, get buried, and become Heat wrestlers looking like tools. Umaga is hardly the monster that he once was, and in that main event match, he was just kind of there but he hardly posed a real threat. I know that WWE has no real competition (even though I hope TNA could one day be that competition) but that is no reason to have lackluster programs. With ratings going down, they should really take a look at their product and find ways that don't include bringing DX or Austin back for a night, and try to have compelling programs with new and different characters. I hope they know that veterans like HHH, Shawn Michaels, and the Undertaker aren't going to be around that much longer, and now is the time to create new stars to fill their spots. Unfortunately, I honestly cannot see the WWE product get better any time soon unless they totally hit bottom.

Orange County CA


As evidenced by Sunday's PPV and tonight's RAW, creative has returned from Europe and they are on the warpath. The entire Diva segment shows how fundamentally flawed the WWE is. They want hot, scantily clad women so they give us a costume contest. They want to promote that their divas can wrestle yet they have a non-wrestling diva win a battle royal. And just to make sure that non-wrestling diva gets the rub, she is destroyed by the women's champion. Great booking boys and girls. How many meetings did you need to put that classic together?

Mick Foley needs a payday, go figure!

The tag team division at least showed a little promise. But I have a feeling that it won't last. Looks like they are teasing a breakup of the tag champs and I'm sure Snitsky will need a some face time next week so I expect the entire division to get the shaft sooner rather than later. The tag team match not involving tag teams was ok since I guess they wanted to get all four some TV time. Poor Carlito, he has always had such promise but he can't get out of his own way. Golly, the main event finish sure was shocking and unexpected! I never in my wildest dreams thought Shawn Michaels would ever help HHH?

To sum up the entire evening: when Santino Marella is the best part of the show, the show wasn't any good.

Philip Jacobs
Elite Member
Baton Rouge