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By PWInsiderXtra Readers on 11/6/2007 11:08 AM

WWE sucks, for one night only.

What was the dreck WWE put on tonight? Why not just have DX talk for 2 hours and call it a day...really bad. I had 6 people over and not one of them liked Raw...we like the Monday night blowout game better!
They make us want to watch TNA...go Scott Hall!

Steve NJ 


Raw started off with a guest filled DX segment, featuring Hornswoggle, Boogeyman & Great Khali. Coachman came out to kill the mood, but DX tricked Khali into going after Coach. After that, Hornswoggle & Boogeyman just sort of vanished, and DX did their thing. Lots of in jokes about run sheets and "who writes this stuff", including a jab at the infamous Katie Vick angle. A few mentions about this being "for one night only", but we'll see. I can see it starting up after Survivor Series, because I don't think HBK is going to win the title.
Kelly Kelly took on Beth Phoenix for the women's title. No, really. And Kelly got squished. Really.
Carlito is about to take on a jobber until he decides Snitsky would enjoy it more. Of course Snitsky wins with a pump handle slam, then does the same to Carlito.
Interbrand match w/Jeff Hardy & Rey Mysterio vs. Kennedy & Finlay. Back & forth & back & forth until both Finlay & Kennedy end up hanging on the middle rope (and Kennedy had to do a little fancy flip flopping to get into position. Very contrived.) to set up a 619, but Finlay moved. Rey hits the move, then goes after Finlay on the outside, while Jeff hits the swanton on Kennedy for the win.
Santino Marella & Maria come to the ring. Santino rips on L.A. & the director of Condemned was in the crowd. I think it was him. I couldn't hear for sure. After assuring us for the 5th time that SCSA wasn't there, of course the glass breaks and here we go. SCSA had a DVD of Condemned with him. Boy, lucky he could find one. Austin corrected Marella's misquotes of whoop ass and mudhole etc. Marella still professed to hate Condemned because of the violence. Austin offered to drink a couple of beers with Santino, who said he would rather have red wine. Austin gave the DVD to Marella, who threw it on the mat and stepped on it. That was all it took to give him his very own stunner. Austin propped him up in the corner and came back a minute later driving a Budweiser truck. Austin threw the truck hose into the ring, but the thing went off before he could control it and it just nailed a section of the front row with spray. Austin then pretty much drowned Marella in beer then gave him a great right hand. And Maria was dumb enough to check on Santino and after some stalling, she got a beer bath too.
HHH & HBK did some stalling while the ring crew changed the mat. Hunter wanted some dancers. Shawn - being the naive Christian that he is got that fat guy. Gross. HHH came up with something a little better. 2 of the Playboy models from Girls Next Door. The 2 cute ones thank God.
Vince has a talk with Hornswoggle. Says he really makes him laugh sometimes and is entertaining. Vince says he loves him, but parenting is about tough love. And in probably the stupidest moment of the show, Vince puts Hornswoggle in a match at Survivor Series with Khali. This is going to be a train wreck that you've just got to watch because who knows what the hell is gonna happen.
Cade & Murdoch are walking in the back, and Mickie James tells Murdoch good luck. Turns out he needed it because he ended losing to Cody Rhodes/Runnels - who was accompanied by Captain Compassion - Bob Holly. Someone who makes Khali look like he has a personality. Cade was pissed, which means they're going to be losing the tag titles soon, and possibly feuding.
Hacksaw Duggan & Super Crazy beat TWGTT. Ouch.
DX vs Umaga/Orton. Quick version. DX wins. Umaga is out of the ring. HHH tags Michaels in. HBK ducks a Orton punch and hits sweet chin music and that was all she wrote.


Dear Bonnie Hammer and WWE creative,

Just because something was the bee's knees in the attitude era does not mean the same exact thing would be equally awesome in 2007.  The DX and Stone Cold stuff was entertaining, I guess, but it just felt rather old hat. 

I'd imagine this will get solid sweeps ratings, but I wasn't really feeling it.  Also, the new Save_us.222 promo asks us to "break the code..." maybe its just my imagination, but I'd reckon WWE fans broke that code a month and a half ago, if the Jericho chants mean anything.

Anyway, tonight's matches were quite pointless.  You had two quick squashes (Phoenix over Kelly Kelly and Snitisky over Carlito and a Jabroni) and an odd tag match (WGTT vs. Hacksaw and... Super Crazy?), both of which belonged more on Heat than Raw.  If you are pulling out the stunt casting, at lest give us more than just two competitive matches... The Mysterio/Hardy vs. Finlay/Kennedy (... Kennedy) match was the match of the night, and, like the so-so main event, cleverly set up the Traditional Survivor Series match in two weeks, but couldn't cover what I felt was an oddly weak show.

I haven't mentioned the Cade & Murdoch vs. Rhodes & Holly meetup because the sub-plots are kind of pissing me off.  Firstly, JR and Lawler are being scripted to wonder what's up with Rhodes and Holly's relationship when it is really, really obvious (the green rookie in Cody Rhodes earned the respect of the grizzled veteran in Hardcore Holly after he beat the snot out of him thrice, so now they are teaming up).  Then you have Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch being set up for a split up over Mickie James, and its just too early for that.  They are a truly solid tag team with an interesting dynamic, and it just makes no sense to break that up.

Finally, the oddly random Jeff Hardy video was quite well done, as was the piece on the incomparable Fabulous Moolah.  As the show progressed, I was worried that WWE was not going to do one on her (similar to the treatment of Sensational Sherri), but they pulled through just fine.  She deserved a ten bell salute, in my opinion, but at least they gave her more recognition than just a card in the middle of the show like they did with Sherri. 

Jeffrey O. Gustafson


Show was simply terrible because there were no writers. Instead of having 4 pointless 15 second to three minute matches they should of had a 30 minute wrestling clinic with any talent that actually wanted to wrestle.