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By Buck Woodward on 10/31/2007 10:45 AM
Good: Nunzio trick or treating made me laugh.  Tommy Dreamer as Paul Heyman made me laugh.  With fast forwarding I got through the show in about 30 minutes.
Bad: Two Raw recaps (which wouldn't be bad if Raw didn't suck so much).  John Morrison Twice.  Monster Mess battle. 
It's Sci Fi, its close to Halloween and no Kevin Thorne, even with the "Dracula" skit.
Next week C.M. Punk drops the belt to John "don't call me an old wrestling show I'm now a dead hippie" Morrison.
WWE Creative, as a whole should be fired.  Thats all I can say.


When I saw CM Punk heading to the ring at almost 11pm, I thought "There won't be much time for the Monster Mash Battle Royal(e)"  Then I realized, "Hey, that's a good thing!"

At least they threw some humor into the show, but Morrison vs. Punk, AGAIN?  I guess it is time for the title to come home to Lagana's boy.



With all of the "inside" jokes being made during Tommy Dreamer vs. Nunzio, I'm surprised no one said "Let's blame Dreamer if the show sucks, then send him home and pay him to do nothing!"

Seriously, Punk vs. Morrison again?  What happened to Steven Richards?  How about Dreamer getting the title shot he earned, but was screwed out of?  How about letting a Smackdown star have a title shot?